Friday, December 24, 2010


With Amanda and Kelvin and the grandchildren gone out of town and me not going to be able to see them until tomorrow evening, it was just me and Dan tonight at home. I decided to post a poem I wrote (and it was actually published ) back in 1987.  To my surprise, it won the GOLDEN POET AWARD that year…fancy that…the little kid from Horseshoe Bend being a ‘Poet’!


The Horseshoe Bend Kids @ 1955 at my granny’s house on Madison Highway across for the old Phelps's home place; That’s me in my rocker with my colored baby doll!     


The day had been a bad one and Christmas Eve was drawing near,

I wished my kids would quiet down … I wished I wasn't here.

I wished I were a child again, back home with mom and dad,

I wished that time would take me back, as I climbed into my bed.

I dreamed of looking through a window, and the past was there to see,

Past that window was my daddy, chopping down our Christmas tree.

In a moment’s time, the scene had changed; frost lay white on Georgia ground,

Fire was crackling in the old wood stove, as all the family gathered round.

In the corner was a Christmas tree, the one cut by loving hands

So tall it touched the ceiling as it stood on an old wood stand.

The children with their threadbare clothes,were so beautiful to see..

For they were my brothers and my sisters; and the smallest child was me!

Long gone smells of cedar mixed with oranges, came back against my will,

As our childish cries of joy and laughter and mama's singing held me still.

Look! Daddy's hugging mama and that's our Granny over there..

Oh, I longed to stay forever within this love we use to share.

From the mantle hung our stockings that were made from old used socks,

On the tree were strings of popcorn; from the bottom to the top.

But something missing from these scenes of old, kept pulling me away

I couldn't see my children, so in Christmas Past I couldn't stay,

There and then I knelt down by that window, praying "Lord, put time back in place"

"For now I've seen how fast time flies, and I have none to waste."

I awoke to cries of joys and laughter, and these not from my past,

These sounds came from my children...I WAS HOME AT LAST.


I wrote this sometime during the latter part of December of 1987. This was two years after my dear daddy had passed away. Amanda was five and Dan was 15…  I had went to sleep that night, after having had a bad day with the kids, and actually had the dream I speak of in the poem!

I use to love to write poetry…but haven’t in a long time.

Hope all my friends have a great Christmas tomorrow…remember to tell Jesus Happy Birthday!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



What does it take to move the human spirit to show empathy? Empathy is the identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives…so I guess one would have to had experienced at least some of what the other person is going through.

Being raised like we were,  gave me the chance to experience things that some folks haven’t had the chance to…Like being hungry because there is no more food left in the house….or the only food available for a day or two was black berries and milk…Like being cold….shivering throughout the night  because there is no heat in the house….or standing on the corner waiting on the school bus and telling your friend you are not cold because you have no coat to go back and get….and you are ashamed to admit it. Like being in school and having your shoe fall off your foot because the sole wore out…

As a child and a young adult, I use to be ashamed of the fact that we had very little coming up…I am no longer ashamed of how I was raised..I am actually thankful to GOD for that experience. Please don’t get me wrong…my parents were good people…my daddy worked two and three jobs all his life until he retired… and my mama was a stay at home mama…well most all mama’s were stay at home mamas back then in the 40’s and 50’s…and she workedoh how hard she worked to keep us going back then on Horseshoe Bend, even with very bad legs and feet. Back then, if there was a welfare system, we didn’t know it…so we made do with what we had.

Having felt cold and hunger as a small child…having had very few clothes that were already thread bare by the time I received them…makes me realize that although television today portrays our country as the land of  rich people or middle class people…there  are folks here that are dealt a bad hand in life…for whatever reason, they are down on their luck and may not  have the mental capacity to improve their situation.

I saw such a person …I watched her closely for over three weeks…I watched her fumble and fiddle with her belongings…I watched her talking to the invisible …to pure air…I watched as she blew on her fingers to try her best to warm them…and my heart broke…and I thought..BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I…OR MY CHILDREN…OR MY GRANDCHILDREN…OR MY MAMA…

We never know what the future may hold for any of us. The way this country is going now days, this could be any one of us.

In a world that has grown cold hearted…in a world where some may  think;  ‘well, they have chosen their life’….I thank God there are still a few people left with compassion and empathyI thank GOD there are those among us with the love of CHRIST JESUS burning within them…

I thank God for the ANGELS that are placed among us to help those of us less fortunate.