Monday, November 27, 2017

“Courage Is Being Scared To Death, But saddling Up Anyway.” ― John Wayne

We were just two young teens walking home late one Fall night from the local highschool football game. We weren't in a well lit section of town and had at least four more blocks to walk before we would be at our homes. Suddenly a car load of screaming boys flew past us honking the horn. To make matters worse, whoever was driving that car was squealing tires and turning it around down at the end of the street and was now speeding back to where we stood. 
We thought for sure it was a car load of hoodlums.
With the car quickly approachimg us, Danny said, "RUN! Call the law! I will stay here and fight them if I have to."
Now, this was in the 1960's, when cell phones hadn't even been thought of yet. So, you couldnt just stand there and call 911 for the police like you can now. With no houses around, you had to go find a phone booth and the closest one was blocks away. I knew I wouldn't be able to get him help quick enough, so I shook my head and stubbornly stood there. 
With him begging me to leave him there the whole time.
Thankfully, once the car got close enough to us, we saw that one of the boys in that car was a school friend, who only wanted to offer us a ride home! Whew! We were so relieved!
This happened so many years ago that I may have forgotten some of the smaller insignificnat details, but let me tell you this ...I will never forget that night.
The love for that brave young teenage boy still lives on deep within my heart and not a night goes by, that he doesn't come back to visit me in my dreams.


Saturday, October 7, 2017


This morning, I got up, flipped on the bedroom light, next the living room light, then the kitchen light. I was intending on getting me a cup of coffee before I had to go to work, until I remembered I had some bills I needed to write checks out for. So, I was sitting at my old desk, writing out those checks when the dang lights went out!  First thing that hit my mind was that tropical storm NATE had sure gotten here quick. I look outside and although it was cloudy, there was no storm. I begin to walk up and down the street asking neighbors if they had electricity….

All of them did.

So, I came back into the house and called Georgia Power and reported an outage. In a few minutes, I get a text from them saying that my electricity would be restored at 9am. In the meantime, since I am the only one on the street without power, I get worried that a power line may be down on the side of my house where my electric meter is located. So, I stepped outside and go around the front of the house corner to check. The line is still up where it should be…

 BUT…my meter is GONE!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I mean, who would steal an electric meter and who would do it in broad daylight when all the lights in the house were on…meaning that somebody was already up and awake and would surely notice whent he lights went out???

I stand there in front of where the meter is suppose to be and start dialing Ga Power back. This time I get through to a live person. I explain to her that I had previously called to report an outage and this time I was calling to report a missing meter! The conversation went something like this:
Me: “Mam, I just called and reported an outage.”
Her:  After checking my idenity, “Yes mam, it has been noted and your power will be back on at 9am.”
Me: “ Well, I just went outside to check for downed wires and found out that my electric meter is actually missing. Did yall pull it out?”
Her: “ Mam, your meter is there.”
Me: “ No mam it isn’t.”
Her: “ Well, I show that it is running”
Me: “ Mam, it is not here, so if it is running, it is running somewhere else”
Her: “ Are you sure you are looking in the right place?’
Me: “ Have yall moved the meter recently?”
Her: “ No, it has never been moved”
Me: “ Then, yes mam, I AM looking in the right place and nothing is here, except the exposed wiring.”
Her: “Okay. I will note that your meter is missing.”
Me: “ Please do. Thank you.”

After I hung up, I go back inside and get my battery operated lantern that I bought after Hurricane Irma hit us about 2 weeks or so ago. I go to the bathroom, set my lantern down and jump in the shower.  I have to go to work and I need a shower.

It wasn’t until I got out that it dawned on me that I didn’t have any electricity to blow dry my hair!

I got dressed and went outside just as the man in the Ga Power truck was pulling up in front of my house.  He gets out and starts looking up at the top of the pole in front of my house. I take him and show him that my meter is missing. He said, “yes, it’s gone.” Then I ask him if they pulled it for some reason. He tells me they didn’t pull it and besides they would never leave the wires exposed like that. He goes to the truck and gets a meter and puts it right where mine use to be … until some dad-blamed crook stole it.

Monday, January 23, 2017



This past Sunday morning, I had just gotten off the phone with my daughter Amanda and was on my way to the bathroom to take my shower and get dressed to go to Church, when the phone rang.

I don’t know why exactly, but I had a bad feeling even before I ever picked it up.

It was Amanda and she was crying so hard I could not make out what she was saying. It scared me to death! Amanda doesn’t cry much or often, at least not around me, and the last time I got a phone call like this a dog had killed their pet cat. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I understood this much; ”Mama, all them are GONE!”  “WHAT??” I yelled into the reciever….”What do you mean Amanda???” 
“Mama….Kenzie has cut all her curls off…she has cut her own hair and all of her curls are GONE!!

The last was said very loudly and ended with a great big sob.

Maybe it was relief that it wasn’t a life thretening situation, or maybe it just brought back sweet memories of another little girl (AMANDA) that cut her hair, but oh my gosh…..I LAUGHED. Oh, I tried to cover it up quickly…especially when Amanda cried, “MAMA, ARE YOU LAUGHING?? KELVIN, MY MAMA IS LAUGHING!! 

I tried real hard to make that laugh sound like a sobbut she knew.

My granddaughter Kenzie was born with very little hair. It took months for even this little bit to come in….                                                         

              kenzie5042013b                           0904132007

When my granddaughter finally started getting some hair on her head, it was obvious that it was going to be curly hair….real curly hair! The longer it grew, the curlier it got! Everyone who met her, noticed those curls and her mama and daddy loved them.


Even as she grew older, the curls were still there.

                                                                                       KENZIE CURLS3

And now I had Amanda on the phone crying because at three years old, “Kenzie’s curls are all gone!”

It seems that Amanda was getting ready to go to church yesterday, when she noticed Kenzie's hair looked sort of well… strange. At first glance, she thought Kenzie had one side of her hair up and had put a bow in it, but once she caught hold of her and turned her around, on closer inspection, she knew.

She knew that Kenzie had did what most children will do at one time or another during their child hood.

Kenzie had cut her own hair!!


( I honestly think Kenzie was saving them to put back on later!)

This picture was taken right after we took her to Athens to try to repair the damge she had done. As you can tell, one side is shorter than the other. It will eventually grow out and we will keep triming and fixing until it all looks better.

                                                                                    KENZIE CUT HER HAIR 01222017

Althouugh she cut her own hair, she was scared to get her hair cut by a beautician! So, sitting in the next chair over, Amanda got her own hair cut too.


Good Lord willing, the hair will grow back…and I already see some little curls peaking through just a day later….so Mawmaw and her baby girl and her grandbaby girl are all happy now.

                                                                       KENZIE CUT HER HAIR 01232017

                                AND THE SCISSORS HAVE BEEN HIDDEN.