Sunday, November 14, 2010



                   Boot and Shelby

I found a picture of my nephew and his sister online tonight and I decided I wanted to save that picture…so after I right clicked on it, I had to “name the file”

Before thinking about it, I automatically typed…

Boot and Sissy.

Because for nearly 19 years, it was always BOOT AND SISSY

Where you saw one, you usually saw the other. Boot had a love for his little sister like no other brother I have ever known. I have seen him, even as a very young child, intentionally cause a fuss if he thought Sissy was about to get in trouble…just to pull the attention away from her.

Only this time, it wasn’t Sissy in the was his youngest sister Shelby.  Little Shelby is one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met…a natural ray of sunshine… so very beautiful and chock full of that Georgia southern charm.

So much like Sissy.

As I sat here looking at what I had typed, something snapped within me. I wanted to scream, to rip things up and throw them against the walls, to lie down on the floor and have a freaking all out tantrum…as I sat there sobbing like I haven’t since the day my Danny died.

I think all the tears I had stored within me for years came to the surface.

I guess I had what they call a delayed reaction.

You see…

There was a terrible car accident…

We buried Sissy over a month ago.

She was only 18 years old for gosh sake…

Sissy never got the chance to truly live her life.

Our entire family has an empty place that can never be filled and we miss her so very much.

You never know….

You just never know….

Here one minute...

Gone the next.

Rest In Peace Laura Ashley Epps…


          OUR SISSY

You will never be forgotten.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, well, well…..we are finally here…

It is NOVEMBER and the weather is finally beginning to feel like fall…which is a good thing….we don’t need hot weather at this late date.

But for now…lets go back to OCTOBER…..

For Halloween, Kevin carved both Wyatt and Will’s  jack-o-lanterns and he did such a good job. He did it free-hand too! Here they are lit up!


Little will’s had a pumpkin spooky face and his name on it.


Of course, Wyatt wanted a tractor on his! His name is to the left but we couldn’t get it and the tractor in the picture.

Although  the true Halloween was Sunday, Wyatt and Will went up town Saturday and trick-or-treated at the stores which were giving out candy. Wyatt was dressed up as  a Ga. football player and William as the mascot.  Kelvin and Dan brought them by Holcomb’s before they went …


Then later on that night, they came to my house and got their little bags of candy. Wyatt thought he was staying with ‘Maw-maw’  and cried when they put him back in the car! Amanda said she bribed him with chocolate to stop the tears! lol

I know this isn’t much of a post…and the truth is…I am really not in the mood to write tonight…haven’t been in  a long time…just wanted to put down the grandbabies’ Halloween doings, so I would have it here when I … or they…want to look back.

Maybe later on, my urge to write will came back to me….

Until then….