Saturday, November 28, 2009


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You know it is funny what we get use to…what we take for granted sometimes.

Yesterday would have been my 38th anniversary had Danny not died from a massive heart attack in 2006.  This morning, I was remembering back to that day of many years ago, because today is Saturday and it was actually on a Saturday that we made that long journey to Aiken, S.C.

I was thinking about how long it took us to get there and how I had to sit on Danny’s lap all the way causing my neck to ache for two days afterwards!  Then it dawned on me that the reason my brother-in-law had to take us in his car was because we didn’t have one of our own.

Today people would be aghast wouldn’t they? More so than they may have been back in 1971. That two people, who are only 17 and 18 years old with not but one tiny paycheck to their name and NO CAR was actually thinking about getting married!

Our parents told us that we had to have a house and furniture before we could get married…Well, we had the house…A little three room “shot-gun house”  that we rented from the Cotton Mill where Danny worked at the time. They called it a “shot-gun” house because of the way it was made…three little rooms that went straight through. First the living room, then the bedroom, then the kitchen and as an afterthought ; a bathroom that was built onto the back of the kitchen!  We were lucky that the door to ours was on the inside…some folks had to go out on the back porch to access theirs!

For months we had scrimped and saved enough to buy a used iron bed and a new re-stuffed mattress…a table and four chairs…a stove…and a refrigerator. My mama let us borrow her little twin bed ( also iron) and we used that as a couch in the living room. We had a wringer washing machine and a clothes line to do our clothes. Danny’s BIG MAMA made us sheets for our bed  from cotton sheeting she got from the mill for a wedding present!

We thought we were rich.

It scares me now when looking back…. I realize how poor we actually were . We didn’t have much at all…and we were mere babies.

But you know what?  I wish I still had that old fifties’ style chrome table and chairs, it was so pretty…Same goes for the iron beds and oh, my goodness, what I would give for a stove like I had then …It had two ovens…one big and one small…it had push buttons on the back top of it and three cooking ‘eyes’ and a ‘deep well’ to fry or boil in !  That little bitty refrigerator???  Well, I can not in all honesty say that I would trade in the one I have now for it, because I remember too well the little bitty freezer in the one we started out with! There was only enough room for two ice trays in it! (Plus I hated defrosting that thing!) How did we ever make it without room for frozen meat or vegetables???  We hardly ever could afford much meat and the  main vegetables we had were cabbage, potatoes and dry beans.

Yep…it’s funny what we take for granted sometimes.

Would I go back to those days?

You bet…

In a heart beat….

Because what we had back then…

Was worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.


Sunday, November 22, 2009



My friends; it has been a while since I have updated this “blog” of mine..never can get use to calling it that…To me, it will always be my journal.

It has rained all day here in N.E. Georgia…and it is rather chilly…Yeah… I know… it is November after all…but it has been in the 70’s  around here until today. It is 46 degrees this evening. I paid to have my leaves swept Friday while I was at work and now it is a huge mess again. Money I didn’t have; wasted.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner isn’t it?  I am planning on having lunch here for everyone, then Amanda and Kelvin will be going to his mama’s house afterwards.

Amanda goes back to the OBGYN tomorrow, so wish us luck, ok? I will be so happy to see this baby and know that all is okay with him and his mama.


I got to see my little Wyatt this afternoon! They all came over and ate the home made vegetable soup that I made. It was so good on a day like today! Wyatt is learning more and more words.


He can say tractor, Poppa (when he sees the picture of Danny, he always points at it and says “poppa”  ), Hallie , Coco , Bubba ,Annie, (all pups) hot, horse, cow, kitty, mommy, maw-maw, daddy, baby , Dinky,  (Dan’s nickname we call him that Wyatt has picked up on!) just to name a few!

Oh and MOON….he looks for it every time he goes outside! After he kept asking for the moon and looking for it, I found him the little book named “GOODNIGHT MOON” and he loves it. Strange, but it was Amanda’s favorite book too when she was little!

Dan had to go to the doctor last month. He is a diabetic and now he also has to take medicine for high cholesterol and high triglycerides. He has to go back next week. Seems I am spending all my days off at doctors now.

              wizard of oz

I am watching Wizard of Oz…I am one of the few who still love this movie after having watched it every year while I was little. I love hearing Judy sing; “ SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW ” and I can still remember me and my sister laughing ourselves silly when the scarecrow said; “part of me is over there… Those were the good old days…God I miss them.


I am trying soooo hard not to get into a funk this year…Holidays are so darn hard when your loved ones are gone…especially when you had strong family traditions during them.

I am trying hard to be jolly for little Wyatt and was actually going to put my Christmas decorations up today had it not rained so hard.


                           Our last trip to the mountains

This Friday is my wedding anniversary. We would have been married 38 years had Danny lived. We always said we would be together until our 50th…Having married so young, it never dawned on either of us that one of us could die before that.

Danny was only just turned 17 and me 18. We had to go out of state to Aiken S.C.  because Danny was not old enough to get married in the State of Georgia. Me, Danny, my mama, my daddy, my 2 sisters and my brother-in-law all crammed into his brand new yellow Ford Maverick….a small 2 door car!  Thank goodness I was smaller back then, cause I sat in Danny’s lap all the way up there.

We listened and sang to “Going to the Chapel” which ironically played on the radio over and over  on the way to the courthouse…I remember that it was a Saturday and had drizzled all the way up there and after getting married, the sun came out…I remember that I was so glad the sun finally came out, since the old wives tale says that “if it rains on your wedding day, that’s how many tears you will shed”

The same brother-in-law ( even though now divorced from my sister) that drove us up there to get married, would, 10 years later,  take me and Danny to a hospital over 30 miles away when I came in labor with Amanda…and again, he had a brand new yellow car; a Toyota this time..That day, there was ice on the highway and we skidded trying to avoid a deer that ran out in front of us…but we made it in time for my water to break just as I walked into the ER !

Good Memories….Special Memories….

Every night when I come home from work… every night when I lay my head down on my pillow and slide my arm and leg across the bed to the other side…where now no one lays and the sheets are cold…

It hits me what I have lost.

Trust me….

Make sure your loved one knows how much they mean to you.

There is nothing more heartbreakingly lonesome …

than losing a part of yourself .