Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Nope, we have not had many April showers in the last week or so…We have been having summertime weather for the last week. Hot and sunny! Day time temperatures have been in the high 80’s and mid 90’s…It is 72 now at 10:00pm…last week it was 84* at night. Gracious, I just now stopped using the heater! Won’t be long and  I will have to use the air conditioner….I am trying to hold out till the last minute though.

I finally washed my car this past Sunday. It took me a while, but I did it…and afterwards I took it to the car wash and vacuumed it out. It looks so much better…but my arm and hand (that I broke)  was throbbing all Sunday night. Monday morning, when I got up, I was so sore!  This getting old is for the birds…but then again… it beats the alternative, doesn’t it?

    FAMILY 099

A picture of me, Mama, Amanda and Wyatt taken months ago.

I went by and got Dorris  and I went to see my Mama Monday.  She was doing good physically…She was having a problem remembering certain things…She kept asking me had we checked on her Mama and even asked had anyone heard from her Grandma…This part of the visit nearly kills me. She was complaining that her hands were cold and it was rather warm in her room…but when I felt of them, they were like ice. I got  her to put her hands in a basin of warm soapy water and I washed them and let them soak a little while.  As I gently rubbed her tiny frail hands, I thought of how they use to be so strong when I was small…these were the very hands that could wring a chicken’s neck so we could have something to eat…and chop wood to keep us warm…and it took all I had in me not to cry. Afterwards,  I clipped her nails for her and she told me they sure felt better.


Wyatt came over with his mommy today. He is having such a hard time with the teething here lately. His little gums were hurting so bad today. He still does not have a tooth in his head yet, but I don’t believe it will be long now…his gums are turning whitish looking and he is gnawing on everything. Anybody have any old home remedies???

When my son Dan was a tiny tot, he had trouble cutting his teeth. When he turned around 5-6 months old, we went to see Danny’s great-grandma. She noticed  how much pain Dan was having and told me to get Danny’s shoe and cut a round circle the size of a dime from a piece of leather on the shoe. She then told me to punch a hole through the middle of it and put a cotton cord through the hole. She told me to make it long enough to go around Dan's little neck and knot it…then drop it down the front of his little tee shirt, so he wouldn’t notice it. She said that this was an old wives' tale. I didn’t really believe it, but I was desperate, so I did it.

Do you know…Dan cut his first two teeth within a few days and after that he was getting three at a time in! Now whether it was just a coincidence or not, I don’t know…but Dan was happy and his mama was too! lol  No, I won’t be doing that to Wyatt…He is much older than Dan was and can crawl and stand…He is like a little monkey climbing on everything…He would surely get the cord caught on something and be choked…so no! 


Back then, many, many years ago….We use to put the baby’s pacifiers on cords too, so they wouldn’t lose them.…but you don't do that now…Now days, they have those little snap on things that snap on the front of their shirts. 

They also have VELCRO  on their little shoes instead of laces. Why, oh why, couldn’t they have had that when I tried for years to teach little Dan how to tie his shoes??? Have you ever tried to teach a left handed child anything when you yourself are right handed??? lol


Here is a another example of an old wives’ tale…Dan had hives when he was a little bitty baby, so I went to see  a tiny 90-plus year old black lady I knew; Aunt Julie. She told me to go get some of her catnip. She grew it in her back yard and was very generous with it to anyone who had a ‘hivey baby’! She told me how to boil it to make a weak tea and then told me to give him a teaspoon of it once a day and I did…The hives disappeared in just a couple of days.


                              Tomatoes from 2007

I finally got my tomatoes planted with Dan’s help! I don’t know what I would have done without him today. He shoveled the dirt and carried the heavy stuff for me. I think I stayed out in the sun too long , cause I got real sick and shaky after we were though planting and still don’t feel too good. (The medicine I take doesn’t go well with heat and sun and it was really hot today.)


At first I only had two tomato plants, but I bought three more…so I planted five plants total. I planted two Better Boys, one Parks Whopper and and two German Queens. I planted them in huge pots again this year…so I am hoping they do okay. I love a fresh sliced tomato for supper. They are sooooo good with fresh cut corn! I also love fried green tomatoes….mmmm-mmmm.

Well that is it enough for tonight…Thank you my friends…for coming here to check on me!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today, Amanda took me to Home depot, so I finally went and got some mulch to put around my azaleas and roses out in my yard. I am going to have to go back and get some more…I could swear the bags are smaller this year!

While there, I also bought two tomato plants.  I think I am late getting them this year…I don’t remember when I got them last year…but the weather seems to still be real cold in the mornings here. Since I will have to go to work tomorrow, I will try to get them planted by this weekend.                            


                          They are Better Boys.

Before we went shopping for mulch and tomato plants, we went and picked my sister Dorris up and stopped by Lee’s… the Chinese restaurant that me and Danny always visited. ( He and Lee were true friends. ) The food was sooooooooooo good! The buffet had  fried shrimp, fried rice, crab Rangoon, seafood delight, chicken and broccoli, lomein, fried chicken wings,sautéed mushrooms, wontons, broiled salmon, an assortment of soups, and desserts…just to name only a very few of the foods!Every time, we go in with Wyatt, Lee will grab him and say…‘ Hi little Danny! ’…Wyatt loves him too.


         Wyatt slept while we shopped for tomatoes!

Wyatt is so sweet when we go out to eat…He never makes a fuss , but will sit in the high chair eating and watching everyone that comes in…and now he has started babbling and waving at everyone too!  Truly, he is going to be just like his grandpa Danny…for he never meets a stranger. I told Amanda that we will have to put some sort of leash on him when he starts walking, because I just know he is going to be trying to go around and talk to everyone he sees!


                Eating cake at ‘Aunt Jady’s’ Sunday

After  coming home, weeding and then putting the mulch out, I got a bad headache. I went in and laid down for a bit, and when I got up, it was late… so Dorris and I did not get to go see my mama today…I hoping to get to go Sunday though.

I think I best make this a short entry, because I am falling asleep here at the computer!






Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had this post ready to publish and ‘windows update’ shut my computer down right before I could post it !

I wanted to tell yall about some dang good ribs I got to eat Easter Sunday!  My niece’s husband cooked them out on the grill.

I am 55 years old and they were the best ribs that I have ever eaten in my life.

These pictures don’t do them justice….


They were falling off the bone tender…and no I didn’t get the secret recipe for the delicious rub!


Here is the chef: One of the sweetest guys on earth:


  Guess who that little guy is with a BBQ Rib in his hand??


Uh…take a look below at Amanda’s hand, she and the chef’s wife (my niece) were trying to sneak a rib in advance!


          And I caught them red handed…. :-)


      Here’s Wyatt…caught with egg on his face…literally! lol


           My Encore azalea this year….


                          A close up…..


In this old world of ours, God gave us beauty to behold


     And sweet little angel babies to cherish and love….



Monday, April 13, 2009


We went out to see my nieces and my sis and her husband. Though she and I share no blood relation, I could love her no more if she were blood relations, she is truly a sis in spirit. I always enjoy myself at her home..it is one of those few places you find in life that makes you know you are home as soon as you walk in the door.

We got there too late for the egg hunt, but Wyatt still enjoyed himself. He ate till we thought he would burst! lol He did get to play with some Easter eggs too. After wards we went to my other sisKat’s home. Another place I can go and kick my shoes off and know that I am home. God has been good to me , giving me those who love me…even with all my faults and shortcomings.

I intend on having Wyatt a post-Easter egg hunt in my back yard one day soon…(Well, whenever it quits raining around here that is.) giving him an early practice for next year…where we will be on time for the Easter Bunny, I hope.

Here are some photo’s of Wyatt’s day….


Mommy and me in my first Easter outfit!


How do you like my fancy duds?


A blue egg???!!!


Mommy peeled it for me!


Wow! This thing is pretty good! lol


What is this?


Look what I found!


Is this an egg????


Uncle Dan and me!


I am almost standing on my own now!

Well Amanda just brought Wyatt up for me to Baby sit for a while…and the wind and rain is getting up….soooooooo  gotta go!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


      mmc_Welcome_Gardentag by Missie!

We have had some cold weather the last three days! After getting use to 70 plus degree heat, we have had 30 - 40 degree cold! I had my heater on high for the last three days… when before I had been able to turn it off.

My refrigerator is not holding the cold temp that it should, so the service dept. will be sending out a repair man Tuesday. I am scared to let the service agreement drop. I have had more trouble with this new refrigerator in only two years, than I did in the 20 years that I had the old one.  They don’t make anything like they use to, do they?

These pictures of Wyatt was taken yesterday…..during his lunch :                                 



                   Can you see those pretty blue eyes?

                         This one was taken this morning

                          as we were getting ready to go:


I took Amanda, Dan and little Wyatt out to eat today. we went to Ryan's and ate lunch . They had some good fried chicken.  Wyatt loved the green beans, mashed potatoes, broccoli, cheese & rice casserole….and banana pudding for dessert! His favorite food is green beans. Bless his little heart, he ate good and as soon as he was back in his car seat in the car, he was fast asleep.

We had to go to Wal-Mart next, which is right across the street. We got him out of the car still asleep. We put some blankets and my sweater down in the bottom of the shopping cart and he laid there sleeping, while we shopped until we got ready to check out. I bought him this toy below for Easter, since he is not quite ready for the Easter candy yet! lol


It helps them learn shapes and colors.  I know he will love the big red nose that lights up and blinks! I also got him another rubber duckie…He loves his rubber duckies. This one has rabbit ears on and is holding Easter eggs! lol

I went to the doctor earlier today. Everything is fine, just had to keep check on some meds that I have to take now. I lost a whole two pounds! lol  Wasn’t trying, though I certainly should…I need to lose about 50 or so more to tell the truth.

I am mad at myself. I told myself that I would get the pine straw to put under my azaleas …that I would weed and clean out all the bushes…that I would check on paint colors to paint my living room this week while I was off work. I did not do any of it. :-(   

I did make some phone calls that needed making and I did dry Annie's ( the outside dog) blanket where it had rained and she had tracked mud onto it when she would go out and then back to her house at the shed….but besides regular house cleaning, doing laundry, stripping the bed cover, etc…that was about it.

I am plum disgusted with me! ;-)

I will try to do better next week.

Until then…


Sunday, April 5, 2009



                 Where is Wyatt?

Today was a beautiful sunny day. Temps in the 70’s and blue skies…all together different from the ‘monsoon’ rains and thunderstorms that we have been having lately. My back yard is still soaking wet.

Speaking of my back yard, while back there this evening after work, I noticed that my little white azalea  is beginning to bloom! My big pink encore azalea has already bloomed. I need to get out there this coming week and clean out from under my azaleas and replace the mulch.


                    Where is my little Wyatt?

I want to plant some more things that bloom in my yard…I like perennials…flowers and flowering shrubs that keep coming back…Any ideas on what I should plant? I have both shaded areas and full sun.


                          Here he is!

While at work today, there was a black woman who came to the take out window as I was waiting on an elderly black gentleman. I had just given  him his order and had taken a step back from the window when he turned to that woman standing there and asked her if she would carry his order to his car for him.  He only had one very small bag, but was using a cane and having trouble with his balance. (His car was only a few feet from where he stood.)

Do you know what this woman did? She took that little bag from him and told him that she would carry it to the car, if he would buy her some stew!  Now, had I known he needed help with the bag, I would have taken it out to him..I have done it many, many times before for others who needed help….but I had not even noticed the cane, until I heard him speaking to the woman. 


                My little gums hurt Grandma!

Bless that little old man’s heart, I saw him pull out a few dollars from his pocket and give it to her before he got into his car and drove off. She had already ordered, so when she came back to the window, she  ordered the stew to go along with her previous order. she was laughing and quite happy with herself.

It was when she paid for the order with a hundred dollar bill from her own wallet, that I wanted to just knock her fool head off so bad I could hardly contain myself.  How can you in good conscious charge an elderly crippled man to carry his food order only a couple of feet?

All I can say is God don’t like ugly and one day that woman will have to own up to the meanness she did today…you can bet on that….you send around meanness and you will get it back…threefold.


                       My sweet mama

When I got home from work yesterday, I had a letter waiting for me. A prayer answered….It was  from the hospital that I was taken to by ambulance for my broken arm. They were writing to tell me that I was granted patient assistance on my account…Because of my low income, the total hospital bill was paid!  That bill was over $5000.00! Oh, my goodness…I just broke down and cried. I have been so very worried.

I praised God over and over for His help…for without HIM I would be nothing, as the song goes.  I still  owe around three thousand more to various surgeons, doctors, techs, labs, etc., but I will survive.

God has been so good to me.


Friday, April 3, 2009



It is  officially springtime  in the south . The rain has brought everything budding out. Where just a few short weeks ago, everything looked withered and dead, there is now new life. The dogwood and Bradford pear trees are both blooming…right along with the azaleas and daffodils .

Each time I see a dogwood tree, I think about my daddy.  If you have seen dogwood trees growing in the wild, then you know how hard it is to find a straight one….Well, daddy found two of them out on Horseshoe Bend and when he moved our family to town, he planted them in our front yard.

Daddy loved and nurtured those trees like they were his babies… and in return  they grew into real beauties.  Every spring, right before Easter, the little ivory petals would burst open…


It is said in the Legend of the dogwood Tree;

“ its blossoms shall be in the form of a cross---two long and two short petals. And in the center of the outer edge of each petal there will be nail prints, brown with rust and stained with red, and in the center of the flower will be a crown of thorns, and all who see it will remember."

In 1985, those trees were the most beautiful I had ever seen them..So many ivory blossoms that when the sun hit them, it would nearly blind you. All the neighborhood talked of how beautiful they were that year…

And my daddy was dying.

He had fought emphysema for years, and he was losing the battle.  Each day that he was able to sit up, and move a little bit, Danny would help him to the front porch, so that he could see those trees.

They would sit out there, rocking in the old rockers and talking of their past fishing and hunting trips, while daddy admired the trees he loved so much.

My daddy loved Danny as his own son…and it was no wonder…Danny never showed him anything but LOVE and RESPECT.

Later, when the dogwood blossoms finally began to wither and fall to the ground,there were so many that it looked like it had snowed in our little front yard…

And Daddy was no longer able to leave his bed.

In July of that year, God called my daddy home. It killed me to lose him…cause I thought my daddy walked on water…but somewhere  deep in my heart, I knew that he was was far better off because he was no longer suffering.

One month later Daddy’s dogwood trees died…

Both of them….

All of a sudden and with no warning…

they were dead

So dead that ( and I can still see  it as if it was yesterday ) Danny was able to literally push them both over… using only his two hands.

There has been only one other man who held my heart and soul like my daddy did…

and that was Danny

I am comforted by knowing

That when my Danny left this world…

My daddy that was there

to help show him the way Home…

I am comforted by knowing

That the two men that I loved most…

Can now see all the beautiful dogwood trees….

all the beautiful flowers….


All the Glories of God

Even those that we mere mortals have yet to see.