Sunday, February 14, 2016


It's been almost 47 years ago now, way back when we were only teenagers, that Danny gave the first Valentine's card to me. It was always my favorite and the words means even more to me today.
A Loving Valentine For You Sweetheart                     
          Millions of stars
        in the heavens above
        Only one Sweetheart
          to cherish and love
        Hundreds and hundreds
          of flowers and trees
        Dozens and dozens
          of mountains and seas
        Everything's multiplied
             over and over
        Robins and butterflies,
           bees in the clover
        Many good friends
           to think the world of
        But only one Sweetheart
            to cherish and love.

He signed it this way:

                   "Love allways
                               Danny Noggle"

Please,if you have someone you love, let them know it, not just today, but everyday. You won't regret it....
I promise.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I lost my little Bubba today. 

He had a cough and it wasn't getting any better. I had gotten up from my desk and was going to call Dr. Durham to see if he could see him today, when Bubba came to me wanting to go out. I took him out and when he came back in, he laid down in the kitchen floor, instead of going to the heater as usual. ( He was cold natured and loved laying down on the rug in front of my old gas heater.) 

Ten minutes later he had passed away.

Danny was with me when we got Bubba. We had went to a flea market and a lady had him sitting on a table. I picked him up and felt his little ribs; he was that malnourished. She said that she was shocked that he let me pick him up, because he wouldn't let her. He was soooooo little and when I held him in my hand, that baby was trembling and he looked into my eyes and I swear he was silently begging me to save him. 

I asked her how much she wanted for him and she gave me a price. I told her I would take him and handed over the money. I'll never forget what Danny said later on when we were taking him home...He said, " I knew when I looked into your eyes as you held him, that we were going to take that pup home with us. He said, "I saw hell fly all over you when you felt his little ribs". 


I gave that woman what she wanted, but I would have written her a check for every penny I had in my bank account that day, just to get that tiny baby away from her...and if I hadn't had enough money, I hate to admit it, but I probably would have just walked on off with him....I was that desperate to save him.  We stopped before we left and bought little Bubba some food. It was chicken strips. He ate like he was which he was. 

Chicken strips ended up being his favorite treat. 

I don't have any idea what he went through before I got him, but he didn't trust many humans. He didn't want anyone but me holding him for a long time. He was cold natured and if I were busy, he would let Danny set him on his lap, so he could get warm, but he wouldn't allow Danny to pet him as he held him! Much later on, after Danny had passed away, he chose to include Amanda in his little circle of trust and would let her pet him and hold him. He also came to trust Al and Trenia. He loved playing with squeaky toys. He would hide them from the other pups when he got through playing with them and when he wanted them again, he would go back and find them. He played with his little squeaky toy right up until a couple of days before he passed. 

When we first got Bubba, I cut an old green bed blanket in half and Bubba used it to snuggled up in at the foot of my bed. He would make a little tunnel and sleep in it. He loved that old blanket. The thing got so old, it had holes all in it and it was literally falling apart from so many washings. So, not long ago, I threw it in the trash, after having bought him another one.  He would not even lay on the new one, so I had to get the old one out of the trash, wash it and give it back to him. He was sooooo happy when he got it back. He started bouncing all over it and eventually made his little tunnel and snuggled deep within it, falling fast asleep. 

We laid Bubba to rest today. He was 13 years old. I wrapped him in that old green blanket he loved so much and put his little squeaky toy in there with him and prayed that Danny would be there to meet him as he walked over that rainbow bridge.

Don't tell me that dogs are just dogs......

I have lost a family member and my heart aches.