Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Forty Two Years Ago

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I have been busy cooking today. I have made sweet potato pies and pecan pies. I have my corn bread and biscuits crumbled up into a big bowl just waiting on all the other good stuff that will be added to it tomorrow to make the dressing. I have pressure cooked the turkey innards for the giblet gravy and even baked the small turkey and ham.

Since they alternate Thanksgiving every year, Amanda, Kelvin and my grandbabies will be spending Thanksgiving with his family this year. So it will just be me and Dan doing the feasting…but that's okay…there will be some great left overs for the rest of the week.

Being busy has helped me keep my mind of of the fact that forty two years ago today, about this time, I was at the Nathaniel Green Motel here in town….with a man. We had a one night honey moon right here in Greensboro.

I was eighteen and though you can get married at eighteen in the state of Georgia…unfortunately Danny was only seventeen, so we had to go to Aiken S. C. to get married. We rode all the way up there in a bright yellow Ford Maverick. My daddy, my mama, my two sisters and a brother-in-law, along with Danny and I. Seven people in that little car all together, all the way to Aiken S.C.

Because the only place for me to sit was in Danny's lap, to keep my head out of the roof of the car, I had to hold my head sideways. By the time we got to Aiken, I could hardly hold my head upright or straight!  We were married at the Court House with the Justice of the Peace; Mildred Boswell, preforming the very short ceremony in front of my parents and sisters.


One vow stands out more than the rest now…”Till death do we part.”

Looking back, I see that we were so young, so naïve, and oh soooooo poor…but you know what? I married my best friend. Not many people can say that and be honest. I lived with and loved him for nearly thirty five years before God called him home. My marrying Danny is the one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t change in my life. I made so many mistakes in my younger years, but he wasn’t one of them. I never met a more kind and gentle hearted person than Danny. He would do anything for me or anyone else. There is not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Not a day that I don’t miss him or talk to him in my mind, as if he were still here. When I have a problem, I talk to him about it. When the problem is a real big one, sometimes I actually fuss at him for leaving me, as if he had a choice in the matter. Yeah, I know this may sound crazy, but you know what?

At this point in my life, I have no fear of what others think of me, as long as I know that God still thinks I’m okay.

Danny use to tease me all the time about the fact that I was so easy to get turned around and lost when traveling…so I also remind him daily that when the Good Lord sees fit to call me home, he best come get me and lead me to those Pearly Gates so I don’t get lost!

You know…if at all possible, I believe he will.







Donna said...

We were poor when we got married, too. We were older... 21 and almost 22... and I really didn't know Cliff was my best friend at the time, but over the years I found out he was. Maybe we are still poor by some people's standards, but I refuse to feel like I'm poor.

Kath said...

Aww I wish you could have been with your whole Family Carlene.Still more for you and Dan as you say.That was a long journey you took,with your head in that position,but the best journey you made in your life,so the aches were worth it.Many of my Family were married at 17yrs old and have had the longest marriages.I am sure Danny will be waiting to lead you Carlene.I have NO doubt about that.Enjoy your Thanksgiving both of you.Love to you both.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lynne said...

I love reading about your love for Danny. Your were very blessed to have such a man in life. Thank you for sharing such sweet memories. God Bless!

Andrea said...

What a beautiful post to your Danny, Carlene. It brought tears to my eyes... good ones. So glad you found the love of your life, even though you are now separated for a short while. You will join him once again someday. And what a reunion that will be.

Merry Christmas~ Andrea