Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One of the things I love about little children is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of anything to make them happy…


Daddy cutting our watermelon! 

Take Wyatt and William for instance, the first just turned three years old and the latter just turned eighteen months old. I have noticed that there are certain things that Wyatt just has to do when he came to see me.  This child is sure enough a little creature of habit. He has to get my small two step ladder and put it in the living room. You would be amazed at just how many things that child can find to do on that one little ladder! He will climb up it, he will turn around and climb down it. He will sit on the top of it and he will turn around and slide off the back of it. This can go on for hours, as he neglects the very many so called real toys overflowing his and Will’s toy box.


William with a piece of melon as big as he is!

He has to play with his Wee-Dough; which is the name Wyatt gave Play-Dough. I know he can pronounce the correct name very well, because he will each and every time I ask him to. Why he calls it Wee-Dough only he knows.


Wyatt tearing into his piece of melon!

But the very best thing Wyatt loves??? Well, from the time he was born, that child has loved to be on my bed. The thrill of his little life is to go into “Maw-Maw’s bedroom”. Since he was old enough to hold a baby rattle in his little fist, I have kept a very small wicker basket of toys to amuse him in my room and since he was old enough to sit and walk, he has loved getting on my bed and having that basket placed in front of him.


Someone’s been eating the blackberries mama picked!

Some of the toys are the very same ones that have been in that basket since day one; His  Glow Worm that plays tunes, a baby doll that cries unless you give it a bottle, and some small plastic blocks. Yet, to this day, he will take out all the toys and carefully examine and play with each and every one as if it is the very first time . 

After he has done this, he will slide off the side of the bed and climb up on my old storage ottoman that sits by the bedside table. He will then grab the pull chain on my small table lamp and turn it on. Wyatt loves LIGHT…always has. When he goes into any room, he will tell you right quick, “turn the light on”, no matter how light and bright the room may be. 


Wyatt on his little stool

As he pulls the chain on that little lamp, he will turn and smile the biggest smile at me and say, “Maw-Maw (in sing-song voice) the light is COLD!” 

This comes from the time when he was around 18 months old and I told him not to touch the light because it was hothaving forgotten that I had replaced the old bulb with a new florescent one. Well, of course Wyatt just had to touch that light to see if it truly was hot and actually found out to his delight that it was cold.

So, one of my grandson’s  first sentences was,MAW-MAW, THE LIGHT IS COLD!”  and trust me, he hasn’t forgotten it. He always laughs so hard, as if it is the funniest thing that his Maw-Maw was wrong!!!


Wyatt on top of the couch!

Yesterday, when Amanda brought him and William over to see me, I was busy finishing up with the washing of my living room and kitchen curtains. After pausing to fix Wyatt and William a little breakfast, I began hanging the curtains back up, sharing the little two step ladder with the boys, being careful not to step on them on the way down!  As soon as I was through, sure enough, Wyatt asked to go into my room.

Now days, even little brother knows the drill! William went straight to the bed and held his little arms up to me to be picked up and placed on Maw-Maw’s bed, while big brother climbed up all by himself…where they both carefully took each and every toy out of that old wicker basket and examined them.


William in serious thought!

As Wyatt slid off the bed and headed for the ottoman to pull the light chain on, baby brother Will grabbed the baby doll and tried to stuff  the bottle into it’s mouth. When he couldn’t get the bottle into it’s mouth to shut it up, he picked the baby doll up and put it on his shoulder, patting it’s ( up-side-down) back!!  Sure enough, only moments later, Wyatt pulled the light chain on, and looked at me, laughing his head off saying “Maw-Maw…(in sing-song voice) the light is COLD!”

Nope, it doesn’t take that much to make little children happy…some warm clothes in the winter, cool clothes in the summer, good home cooked food, something cool to drink when they are thirsty and most importantly; plenty of LOVE …

With big bear hugs thrown in for good measure.

wyattand willJune2011

Is it possible to look at this picture of these two little angels God blessed us with and NOT cry???

I believe that we come into this world with an inner voice telling us what is important, what will make us happy and what is comforting.

We may lose sight of that as we grow up, but fortunately we tend to revert back to it..

 As we go into our senior years.

Thank goodness.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Amanda and Kelvin held a birthday party for Wyatt  this past Sunday. Amanda baked a sheet cake and then she and Kelvin decorated it.  They made it look like a tractor pull! Which was  right up Wyatt's alley! That child loves tractors!


      He has a cold, but he still had fun.

Every time someone would come in carrying a gift, Wyatt would excitedly tell me,  “Maw-Maw; my presents are coming!!! ” He was so thrilled and had to wait such a long time before getting to open up those glorious presents!  So he kept trying to sneak a little bitty bit of paper off a present without his mama seeing him! He would pinch a teeny tiny piece off  and wad it up in his little hand, and run throw it in the trash can! And William???


Well, he was running around trying to feed their new little kitty cat to their new German Shepherd pup!!!


“Finally! I get to open Maw-Maw’s present!!”

It did my heart good to see my grandchildren Sunday, but I had a dark cloud hidden deep in my heart. You see, when I woke up Sunday morning, I did like I always do, I looked on Facebook . The very first post I saw was one of a dear friend… One who was there for me before and after Danny died…

My friend, Lori is the type that takes care of everything and everybody. She works without ceasing for her family. She loves her children and grandchildren and puts them above and beyond anything…including herself.   Her first post literally screamed at me; Wes not breathing”  And then, “dear God take me, not Weston” and then, “Weston is gone.”

It was then that my heart stopped and my mind absolutely refused to accept what my eyes were seeing. I tell you, the illogical thought of  “Surely this must be some kind of new and cruel hacking/spamming joke.”  kept running through my brain. When  the words of her posts began to finally sink in, the words that came bubbling up like a volcano from my very soul were; “Oh God…Oh GodOh Heavenly Father…. nooooooooooo…nooooooooo


You see, my friend’s two month old grandson, Weston… a little cherub… a beautiful little baby boy.…One who had been fine Saturday when she posted a video of him cooing …was gone.  Just that fast.  Gone. God be with them. I can not begin to imagine the pain they are feeling …but I do know the pain that I am feeling for them. I pray that God grant them all Shalom.


I bought a pork roast yesterday. This morning when I got up, it was calling to me from within the refrigerator. It told me it wanted to be part of the bigger story. It wanted to become a huge pot of Brunswick stew.

Okay…so the pork roast really didn’t call out to me…but I just knew it did want to become part of the Brunswick stew I made today, and it got it’s wish!  Dan had been dropping hints for weeks that he had no more stew in the freezer, sooooo ….

After making a quick trip to Moon’s Grocery to get some more chicken, corn, tomatoes and grab some of their containers…( I don’t like their tops!)  It took me from 7:30 this morning until 3:00 pm to finish cooking  all of it. I let it sit and cool down, while I drove Dan out to the Publix shopping center to get a hair cut! When I came back home, I ladled it up into the containers. I ended up with 10 quarts and 10 pints and two bowls that held a pint and a half each.

      Guess what we had for supper??


     Freezing it to put in the big freezer

You know, I try to make Dan some stew about once a year and each time I do, I have even more respect for my bosses than I did before. They do this every week and let me tell you, they make a heck of a lot more than I did today. Just ONE of their aluminum pots hold more stew than I could make in three days!! 


Trust me…

My weary body could tell you right now just how long ,hard, and hot work making Brunswick Stew is

But I  made my young-un happy today…and that makes up for everything.

Until next time…