Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Saturday night, as I lay in bed, I sort of planned what I needed to do Sunday to try to make a start on getting things in order around here. Since I broke my arm, a lot of things have had to go undone or half-done and I am anxious to try to ‘begin again’ around here while trying to get my hand and arm to loosen up. ( I swear …the swelling is worse. )

I had about 6 small things on the list for the next morning…. one being making some banana bread, just because I have had a taste for it! lol

So, Sunday I got up and gave the pups their baths…..pulled all the bedcover off my bed to wash…..dusted and swept the living room….and was just beginning to get going good when….

Amanda and Kelvin and Wyatt came in….and my list went right out that open door! lol

They wanted to take a trip down towards Savannah Georgia …and wanted me and Dan to go along.  The trip takes a good 4 hours or longer depending on traffic, etc. and I knew if I went, then there would be no more work done around the house that day….

I wanted to stay home and finish all the things I had planned on doing, but I also wanted to be with Wyatt and my ‘younguns’ … and see the ocean.

So guess where I ended up? Yep…watching Wyatt see the ocean for his first time on Tybee Island.                    


               ‘ My first look at the ocean! ’


               ‘Me and my grandma at the beach!’


‘ I’m laughing and trying to run to my mommy as I feel the sand moving between my little toes!’


       ‘Me and my mommy and daddy at Tybee Island!’ 

By the time we got there it was late afternoon and cloudy. The good thing about it, was that it was so warm…not cold at all like I had feared . Wyatt loved the ocean, the sand…everything… and was giggling like crazy!

They took his little socks off and let him feel the sand moving under his feet and he just squealed with delight!!! (That alone was worth the whole long trip to me.) They will have to really keep an eye on him when they go back if he is walking…because I see right now that he is going to be like my kids and not have a bit of fear of water.

We ended up eating out at a seafood restaurant before coming home….ummmmmmm good!

Wyatt can sit up in a high chair now…with a little padding! lol


‘Please pay no mind to the green stuff around my little mouth, cause I do so love my green beans!’

I was one worn out old lady when I finally walked back in my door way past midnight Sunday…well Monday…morning…..Those all day trips like that was made for when I was still in my younger years! I was so stiff from all the riding…but still so glad I went.


I finally made that Banana Nut Bread last night!



Donna said...

That sounds like a perfect day.

Lynne said...

Spontaneous fun is a good thing! You deserve it! Glad you got your Nanner bread done, lol.

Gerry said...

A trip with family and a baby yet can be as refreshing as anything on earth. Am glad you went, too. I am really enjoying the photos of him, and I can see you are a prouder grandma every day. Take it easy so your recovery is not set back. Time heals all wounds! Gerry

Myra said...

There will alwlays be dishes to wash, clothes to launder, shelves to dust, banana bread to bake...but days at the ocean with your kids, grandbaby, swishing sand through his toes, letting the waves wash hit tiny little feet...those days only come once in a lifetime! Cherish those precious memories, they are priceless!

Missie said...

Unexpected trips are always the best ones!

Paula said...

Awww Carlene I'm so glad you said to heck with that housework and made that little trip with your family.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You did the right thing for sure. I have a picture of me with two of my grandbabes on the beach that I'll treasure always. The beach is always my favorite place to be anyway. Glad you got both the beach and the bannana bread. Life is good...

'On Ya'-ma

madcobug said...

I am so glad that you just dropped everything and went and had a great time. Those pictures are so cute. Ken has make a couple of loaves of Banana nut bread lately. Lovya, Helen

LYN said...


lisa jo said...

i remember well the pic of you and Danny at the ocean so i know when you were there with Wyatt and Amanda that you had your hubby on your mind...LOVE the pics....so glad they got you up and out of the house. That housework can wait! XO

Sandra said...

I`m glad you had such a lovely day out. Who wants to do the housework when they could visit the beach with their family? There`s no contest! :o)

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

Arlene (AJ) said...

Can't think of a better way then spending the day with your loved ones at Tybee Island. Sure beat doing the things around the house, I'm gain for the trip overt house stuff any day. Glad you went.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Days by the ocean far outweigh housework ~ glad you had a good time ~ loved the pictures ~ Ally x

Joyce said...

So happy you got to go on the outing...and Wyatt is getting cuter every time I see him. Hope that swelling goes away soon on your arm. Have a very nice midweek...and enjoy that banana bread! Yummy!
Hugs and love,

Kath said...

What a brilliant day out Carlene.I am so happy you all enjoyed it together.We can see Wyatt did LOL.I am chuckling here at the pics they are so funny.He is a little beauty LOL!!Love the last one in the high chair He- He He.My kids alllove dwater too Carlene.Yes they will certainly have to watch him when he starts toddling.He-he.Take Care In my prayers always God Bless Kath xx

Terri said...

So very glad you went along for the all day trip to the ocean...loveee the pics...memories to cherish forever!

I'm 34yrs old and never seen the ocean yet..can you believe that? :( haha I will eventually


Joyce said...

Oh what fun. My grandkids are 11 and 7 and have yet to see the ocean. I'm hoping we can take a trip this year. Perfect day I'd say.
Hugs, Joyce

Rose said...

I live for days like that! xox

Indigo said...

I'm so glad you realized everything else would always be there. Wyatt will only be young once. I'm betting it was priceless seeing him see the ocean for the first time. (Hugs)Indigo

Linda :) said...

That was the best day for sure!! :)

Kathy said...

A perfect day out with the family. Wyatt sure has grown!

Lisa said...

I'm glad the list went out the window and you went along!! Those sare the best times in life and Wyatt looks like he made that outing pretty special. LOL, green beans...I love them too.