Tuesday, June 30, 2009



I want to thank you all so much for the prayers and kindness that you have continually shown towards my family…You just don’t know how good it made me feel to know that you were all praying for Amanda and the little one.

Now for the good news….Amanda is home! While the blood test still reveal high troponin levels which indicate heart attack, the cardiologist is thinking it is Pericarditis ( an inflammation of the sack around the heart) which can also raise troponin levels.  They have been treating her with ibuprofen for inflammation and the troponin levels finally started coming down a tiny bit.

They have done EKG’s, X-rays, Echo cardiograms, and numerous blood work…and all came back good, except the blood work. Her OBGYN has been in to see her daily, along with the cardiologist. They had her do  a stress test yesterday and it turned out good, so the cardiologist let her come home. She has to go back to the OBGYN Thursday for a follow up. She is still having shortness of breath and chest/shoulder/arm pain when she gets up and moves around, so they want to keep a close eye on her.

Wyatt got to come home yesterday too!!! He had been staying with his other grandma the whole time that Amanda has been in the hospital. God bless her heart for being there for him and taking care of him the whole time while his mommy was so sick. You should have seen him when he got home….He was so happy to be in his own home with all his little toys and best of all; his mama!!!


When he finally tired of playing, Wyatt just went and plopped down on Uncle Dan's legs!

I was up at the hospital by 7:30 am, and after the stress tests results came in,  they told Amanda that she could go home. A little later, I faked being sleepy and told her I was going to go ahead home and take a nap while she and Kelvin waited on the paper work and such.

Well, I rushed home and went directly to her house. Dan came on up and he and I did laundry and cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and had it shining and ready for her when she got home! I also got a guy up there to cut the grass! So they didn’t have to do anything when they got home except love on their little Wyatt!

I hope and pray that it is the Pericarditis only, and no heart damage…and that she will get better each passing day….

You know, during the time I was with her and seeing her go through all this…all I could think of was how she was doing like Danny did during his final months …and I was so scared

And to tell you the truth …

I am still scared.

But I must trust in God …..

Who has always been there with me through all the good times….

And the bad….


Sunday, June 28, 2009



              Wyatt got to go see his mommy Yesterday.

First, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for your many prayers and good wishes....I feel that they are helping my nerves and I know they will help Amanda and the baby…God bless you my friends for helping me out and as always, being here for me.

I have went back and forth to the hospital so much, that I don’t know whether I am coming or going anymore. I have also missed seeing my mama this week, but I know she will understand..

I just got back from the hospital tonight. I will be going back early in the morning. Tomorrow, they will be doing a stress test on Amanda to see how her heart reacts. I am so worried  …if when she tries to walk down the hospital corridor and comes back out of breath and hurting in her chest, arms or shoulder, and vomiting…what will happen to her on a stress test?

They finally found the new baby an he/she  is alive and well as of yesterday…thank God. They have finished giving Amanda the Ibuprophen  to try to heal any inflammation around her heart, but the blood tests still show high enzymes for a heart attack…so we still are waiting for some clue on how to proceed .

Please pray for her, and the little baby…also for Wyatt while he is away form her and if you don’t mind, throw one in there for me if you have the time.

I will let yall know more when I do…


Saturday, June 27, 2009


My friends, I need your prayers ….

Please pray for my daughter Amanda and the new little one-to-be…

Amanda was admitted to the hospital yesterday . I don’t have much time, but I can tell you this…Some of the tests they took indicate she may have had a heart attack. Right now we are waiting on the cardiologist to tell us what the echo showed…They are suppose to do an ultrasound today because they could not find the baby's heart  beat last night…but they are hopeful it is because the baby is so young…

Please, please pray for Amanda and the baby….and if you don’t mind …throw a prayer in there for me too….


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Amanda held Wyatt’s birthday party at the lake Sunday. Since it was suppose to be up in the late nineties, I kept Wyatt while they went out to decorate the pavilion she leased.  Although she paid $60.00 for the use of the pavilion, someone still had to be out there by 9:00 am to make sure no one else made themselves at home in it!  Seems like management would have that responsibility, doesn’t it?

The party wasn’t until 5:00pm, so she had a long wait!  Kelvin took his boat and let the children (and some of the adults too) take turns riding around the lake with him, while Amanda set everything up. I didn’t know how I would handle the heat, but when I got there with Wyatt, there was a wonderful breeze that lasted just long enough for the party!  (Thank You God.) I took Wyatt’s little pool so he could play around in it until the part began and he had a good time in it. He also really got into eating his own little personal birthday cake, as you can see below!!





Yep, that was all that was left when he got through!!!

I didn’t think I was going to make it to the party Sunday …My car was jumping and bumping so bad… I finally got there and got my niece’s husband to drive it up the road to see if he could tell what was wrong. He came back and told me that my right front tire had a knot on it. So, I had to buy a tire Monday. Always something…..

So John and Kate are getting a divorce. Makes me feel so bad for the little kids. I noticed that John had two big diamond studs in both of his ears…guess along with the new sports car and motorbike he has gotten recently, they are making him feel young again….young enough for his 20-something “friend” he has been seen with lately.

On a brighter note….I cooked some dry baby butterbeans for supper tonight. Had some cornbread and biscuits, potato salad, sliced tomatoes, and smoked sausage to go with them….It was a pretty good supper! I hadn’t had dry butterbeans in a long time and they were soooooo good. I bought the tomatoes at the store, as mine are still green…so they didn’t have that homegrown taste…but we made do..lol

Yep…doesn’t take much to make me happy…

Just give me some butterbeans and cornbread!


Friday, June 19, 2009



          Wyatt living it up at Party City!!!

Man, it is hot here….It got past 100 degrees here today…..The sun has went down and it is still in the nineties …and they are predicting it to be over 100 degrees again tomorrow….Lord, help me make it through.

I picked Dorris up Wednesday and we went out to see our mama…She is doing well physically, but is having a hard time of remembering ….She asked me where my daddy was the last time I went…My daddy has been dead since 1985…This time she asked where Danny was. I always clean out her two little bedside table drawers when I go to see her…She keep various treasures there …treasures that only she knows what they are being kept for…such as the empty cardboard rolls that bath tissue is on…or used drinking straws…bits of paper…..and so forth….So we have to do a cleaning every time we go or it will get overloaded.


                    Wyatt loved Elmo!

Yesterday was my grandson’s FIRST BIRTHDAY !!! I can not believe that our little Wyatt is 1 YEAR OLD!  Lately he has started taking everything that he gets in his little hands and making it go like a car while  saying… “ BRrrrrrrmmmm- BRrrrrrmmmmm” 

So guess what this Granny got him??? Yep, I got him a car! I cut out buying groceries this week to get that little car for him…Hey, we can eat out of the freezer…Wyatt will only be 1 year old once.

If I never get him another thing, I will know that I did get get him one thing that he loved!  I wish yall could have seen him…While his daddy pushed him up and down the street, He put one little hand in that steering wheel and had the other arm resting on the door…just like his granddaddy Danny use to drive!                                           


                HE LOVES HIS CAR!!!

Oh…if only Danny could have seen our little grandson…

Speaking of grandchildren…. Here is  the first photo of my new little grandchild to be….Can you see the baby?? It is sitting facing to the right…We do not know the sex yet….


But let me tell you…I have never seen a baby jump like this one did while they were taking the sonogram!!! This baby was jumping like it had it’s own personal trampoline in there!!!  And get this…the Baby’s official  due date is my mama’s birthday which is also Amanda’s birthday!!!  How cool is that?  ( But they will have to do a C-Section the week before….so it won ‘t actually be born on that date.)


      Wyatt waiting on Mommy to get sonogram.

I want to tell yall something interesting …

My children each got a little red rocker for their first birthday, so I got it in my head that I wanted to get Wyatt one for his first birthday. ..The only trouble was…I didn’t know how hard they were to come by….nor did I know how darn expensive they had gotten ! The little red rocker that use to cost $10.00 now had an $85.00 price tag…which I couldn’t afford! I hunted and hunted for a cheap little red rocker to no avail, so a few days before his birthday, I  finally thought to go to Craig's List…

Well I looked there for three days … Each night before, I would pray that I would find one the next day…The third day, sure enough, someone had a little red rocker for sale!  I tell you; God is so good to me ….. The lady selling the little red rocker lived only 5 miles from the hospital where we would be at the next day getting Amanda’s sonogram and she only wanted $15.00 for it!!!  Needless to say, I bought it. It is in new condition and most importantly                                  


               My little Wyatt loves it!

I emailed the lady that sold it to me right after I came home that day, thanking her and telling her how she had made this old granny (and little Wyatt) so very happy ..

She emailed me back….telling me how happy she was to have been able to fulfill my wish….and  giving me a link to her web site…

You see…the lady that just happened to put that little red rocker up for sale on Craig’s List…

She and her entire family has a Christian Band that travel all over doing concerts …

And praising the LORD.



Friday, June 12, 2009


First, let me tell yall that there is a recall of women’s bath robes that were sold by BLAIR..these robes have caused 6 deaths..Please go here: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml09/09241.html  and see if you or someone you know has this robe…they have a picture and also the lot numbers at this site.

We have been having some hot and sultry weather here lately. Today there was a severe thunderstorm, not much rain, it was mainly wind.


Here’s Wyatt sitting in my living room floor he other day!


Wyatt in his little bath tub in my kitchen sink.


This little fellow above was sitting on our window sill as we ate at a restaurant the other night! Every once in a while, he would climb up on the window and look in at us! ( Glad we weren’t eating frog legs! )


                              Me and my little man.


           Little dare-devil standing up on the porch swing!


Look what one of the customers left on a table at work…a rose made out of a napkin!

Well, I am going to close this out…I am ready to sit down to eat some of Lee’s Chinese food…Amanda and Kelvin went out to eat at Lee’s…so I had her bring me and Dan some home…. beef and broccoli with fried rice and won-ton soup…mmmmm-mmmmm good!



Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Amanda went for her first visit to the OBGYN this morning. 

When we finished up at the Dr.’s office, we rode on over to Ryan’s so Wyatt could have some vegetables for lunch….While sitting there, a lady came over and introduced herself and handed Amanda a dime. She told her to have a hole punched in it and pin it to Wyatt’s shirt and it would help with the teething! Now we had not said anything to this lady, so I figured that she had seen Wyatt chewing on the highchair or something…..I noticed when she went back to her table that she was sitting with about 5 people, what seemed to be a loving family.

A good while later, I had taken Wyatt out of the highchair and I realized as I was holding him that he was “doing a potty” …lol….I knew because He gets real quiet and still and serious looking….lol….so a little later, I got Amanda to take him to the restroom to clean him up.

While she was gone…the same lady that gave Amanda a dime for Wyatt came back to our table with a young girl around twelve or so. . . and I noticed that the rest of her family were leaving …

This time the lady came straight up to me and said, “ I know you are going to think I am crazy…but I have to tell you something important…The Lord spoke to me just now as I was fixing to leave….and I want you to know that I will be saying a special prayer for you tonight at 10:00….

She went on to explain; “You see, God told me that You have something bearing on you…I don’t know exactly what, but I think that you may have lost someone that was very dear to you and that it is “laying heavy on your heart” right now. Now you don’t have to tell me what it is , or who it is…it is none of my business…but I do know what God has told me..and I wanted you to know that I will be praying for you tonight at 10:00.”

When she finished speaking she was actually crying and she reached and hugged me close…She also told me her name and where she lived..but for the life of me, I can not remember…I was so shocked by what she said…

So shocked that I did not tell her that what she spoke was the truth…That it was only two weeks ago that I went into the back room at work feeling so sad and depressed that I wanted to cry… right there in the middle of our rush hour… My boss was back there doing some work and I told her then, that losing Danny was laying heavy on my heart lately…that it still hurt so bad… I used those exact words… “laying heavy on my heart”…..

The exact words that lady spoke to me today…God bless her.


I choose not to think so.

Thank You God…for Your many blessings on me.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Summertime has hit my neck of the woods. It has been in the 90’s for over a week now. I HATE HOT WEATHER!  At home , it’s not too bad a problem…I have air conditioners, thank goodness…but at work , especially when we get busy, the air conditioners there can’t keep up…and it gets hot .


I took Dan to the flea market Sunday. It is about 45 miles away from my home. He had a good time and I bought him a GEORGIA BULLDOG cap that he  liked. He loves GEORGIA BULLDOGS! I didn’t see anything I wanted. I should have bought the playpen that I saw, but I didn’t want to lug it around though and sure didn’t want to go all the way back to the car! The lady tried to sell it to me for $5.00 too! . It was so hot by the time we had walked the entire outside, that I was getting a bad headache and feeling sort of sick…It is the meds I have to take that make me feel like that.  After we left, I took Dan to Ryan's to eat..so I believe he enjoyed himself. He very rarely wants to get out of the house.


I took a huge 10 pound pork roast yesterday and put it in an oven bag and roasted it in the oven. I was suppose to take it out at 12:00 but got busy and forgot it until 2:00!!! The bag had started leaking into the roasting pan by the time I took it out, but the meat was so tender that it fell off the bone. I pulled it apart with a fork and mixed in a bottle of Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce , a bottle of Kraft’s Hickory Smoked, a cup of the pork stock and 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar. I mixed it all together and put it in the roasting pan and let it bake for about 45 minutes on 325. You talking about good!!!  I had enough to make 12 BBQ sandwiches and put the rest in pint containers and froze it.


Wyatt has another tooth….on top! He came over to visit yesterday and eat breakfast with me. He loves buttered toast and scrambled eggs! I have got to take some more pictures of him…he will be 1 year old on June 18th!!! Time sure flies.

Well, I have got to get off here and figure out what to have for supper tonight…I think I want some pink-eye peas and cornbread…Sounds good to me!!!