Sunday, September 27, 2009


This has been a lazy Sunday. I did wash my bed cover and a few loads of clothes and fed all the pets…cooked breakfast and supper, but that’s about it.

We have had heavy rain here for days and days. Today was the first day in a long time that the sun was out all day.Thank you God. I should have cut the grass but it was still soggy out back. I also  had  a bad headache and felt sort of jittery all day…so I am hoping to get it done tomorrow or the next day.

Desperate Housewives is coming on tonight…I can’t wait to see how it begins this season.

Amanda still hasn’t settled on a name for the new little baby! I have told her I am going to call him “baby X” !  She is leaning  toward Weston…but who knows…it could change tomorrow.  (THANK YOU ALL FOR SOME GREAT SUGGESTIONS!) A few of you even suggested Weston!!!

Some of the names she has come up with, well let’s just say, I do not care for them…but then again, I didn’t think I liked the name ‘Wyatt’, but now that he is actually here, I realize that the name fits him so well and I can not imagine him with any other name! God, I love my little grandson and I can not wait to be able to hold the new one!!! Please pray that all goes well with her and this new baby.


This is Wyatt petting Annie. He loves Annie so much. and she is so gentle around him. Wyatt will toddle over and look out my kitchen window every time he comes over, just to see if he can see her out back and call her, saying, “ Annieeeee” lol

We got Annie one day when Amanda was about 14 or so…Guess that means she is hitting 14 herself now. She was at a flea market… still a young pup, with a man who had her for sale. He didn’t sell her and was heading home, so he went to put Annie in a cage. Bless her heart, she got away, and ran like a striped ape to under his truck.

This idiot got in the truck and revved the motor up and was screaming like a maniac for her to come out…Well, she did  and then ran like hell away from him again…He started yelling and turned and saw Amanda and some other little boy that was standing there watching him act like a fool. He told them”which ever one of you catches that dog can have her, I am leaving”.

Gosh, I hate to say it, but I was so hoping that little boy would catch her first!!! But, oh no…Amanda wasn’t going to let that boy beat her to a puppy…oh no…not my child…She dived at Annie and caught her first! After some hard begging and  pleading and, “Mama, I will tend to her, you won’t have to do anything”; (famous words, huh? ) Annie was soon in our Van and headed back home with us. She was starved half to death and filthy…She ate and lapped water like there was no tomorrow all the way home.

I  named her “Little Orphan Annie” and after a while, we shortened it to just “Annie”.  Let me tell you…she has been one of the best dogs we ever had. Very very smart. When Amanda got married, she left Annie with me and I didn’t mind, because I loved her.

She is old and almost totally blind and deaf now. I use to love to see her run…she could run like the wind…She can’t run very well anymore, her legs are too stiff. She can’t  find her way back home alone and I am so afraid she won’t come back one day, so now  I walk her every day.

It is so sad to see how she has aged…

But she is happy

She is loved and well cared for and she knows it….

And after all….

Being loved and cared for is what really matters most to all of us, isn’t it?


Friday, September 18, 2009


We had torrential rains here last night..It rained so hard and for so long (ALL EVENING AND ALL NIGHT LONG) that as I stood washing up my supper dishes at my kitchen sink, I started feeling rain hit me on my head…I looked up and sure enough…it was raining from my kitchen ceiling! I have a huge leak there and also in Dan’s room…Lord have mercy,  if it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  I am leaving this problem up to the good Lord…No; I don’t know where the money will come for this….but I am sure GOD does.

Amanda will be going to the OBGYN every two weeks now, beginning next week. The time is flying by so fast…well, at least for me, maybe not for Amanda.

They still have no idea what to name this little boy….

So I am going to ask yall…

What is a good name for this little boy??? Preferably one that begins with “W”,and  is sort of like a cowboy’s name???  That is what she is leaning toward…right now anyways! lol I told her that it looks like I am going to have to call him;  “ BABY X  ” ! For real, if you can think of any good names, please feel free to leave me a matter what letter the name starts with!

My nieces’ from Louisville, Ky. came down this past week. That’s Susie on the left and Wendy on the right in the picture below…


The little girl and baby girl are Wendy’s children; they are my great-nieces!  It was the first time that I had seen the baby girl ! They only stayed for a couple of days, so it was a fast trip and like always I hated to see them go. I didn’t get to see Christina (my other niece) and her children, as she didn’t get to come….but she knows I love her…don’t you Pumpkin???

Wyatt loves tractors! He got to go to a tractor pull not long ago with his mama and  daddy and now he is in love with tractors!  There is one across from my back yard and he wasn’t satisfied, until he got me to take him over there so he could  see it up close and touch it! He would stand there and look at it and be going “brmmmmm---brmmmmmm…” like revving his motor up! He even tried to say “tractor”… it came out “trac-cor” lol




Wyatt has a new word now… “hot”. He was playing with the pull chain to my bedside lamp, cutting it on and off. I was right there sitting on my bed watching him. The lamp has a florescent light in it that stays cool, thank goodness…but somehow he must had put his hand too close to the base of the bulb..because all of a sudden, he pulled his little hand away and looked right at me and said “hot”…stringing it out long…. saying…..hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat sounding like “what” …He didn’t cry, just looked very surprised!



I have no other place to put my deep freezer, except in my bedroom…so it sits right by my bed… The day after Danny died, I figured out that I could put a picture of Danny right there on the side of it and when I lay down…Danny’s face would be the last thing I see before I close my eyes…just like when he lived. It soothes me to see his face before I go to sleep.

Well, after Wyatt got through with his experimenting with my lamp; he sat there on my foot stool and was steadily looking at that picture of Danny…staring hard at it.

I sat on my bed….very still and quiet…just watching him…

I nearly fell off my bed when he pointed at the picture and said very plainly….“ PAPA? ”…I couldn’t believe what I had just heard…so I asked; “ What did you say Wyatt?” and again, he said…plain as day… “ PAPA?” as he touched the picture.

Let me tell you…I had to swallow one hell of a lump in my throat, for this old heart of mine was breaking…

I said, with some difficulty, “Yes Darling…that is your PAPA”. He patted the picture…as he tends to do with the puppies when he loves on them…saying; “ PAPA” the whole time…I had been taking pictures of him with the lamp and so I snapped these too.



I so wish that Danny could have lived long enough for Wyatt to have known him and to have known the love that He would have gotten from such a wonderful “PAPA”…..

Never the less…He will know all about his “PAPA” ….

As long as there is still breath in this old body of mine, he will know.

I Thank YOU God for this wonderful little child YOU sent to us.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Me and Dan spent the day at home…

doing nothing

but a few chores that just had to be done.

Amanda went fishing with Kelvin and his family…She asked if we wanted to go, but I knew that, since she had went with them in the past too, it was a family thing and I didn’t want me and Dan to intrude on it.

All day, I kept remembering back to the Labor Day Holidays when Danny was living…

Our whole family would get up early and go to the Crawfordville Fair, find a place to park far away… walking up the hilly street to the old town… that only comes to life on Labor Day….watching the parade with the antique cars and the Shriner’s funny cars, the old fire trucks,   and all the small town marching school bands……

Danny eating his must have snow cones and we buying muskedines and ice cold coca-colas and listening to live country music from bands on the Court House lawn……

Coming home hot and tired and a just little bit sunburned….

Then cooking out and having a picnic at home…

with our family.

Today was nothing like that…

nothing at all.

I was thinking, as I drove me and Dan out to the local Pizza Hut to eat supper…( a last ditch effort on my part to try to save at least the last part of the day)…

I was thinking…

As I drove along looking at the highway…

stretched out in front of me…

This is it

This is what the rest of my life will be like…

One long boring gray highway…..

No more good times

Even if I did go somewhere

there would be…

only me and Dan

(Who doesn’t talk …

unless he is angry…

And wants to fuss)

There would be…

No Danny to talk to….

Ever again.

I will try to be in a better mood on my next post….ok?

To tell you the truth…

My world is looking sort of bleak right now…


Friday, September 4, 2009


Another work day is about to begin. This weekend will be a busy one…We have Labor Day, the first day of Dove Season and Georgia Bulldog game day today and all these events will bring in the people and the big orders.

I picked my sister Dorris up and we went to visit my mama Wednesday.  As soon as I walked in her room, she grabs me and lets me know that ‘she has it all figured out’…She says that me, her and Dorris will buy a house and we will all live together…  ‘ But it will have to wait until she is better and can get out of the hospital’. God bless her, if she only knew how I wish a thousand times a day that I could somehow win the lottery or such and buy that house somewhere and put us all in it with 24/7 nurses for her….maybe I could even buy one back on Horseshoe Bend, huh? Dreams….I have big ones, don’t I?

Speaking of dreams…I had one last night about me, and Danny and his family…we were all together again..even those that had passed on were there..and ..well, it was such a nice dream…so good to see everyone again and all be back together again, enjoying ourselves.

In real life, Danny’s mama was always planning special trips for us to take. In the summer time we would all get together and travel up to the Smoky mountains in Tenn. and North Carolina and stay for a few days. She would pack a picnic lunch and we would all stop somewhere on the side of the road where the picnic tables use to be up in those hills and eat. She always brought ham and her famous homemade pimento cheese and lunch meats packed in their old Coleman ice chest.

I can remember when Dan was only three or so and him saying to his grand-daddy Noggle; “Paw-Paw…I want to go see the “Injuns” ( the tribe in Cherokee N.C.) …and we would. We didn’t know it then, but those were some of the best days of our lives….All Danny’s sisters and their husbands and their kids and his parents and us…Danny’s mama was always bringing us together…On every holiday she would come up with some kind of gathering…We always had such good times together….I sure do miss those days.

My little Wyatt is growing so fast…I am so glad that I took lots of picture when he was a tiny little baby…

Here are a few recent ones…




Here he is with his ducky in his mouth! lol

I have to go for now …

Got to get ready to go to work…

My friends….. yall be careful, take care