Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My husband died on January 29, 2006.... It was the end of my world as I knew it. For years I have went to bed with him in the same bed, the same house, the same room. For years I got up, made our breakfast and saw his face across the table from mine. For years I heard, "love ya boo" right before I nodded off to sleep at night...For years, in the summertime, I had a hand to hold as I walked in the sand on Myrtle Beach...For years, I had at least one hug each day...often times two or three or more....For thirty four years and two months, I had the love of my life right by my side....There to back me in all I did...there to console me when I needed it...there to loveme and guide me and give me the strength to carry on....Now I have to rely on myself...I have not had to do that at any point in my life until now...At 53 years old, I am on my own.