Monday, November 18, 2013

I’m Going Hunting

If there’s one thing I do not like and do not want around me, it is a rator a mouse.

It goes back to many years ago when I was pregnant with Dan. We lived in a duplex below Danny's parents. It was a cute little place; two bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. It had a big beautiful back yard and the front yard had a chain link fence all around it. I loved that little house.

Back then we were on a strict budget. One so strict, that I actually counted the pieces of bread in a loaf and knew how many it would take for a week, which included fixing Danny a couple of sandwiches each day for work!

I guess I was about midway through my pregnancy one morning, when I went into the kitchen to make me a sandwich. As I got the mayonnaise,  I reached up to get the bread off the top of the refrigerator and there was none! I knew there had been some the night before, and thought that Danny must have eaten it during the night.

When he came home that evening, I ask him if he had eaten all the bread the night before and he looked puzzled and said no. Well, I knew there was bread there the night before and now it was gone! No one had been in the house but me and Danny and I knew I didn’t get it, so I sort of huffed and said, “well you could have at least saved me the end pieces!” Of course he still denied eating all the bread, and we argued back and forth for a while over who ate the bread!

This happened over 42 years ago, so I can not remember now, but for some reason, we had to pull the sleeper couch out that night. It was one of those kind that you just picked the front up and pulled it out. We picked the front end up and low and behold..there was that whole loaf of bread…underneath the sleeper.


I told Danny this, but Danny said that it wasn’t a rat, because a rat would have eaten it. The next day I went into the living room to turn the TV channel. This was back in early 1972, when you actually had to walk across the room and grab hold of the channel knob and turn it with your hand! I turned the channel and stood there for a minute ( looking at a soap opera I think) and all of a sudden, something on the floor directly in front of me caught my eye…it was a RAT.

Not a little mouse, not even a medium size rat, but the biggest dang RAT I had ever seen in my life and it was looking at me! Before I could get my wits about me, I swear it leaped..or maybe he  ran up my leg, but one thing for certain,  somehow he got on my pregnant stomach!!!

I screamed bloody murder and I slapped that sucker as hard as I could! I watched in horror as it fell off my stomach and run toward the front door where he slid his fat butt through a small hole in the base board. How that big old nasty thing got through that little bitty hole I will never know. ( Later someone would tell me that they can get through the tiniest openings and I believe it! )

That night, when he got off work,  I told Danny what had happened and he laughed as he looked at that little hole and said it couldn’t have been more than a tiny mouse to get thorough that little old hole! I kept trying to tell him different, but he wouldn’t listen to me.

Oh, I was so mad!


Being pregnant, hormonal, and having a HUGE BEADY EYED RAT (that your loving husband only believes is a teeny tiny mouse ) on your pregnant belly, does not make for a happy wife!

The next day was the weekend, so Danny went into the living room with my broom that morning and sat on the couch. He had placed a tiny piece of bread with peanut butter on it in front of the mouse hole. He was going to kill that teeny tiny mouse when it came out of it’s little bitty hole. I think he actually thought it would be like the cute little cartoon mouse on Tom and Jerry!

I said, “ok, but you can sit in here by yourself, I’m locking myself in the bedroom.” He said I was being a baby butt.

He thought that right on up till that giant rat squeezed itself out of that little bitty hole and went for the tiny peanut butter sandwich Danny had so thoughtfully made him!  When Danny tried to kill it with the wooden broom, he ran right up Danny’s britches leg!!! I tell you what, I still laugh when I think of Danny screaming like a banshee as that rat chased him! I kid you not, it sounded like someone was tearing up our living room!!! That rat had no fear of humans!  Danny’s pawpaw later told us it were creek rats coming in the house and they grew huge! (They were so big that my sister once tripped over one in the dark in our living room and thought it was a new puppy we may have gotten!)

Danny tried everything…poison, rat traps, steel traps ( his pawpaw was a trapper) and finally in the end, he even started shooting those rats with a twenty-two rifle, but they just kept coming and they kept getting in our house from the creek next door. By this time, Dan had been born, so after fighting a useless fight, I took my baby and went home to my mama one day, while Danny got the furniture out and moved us into another house!

So you see why I am terrified of rats. Which brings me to why I am even writing this. I have lived in this house since 1985 and have only seen one little tiny mouse, once… the week we moved in.   We bought some poison and the mouse died within a day or two.

Then, last week I thought I found mouse droppings, but I convinced myself it was just dried up little black ants where the bug man had sprayed.

This morning, I know I found mouse droppings….in my bedroom.

I got my shower, put my clothes on and I went straight to Walmart and got some of those sticky mouse mats, a sticky big rat mat,  and also a new fangled thing that you set and the mouse goes in but he doesn’t come out alive. ( I don’t want to think about what happens to him in that thing.)

Then I came home and went to Farmer's Feed and Seed and got two old fashioned mouse traps, one old fashioned BIG RAT trap, and some rat poison. The man at the feed store said I was only one of many who have came in for the same thing lately. There seems to be an epidemic.

Did I mention that I am terrified of rats???

Well, Danny ain’t here any more, so excuse me while I put my big girl panties on…and wish me luck…

I am going rodent hunting.



Paula said...

Funny story Carlene. Someone else wrote about rats or mice today too. Well I say you are loaded for bear (rats) with all that "stuff". Good luck!

Donna said...

I can deal with mice, but rats scare me to death. When I was a kid living in a poor neighborhood, rats chewed on a baby's face, right down the street from us. I've never forgotten that.

Lori said...

ime hearing more and more this year bugs and mice wtih people who aint had them. I jsut had the bug man come today. I never had roaches or mice since 1981 in this house and this last two motnhs both ......... I heard many others saying same thing never had them whats going on????????

Kath said...

OH! Carlene,This story reminded me of a home I once rented, for a short time, until we found another one to buy.I saw three rats on my bird table one early morning.I was out of that house, lock stock and barrel the same day,before Rooster even came home from work LOL!!I never went back to it.Rooster had to pack up everything Haaaaaaa.I am terrified of Rats.We are warned by our Local Councils now,not to feed the birds or put out any food whatsoever.Theres an epedemic of them in England and I blame all the fast food chains.They never rid of theer waste properly and people just drop on the floor, what they don't want to eat outside, when they buy take aways etc Grrrr.Luckily I have never seen any mice or rats since that day, wherever I have lived.Sorry, but I did have to laugh at your words I was ROFL haaaaaaa,you sounded just like myself.Take Care God Bless.Good luck with the hunting,you go gal, get the critters,I hate them LOL!!xx

Helen said...

I hope you catch that rat or mouse or whatever it may be. I thought I heard one in the closet last night but I haven't seen any signs of one yet. 57 I

Lynne Islynne said...

Ohmygosh, you had me laughing so hard. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but the things you can laugh about now. It reminded me of my ex-husband. He had forgotten to take some food items out of the trunk of an old car he had my parents property. When he went to take the car to disposal, we heard him hollar and he was hanging out of the car and trying to drive it. Later, we found out he saw a rat or mouse go across the seat but it was what chased it that terrified him...a snake. I had never seen him scream like a lil girl but it was a sight! It also taught him to clean up after himself, too. LOL Hope you are successful! We also put crushed mothballs at the garage entrance or where we think they might try to invade. We also have a pest control service come out. We have to since we live in a farm field, lol.