Wednesday, August 26, 2015


       wyatt and annie

Her name was Annie...short for Orphan Annie.

We found her at a flea market. Her so called owner was revving his truck up trying to get her to come out from under it. Why was she under his truck? Well you see, she didn't want to go back in that crate she had been in for hours in the hot sun. He said he had been trying to sell her all day, but had no luck. As he tried loading the crate with the little dog in it, the door had came open and Annie quickly escaped.

We happened to be walking by as all this occurred, so the man yelled at my (then) little girl that if she could make that $%#@ dog come out, she could have her. He didn't know he was talking to the animal whisperer. My daughter… the one who called two baby squirrels down from the pecan tree and raised them after their mother was killed.

Sure enough, Amanda coaxed that puppy out from under that truck and to my dismay we were headed home with a puppy…this after I had spent the hour of getting to the flea market making Amanda promise me that she would NOT ask for any pets this time.

After we got the pup some water and food, Amanda carried her to my van. She sat right in front of Amanda …not moving, but warily wagging her tail, never taking her eyes off Amanda.

I thought then and still think now, that Annie somehow knew she was being saved.

Years flew by and Amanda eventually married and left home. She left Annie with me and her daddy, since her new home was right on the highway and we were scared Annie would try to cross that highway to come back to her old home, not a block away.  Time moved on, Amanda was divorced and then remarried.

Eventually there was a little boy who came to love Annie just like his mama did.

Annie had been a part of our lives for many years, when one day I had went to town. I saw Annie out by the shed when I left. When I came back, she was lying down.. As I knelt down to see about her,  she looked into my eyes, wagged her tail and quietly passed away. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Annie had willed herself to hang on until I returned.

Never in all those years that we had Annie, did she give us any trouble or grief. That is until the day finally came for her to walk over that rainbow bridge…and to this day, I still grieve for her. 

I still miss her and I will always love her.

You see, Annie wasn’t just a dog or a pet….