Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking Back

Today, a young man came and installed some boxes on my TV’s. My cable service switched over to a different service and in order to keep getting my channels, I had to have these boxes…which of course means extra money tacked onto the bill.

It also means me trying to figure the dang 100 button remote out and then me teaching Dan how to use them….

Lord have mercy on me.

Looking back to my childhood out on Horseshoe Bend, I wonder why in the world I was in such a hurry to leave that place? Oh, to be able to go back and know then what I know now. I would hide under the bed and never leave.

I swear to you that I would be like Peter Pan and live out my life as a child.

For a long time, back then, we had no TV and when we finally did get one, it was all because my mama wrote an essay to enter a contest as to ‘why Frank, my brother, would love to have a dang dog’!

Mama was always writing and entering all kinds of contests..I may be partial, but my mama could write! Once she wrote an essay honoring my Aunt Em, and I forget now what Aunt Em won, but my mama got a cook book out of it! My Aunt Em was a wonderfully sweet lady and I am 100% sure it wasn’t very hard to  write an essay honoring her.

On this particular contest that mama won though, Frank was invited to be on TV to get his prize! I mean, can you imagine??  We are talking late 50’s, when TV was something fairly new and to be able to actually be on a TV show??? I don’t remember who actually took  Frank to Atlanta to be on  (what I believe was) WSB TV. I’ll have to ask my brother one day. I do know that Mama and Daddy were bound and determined to be able to see their first born get his prize on TV.

That TV we got showed 2 channels I think…and to get the picture, someone was constantly having to go outside and turn the antenna this way and that until it cleared up. I can remember my brothers having to stand out there in the yard and be ready to turn that antenna when wrestling was on! My daddy and Mr. Roger Boswell and a few other men of the community would have the best times watching that show, yelling and going on like little boys.

I can remember Mama always watched ‘As The world Turns’ and ‘Queen For A Day’ and I always secretly dreamed that one day SHE would be the Queen For A Day. She never was of course, but she will always be a Queen in my heart.

On Saturdays, we kids would get to watch Sky King, Roy Rogers with Dale Evans, The Lone Ranger, Tarzan, and various cartoons, if we were quiet and had done all our chores.

Other days we were always outside playing in the yard until the sun went down. You know, thinking back, we didn’t have very many toys at all…but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We played games such as leap frog, hide and seek, Red rover, and hop scotch…among all the other ones we would make up.

We actually used something back in those days that is in short supply these days…


Yep, if I could only go back to those good old days.

People worked hard, but at least they worked. There were no government hand outs back then, and most folks would have been too proud to take it, even if it had been. 

Though it was a hard way of life, in general, it was a lot less stressful.

And the dang TV service was FREE!





Sunday, May 20, 2012


There’s not anything much more beautiful than Springtime.

It is my favorite time of the year. Everything is blooming, bees are a buzzing and birds are a singing. Looking up this Sunday morning, I could see clear blue skies with white puffy clouds floating lazily by, like ships sailing on the ocean and I am at peace.

There is a sense of calm that fills my soul today.

It is as if God is standing here next to me, whispering in my ear that things are going to be okay…that no matter what, HE has my back…that He has been here for me even when I have felt my most most unwanted and unloved. I, like so many others, have a hard time remembering that when I need him most…when  I am at my lowest.

HE is calling to me.

I have had so many offers to come to church this morning...all in different locations...all different denominations.

It is as if HE is saying..’It doesn’t matter where or in what form…you need to get there and you need to hear MY word.

I feel sort of like a little lost child, because I know that I have been  seeking HIM too.  I need to hear HIS word. It has been way too long. Like the grass in my backyard that has went without rain for what seems like forever, my soul has become withered.

I need the SPIRIT of GOD to soak down into my soul. It has got be replenished, and rehydrated…so that it can become ALIVE. 


So, I am closing this entry out right now.

He has called me…

And I am going.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Missing Parts

It’s 9:29pm and I am lonely. You see, there are parts of me missing.

You know how people are always saying, “ time flies ” ?

It does.

It’s like when you’re young,maybe nearing eighteen,  all your future lies ahead of you, so time seems to drag. Then you hit your twenties and time speeds up…just a little bit.

In your thirties, usually by this time, you are married or in a serious relationship and beginning to “settle down” . You are raising your children, working hard to provide for them, going to their school functions, tending to your home and in general very busyTime is speeding up.

By your forties, your children are nearing graduation, your parents are aging, work is harder than ever,  your energy is lagging and you are wondering why you're always tired. Time is getting away from you.

You’re in your fifties. Your children are gone and too busy to come around because they are just beginning their lives. You are experiencing the ‘empty nest syndrome’. Your parents are gone, either by death or by Alzheimer's and sometimes…

God forbid…

Even the love of your life has left you too.

Yep, there are parts of me missing tonight.