Tuesday, January 20, 2009



First off, I want to thank you all…friends and family, who have called, emailed and left comments about my last entry. Your advice, and as always, your care and concern, has once again brought me through to the light.

After thinking long and hard, praying about it and searching my soul, I  have decided that I have done nothing to cause the reactions that I have been getting…it is their problem, not mine. So I am going to let it roll off my back for now…I have done what I can, and been as nice as I can, and that is all one can do.


It was so cold here today . We are not use to this kind of cold here in the south and when it hits, it hits us hard. lol Normally we only have to put on a light sweater or long sleeve shirt to go outside…today was not that kind of day. You folks in the upper North are a lot tougher than we are, when it comes to cold winter weather!


I did very little today, except watch the inauguration. I must be getting old, because I really enjoyed seeing all the hoopla!


This country rewrote history today….and no matter who you voted for

We must stand together as one nation.

This country is in a heap of trouble folks…our people can’t afford even basic health care…..banks are closing…people are out of work…folks are being tossed out of their homes…men, women and children are sleeping in shelters and on the streets. Never before in my 55 plus years have I seen it this bad; though my parents had…They came through the depression.


              a little church here in town

I believe it will get worse before it gets better. It is going to take some hard work and a lot of long and earnest prayers to get this nation back on the right path. We must not sleep, but stay alert and strong so we can put our all into it. We all know that we have been down to the dirt before, but we came back  up shining clean….


No where else in this world are there people who are as STRONG WILLED AND HARD HEADED  as we are

Knock us down if you want to, but  we will  come back up…and you best be ready to fight.


We learned a long, long time ago….that if we put our heads and our hearts into it…

We can do anything….prayer38




Sandra said...

we aren't stronger here in the north but we just don't have a choice and with time we learn how to dress and how to keep our cars running and everything else that goes with it.... Summer or even Spring will be a blessing for us

madcobug said...

Good for you Carlene feeling like you do about that problem. You did the right thing. You remember the old song "Take it to the Lord in Prayer". He can and will handle all of it.
I watch a lot of the inauguration as it was going on today. They really had a cold day for it.It was cold here today also and that cold wind was cutting right through a body like ice. Hope your Wednesday goes well for you. Lovya, Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with Sandra we are not stronger in the north at all. I'm freezing all the time and never seem to warm up. We don't get used to it we only endure it as there is not much choice. I could just imagine all of us moving south. Wouldn't that be something. I'm glad you worked things out with your problems. Sometimes we just have to know we do the best we can and that is what it is. All your nice words about America are agreed with too...we can work together to make good things happen.
Hope your day is a great one. 'On Ya'-ma

Donna said...

I think we who are north of you just get used to the cold and learn to bundle up according.

lisa jo said...

i could post daily about the lay off's and hungry people i know..it is BAD BAD BAD in Ohio...but i also know a hundred free loaders, losers, lazy ass people who will just continue to get a free ride and wait for Obama to give them more free stuff....what i will never understand is why those who do not really try get it so easy but those who work so hard are the ones who will lose it all?
Every single person i know IRL can barely pay their medical costs....my insurance SUCKS...SIGH. I HOPE HOPE this President makes a REAL difference.

Joyce said...

The times are so tough for so many....it is bad here and everywhere, our country is in crisis. I am like Lisa Jo...praying our new President can make a difference...make those changes...work hard at it...make it happen!
Hugs and love to you!

Kath said...

The weather is the same in England Carlene.Places are having freezing weather like they have never had before (one of them being where I live) Br Iv'e never known it as cold..As for the strength of you Americans we English are the same.Our little country is in the same situation too.It breaks my heart at times,It worries me greatly.Then again as you say it will take a lot to knock us down.As in the hymn "Fight the good fight".I will keep fighting anyway.Lets keep praying and also hope things are on the up shortly.I am happy you are letting the problem flow over your head.Like I said A Wise Head Keeps a Silent tounge.Things will work out in the end.Stay warm In my prayers always.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

Hi Carlene, As Kath says, we in England are having a hard time too but like you Americans we are tough and will see it through. I`m so grateful that our mortgage on our home is paid off and we both have jobs, so many people have neither. I can`t remember things being as bad as this in my lifetime. Each time the news is on TV there is news that more jobs have gone. I pray your new President does all he can to help America because what happens there also affects us.

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed this entry and I think Obama gave us all hope and courage in his speech and I too loved watching the day unfold as he took his oath. I felt so bad they made him re-take the oath just because they changed the word faithfully. I think he was very upset about that blunder and handled it very well. I may not agree with all of his viewpoints but I am going to give him a chance and support him with prayer. Obama had a lot to say that was really good and what we all needed to hear...and a defining moment for Americans. I think Bush really did try and I am sorry people are so hard on him.