Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today, Amanda took me to Home depot, so I finally went and got some mulch to put around my azaleas and roses out in my yard. I am going to have to go back and get some more…I could swear the bags are smaller this year!

While there, I also bought two tomato plants.  I think I am late getting them this year…I don’t remember when I got them last year…but the weather seems to still be real cold in the mornings here. Since I will have to go to work tomorrow, I will try to get them planted by this weekend.                            


                          They are Better Boys.

Before we went shopping for mulch and tomato plants, we went and picked my sister Dorris up and stopped by Lee’s… the Chinese restaurant that me and Danny always visited. ( He and Lee were true friends. ) The food was sooooooooooo good! The buffet had  fried shrimp, fried rice, crab Rangoon, seafood delight, chicken and broccoli, lomein, fried chicken wings,sautéed mushrooms, wontons, broiled salmon, an assortment of soups, and desserts…just to name only a very few of the foods!Every time, we go in with Wyatt, Lee will grab him and say…‘ Hi little Danny! ’…Wyatt loves him too.


         Wyatt slept while we shopped for tomatoes!

Wyatt is so sweet when we go out to eat…He never makes a fuss , but will sit in the high chair eating and watching everyone that comes in…and now he has started babbling and waving at everyone too!  Truly, he is going to be just like his grandpa Danny…for he never meets a stranger. I told Amanda that we will have to put some sort of leash on him when he starts walking, because I just know he is going to be trying to go around and talk to everyone he sees!


                Eating cake at ‘Aunt Jady’s’ Sunday

After  coming home, weeding and then putting the mulch out, I got a bad headache. I went in and laid down for a bit, and when I got up, it was late… so Dorris and I did not get to go see my mama today…I hoping to get to go Sunday though.

I think I best make this a short entry, because I am falling asleep here at the computer!







Lynne said...

My first daughter was like Wyatt, lol. She'd talk the flowers off the wallpaper if we let her and would share it with anyone she came into contact with. It was scary. My DD#2, however, was the polar opposite. People and strangers frightened her and she was clingy to me when we went out. Wyatt sounds like a sweetie and is such a cute lil man!

I would not doubt they are packaging even dirt smaller these days, lol. I hope you have a great day! Blessings to you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We don't put those tomatoes in the ground til around the end of May here. Chances of frost til then. Working outdoors always makes one sleep well it seems. Hope your Thursday is a great one. 'On Ya'-ma

Lisa said...

you'd get along well with most of my immediate family who all LOVE Chinese food. I think Wyatt is an absolute dollbaby. SO CUTE.
i bet those tomato plants will produce super delicious tomatoes later on. Ain't nothing like some salt and a tomato in the hot summer. Have you seen the tomato plants that you can grow upside down in a tube for $10?
Much Love!

madcobug said...

Wyatt sounds so sweet. Great pictures of him. I hope you get those tomatoes in the ground. I got the same kind and I haven't planted mine yet either. Lovya, Helen

Lisa said...

You've made me hungry for chinese food now and guess I'll have to pick some up for lunch!! LOL. Your little man is a treasure and seems to grow with each picture....what a sweetie.
It is still almost freezing each morning so I haven't even thought about any gardening yet but soon~~it's going to be in the 80's this weekend!
Take good care,

baldy said...


Indigo said...

That just warms my heart to hear about Wyatt being referred to as little Danny. (Hugs)Indigo

Arlene (AJ) said...

Your Wyatt sounds so adorable, he's like me as I've never met a stranger either, just a cutie pie. Better Boy are also our favorite tomatoes to plant, guess I best get my act together and get some planted to enjoy this summer. Take care.

Paula said...

Yep Carlene I think you did good on Earth Day. Bet you can't wait for those tomatoes. Even Bologna taste good with a fresh tomato. Hope you get to see your sweet Mama on Sunday.

Missie said...

I would like some patio tomato plants or maybe the ones that grow in the upside down container.

I love the picture of Wyatt in the shopping cart.

Enjoy your weekend.

beachmom15 said...

He looks so cute in the shopping cart!! We need to go to Home Depot also this weekend.. It's beautiful here.. It's 64 degrees here and sunny. Have a great day!
Lisa (lisita15)

Lisa said...

Oh look at how cute Wyatt is sleeping in that cart. Does he like any of the chinese foods? We love to go to chinese too but sometimes I get in my moods and don't want to go but lately it's been good. There is one by our church and sometimes we go after church on Sunday afternoons. It's always a great selection like the one you go to. I want to mulch this year too but think I'm gonna have to be content to stir up what we have leftover from last year and try to get grass for the back yard instead of mulch this year. Our pups run on it and kill our grass so we need heavy duty stuff. Hugs,
Lisa in KY

Celeste said...

What a darling. You and racheal are so lucky to get to see your grandbabies!