Wednesday, January 28, 2009


George Anthony is in a mental ward….and Lord only knows how Cindy Anthony is holding up.

The future trial of Casey Anthony may prove me wrong… but I believe these grandparents have went through hell on earth because of their own daughter and their minds are breaking apart right before our eyes.

I don’t ever want to even imagine the pain of knowing that a beloved grandchild is dead, much less that the grandchild was murdered…and possibly by your own child. Think about it…you have lost a precious little grandchild in the worse possible way and if your own child truly did it…then you will lose that child also.

I can not help but feel sorry for this grandfather…I can very well understand the feeling of loving someone so very much that their death makes you want to join them…..I hope those of us here never have to go through what he has had to go through. I hope he finds some kind of comfort, some kind of peace within the walls that he is in now…but I believe that he (and Cindy) will only be able to find that kind of peace through God.


   taken  a couple of weeks ago.

Wyatt came to see me today. His mama had his big baby bottle that his Aunt Kathy gave him before he was born…and it was full of change, and all the tips and money that his mama and daddy could spare. After counting it, his mama wrapped all the change and took it (and the money) to the bank and opened him up a little savings account.  Now it is empty and will have to be filled again!


I am so surprised that he can pull up now! He is still so short and he looks so cute standing up!!!




 A little GA BULLDOG fan!







I just love me mama!’


I have to work tomorrow. In a way that is a good thing. I just hope I can  get through the day cause I am an emotional wreck.

See, tomorrow it will be 3 years since I lost my Danny…and that day always brings it all back. They tell me that time heals all wounds…but I have yet to find that to be true…

This wound is still fresh…still open….still hurting


Sunday, January 25, 2009



                   graphic by D’s Designs

This morning I wanted to sleep late, but my pups had different plans…they were jumping up on the side of my bed by 7:00am…and every little tail was wagging ninety miles an hour!

That only means one thing…

So I got my butt up…

After giving them their morning walk about, I came back in, and by now wide awake, I washed my hands and put some pork chops and some Sonny’s BBQ sauce in the slow cooker. Then I peeled the ‘taters to cook and boiled some eggs and made some potato salad….and deviled eggs.

Afterwards I cleaned my 4 ceiling fans and replaced all the blown bulbs that have been bad for months! lol  Then I swept and mopped all the old wooden floors. By 11:00 am, my house was clean and my supper started. (All I would have to do is bake some can biscuits and open a can of pork and beans!)

Danny’s sister has finally gotten a computer!  Her feller bought it for her for Christmas! She is so excited. She, like me, when Danny gave me mine, did not even know how to turn it on. I am teaching her what little I know now and feel like a proud parent ‘cause she is learning so fast!!! (It took me nearly 6 months to be brave enough to even try to use my internet! lol)

Today, she wrote her first e-mail … to me !  She was thanking me for helping her learn this complicated machinery that folks of our generation are just now trying to get use to!

One year, when we were in the eighth grade or so, she and I each got a little manual typewriter  for Christmas, and we thought we were something….So, don’t you know we think we are something now! lol

Wyatt was running a fever Friday night and moaning, so he had to be taken to the doctor. He has ear infections again. That’s three in about three weeks. The doctor gave him another antibiotic shot and follow up antibiotics and then said he may have to have tubes placed in his ears. Amanda and Kelvin came over tonight, so I saw him again  and he was running a fever again. (I gave him some baby Tylenol and it went down.) He is still feeling bad… but he doesn’t cry very much, bless his little heart.

I am sitting here eating “Sugar Babies”… little caramel candies that I love. I  am happy that I can afford them! lol When we were little kids back on HORSESHOE BEND, we would ride to town with Daddy when he went to work on Saturdays , and run down to the old dime store and buy a “Sugar Daddy”… a candy sucker made out of caramel…


a.) they were good,

b.) they were cheap and

c.) they would last a long, long time!

Back then children could run up and down Main Street here in our little town..and not worry about being hurt or kidnapped by evil folks…It was a time of innocence for all of us …kids and grownups alike….a glorious time of childhood that few kids today have or even remember.

I can remember playing jackstones on the back porch of the old grocery store my daddy worked at…Me, a little bitty girl…all alone….and nobody bothered  me…and I had no fear of anyone bothering me….because that was unheard of here.

On the contrary, folks passing by would go in the store and bring me back an ice cold  coca-colain the little green glass bottle.

Lord have mercy…..…It was summertime and those were the best tasting drinks on earth to me…They were the real Coca-Cola back then….back when the bottle top had to be popped off with a bottle opener, and the glass bottle had those little beads of water running down the sides of the frosted glass bottle because it was soooo cold! I don’t care what COKE, Pepsi, or any of the others claim, those drinks tasted a heck of a lot better back then…in the glass bottles…Everybody knows it….they’re not fooling anyone.

Oh me.…Here it is after 11:00pm….

Got to come back from the past, so I can get up from here and go to bed…


Tuesday, January 20, 2009



First off, I want to thank you all…friends and family, who have called, emailed and left comments about my last entry. Your advice, and as always, your care and concern, has once again brought me through to the light.

After thinking long and hard, praying about it and searching my soul, I  have decided that I have done nothing to cause the reactions that I have been getting…it is their problem, not mine. So I am going to let it roll off my back for now…I have done what I can, and been as nice as I can, and that is all one can do.


It was so cold here today . We are not use to this kind of cold here in the south and when it hits, it hits us hard. lol Normally we only have to put on a light sweater or long sleeve shirt to go outside…today was not that kind of day. You folks in the upper North are a lot tougher than we are, when it comes to cold winter weather!


I did very little today, except watch the inauguration. I must be getting old, because I really enjoyed seeing all the hoopla!


This country rewrote history today….and no matter who you voted for

We must stand together as one nation.

This country is in a heap of trouble folks…our people can’t afford even basic health care…..banks are closing…people are out of work…folks are being tossed out of their homes…men, women and children are sleeping in shelters and on the streets. Never before in my 55 plus years have I seen it this bad; though my parents had…They came through the depression.


              a little church here in town

I believe it will get worse before it gets better. It is going to take some hard work and a lot of long and earnest prayers to get this nation back on the right path. We must not sleep, but stay alert and strong so we can put our all into it. We all know that we have been down to the dirt before, but we came back  up shining clean….


No where else in this world are there people who are as STRONG WILLED AND HARD HEADED  as we are

Knock us down if you want to, but  we will  come back up…and you best be ready to fight.


We learned a long, long time ago….that if we put our heads and our hearts into it…

We can do anything….prayer38



Sunday, January 18, 2009



****note: In case by accident, you haven’t heard yet… There has been a recall of peanut butter products, such as crackers etc… I do not think that peanut butter in the jar is being recalled yet though.

I have a few questions for  yall…and would truly appreciate any help and advice that you can give me.

Have you ever felt like those in your life that you like and / or  admire are hurt/disappointed or even mad at you… from the way they are acting….such as not speaking much, answering you in short one or two words….or worse even shunning you.

Now you know there is no use asking them…because you have been down this road before and they always come back with, “ no…everything is fine, okay, dandy, etc.” but you still know deep down in your gut that it’s not?

What do you do? There is no use what so ever in asking…because you won’t get a straight answer…and you have racked your brain over and over trying to figure out what you did…and you come up with nothing…and you know that you have done nothing to have caused this.

Have you ever felt like you have lived your whole dang life believing that things were a certain way…only to find out later in your life that in all those years…it was just thatyour believing they were a certain way when in actuality they weren’t???

My life right night feels so  upside down…

And sorry ,but no, I can not speak frankly of it in this public journal….too many folks read me here….

Unlike some, I do not want to cause hurt feelings.

Don’t worrythis is in my personal life…It has nothing to do with anyone or anything here.

Suffice it to say that my heart has been cracked wide open.

But I am… pretty sure…that I will survive this too….

Because I have this …

One bright spot in my life.FAMILY 204


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Saturday night, as I lay in bed, I sort of planned what I needed to do Sunday to try to make a start on getting things in order around here. Since I broke my arm, a lot of things have had to go undone or half-done and I am anxious to try to ‘begin again’ around here while trying to get my hand and arm to loosen up. ( I swear …the swelling is worse. )

I had about 6 small things on the list for the next morning…. one being making some banana bread, just because I have had a taste for it! lol

So, Sunday I got up and gave the pups their baths…..pulled all the bedcover off my bed to wash…..dusted and swept the living room….and was just beginning to get going good when….

Amanda and Kelvin and Wyatt came in….and my list went right out that open door! lol

They wanted to take a trip down towards Savannah Georgia …and wanted me and Dan to go along.  The trip takes a good 4 hours or longer depending on traffic, etc. and I knew if I went, then there would be no more work done around the house that day….

I wanted to stay home and finish all the things I had planned on doing, but I also wanted to be with Wyatt and my ‘younguns’ … and see the ocean.

So guess where I ended up? Yep…watching Wyatt see the ocean for his first time on Tybee Island.                    


               ‘ My first look at the ocean! ’


               ‘Me and my grandma at the beach!’


‘ I’m laughing and trying to run to my mommy as I feel the sand moving between my little toes!’


       ‘Me and my mommy and daddy at Tybee Island!’ 

By the time we got there it was late afternoon and cloudy. The good thing about it, was that it was so warm…not cold at all like I had feared . Wyatt loved the ocean, the sand…everything… and was giggling like crazy!

They took his little socks off and let him feel the sand moving under his feet and he just squealed with delight!!! (That alone was worth the whole long trip to me.) They will have to really keep an eye on him when they go back if he is walking…because I see right now that he is going to be like my kids and not have a bit of fear of water.

We ended up eating out at a seafood restaurant before coming home….ummmmmmm good!

Wyatt can sit up in a high chair now…with a little padding! lol


‘Please pay no mind to the green stuff around my little mouth, cause I do so love my green beans!’

I was one worn out old lady when I finally walked back in my door way past midnight Sunday…well Monday…morning…..Those all day trips like that was made for when I was still in my younger years! I was so stiff from all the riding…but still so glad I went.


I finally made that Banana Nut Bread last night!


Friday, January 9, 2009



I love me Uncle Dan!

When counting my many blessings;

I first thank God for Wyatt…..

And then I find that I am so glad to have my home, my refuge, to come back to when I’ve been away

So glad to have my little Chihuahuas who love me even though I have so many faults

So glad to be able to sit right here and be at peace….


Me, my ‘bobba’ and Uncle Dan

So glad to know that Wyatt has a grandmother and an uncle, (and a whole big group of people here) who love him beyond all reason….Who will try their very best to protect him from all the evil in this world.


When Uncle Dan sings; I listen!

So glad to have the good Lord to hold me up, even when I don’t think I can do it anymore on my own…..


Yes, maw-maw, I’m Riding backwards in my car seat in the shopping cart! I can see better this way!


I don’t care if my pacifier is pink!

Tonight, I find that I am truly grateful for all that God has given me…

All my many, many blessings….

Though it may not seem like much to some…

It is a whole heck of a lot to me


Thank God I am loved.

and I thank You God.

( written after watching Nancy Grace about little Caylee )


Saturday, January 3, 2009



Old fashion yellow cake with chocolate icing  and that I made the other day on  New Years Eve.

This was Danny’s favorite cake and the first one I ever made for him. I made one just like it on his birthday, the first year of our married life.

I didn’t want to say anything the last time I posted because I was scared I would jinx myself….but ……I CAN’T HOLD IT  IN ANY LONGER, I GOT TO TELL YALL NOW…….


On Dec. 23, when the doctor took my cast off…I literally begged him to release me…At first he said two more months…but I began to cry and told him just how my financial situation is…and he then said he would write a letter saying light duty only…but when I told him that I was scared I wouldn’t get to go back if he did , he agreed to sign for me to go back fully!  I do have to go back to him in 4 weeks.

I’m not going to lie and say it has been easy…it hasn’t…my arm and fingers ache when I get off work…but I know the good Lord will once again stand by me and help me climb this mountain too….It helps that I have one of the best boss’s in the world…she is truly one of the kindest and most understanding person I have ever worked for, and I knew in my heart, that she would not push me past my limit. I have always tried to do my best for her too…


For the first time in over two months, I have money in my billfold!!! Monday I will pay all this money out and more too on bills…but my bills will be paid! Even though I am tired and aching right now…I am so happy I could cry…and already have.



Wyatt in  a picture message Amanda sent to me via phone last night…

In the words of his late granddaddy Danny; “Looks like someone licked the red off his sucker!” lol

Thank yall so much for all your prayers and good wishes that you have sent up for me…you will never know how much yall matter in my life.

Oh, and when I got home last night from my first day of work…my son had me something to eat and to drink waiting on me! Slightly warmed up left over's, but I appreciated the thought and ate what my son so thoughtfully tried to fix for me and I was grateful.