Monday, August 30, 2010



       Petting zoo at Myrtle Beach.

Three little words….

Isn’t it amazing how three little words have the power to turn your world upside down, make your heart do flip-flops and even stop the world from turning?


   At Myrtle Beach 8/2010

Wyatt came home with me a few nights ago. He had came to the BBQ with his Daddy near closing time, and wanted to ride in ‘Maw-maw’s car’ when we got ready to leave.  Though I was tired from working 11 hours, when he reached for me to hold him and those little legs wrapped tightly around my waist and he put those little arms around my neck…well…it would have taken an act of God for me to say no. After I asked permission for him to go from his parents, he quickly turned and said, “bye bye Mommy, bye-bye Daddy, and then we were on our way…to Maw Maw’s house.


Will tried to eat the beach!!!

When we got there, I fixed us some supper and after he had finished eating he wanted to go “sit on the bed”… “c'mon Maw Maw…go sit on bed” he says…It is his ritual every time he comes over. He has toys in a little woven basket that he has played with on my bed ever since he was old enough to sit up and before.


        He loved the sand!

So that night, he and I and his Uncle Dan were sitting on the bed, while he took his toys out one by one and played with each of them, as he does every time. In that old woven basket, his treasures await him.  A duck rattle/teether, a Glow worm doll, a baby doll with a milk bottle that cries if you don’t feed it, an assortment of plastic blocks, and two harmonicas…which his Maw Maw thinks he plays like Neal McCoy! Well maybe not yet…but in time…  These are his toys…that he plays on Maw Maw's bed with…this is his thing he does every time that he is at my house.


He has to have trucks and tractors!!!

Later on, he asked to play with “maw maw's blocks”, which is a wooden perpetual calendar that sits on my desk. It has little oblong wooden months that slide into the bottom and square wooden blocks that have the dates on them, that sit on top of a little shelf. I have always let him play with it and he  plays with it like a puzzle, putting the various pieces on it, making different dates.


I love this one..see their reflection in the glass?

When he had finished placing the blocks on it that night,  I looked and nearly fell off the bed …He had put in: JULY 14

Danny’s birthday!

I know… it was just a coincidence, but still…


         Will in his car!!!

He had his back to me, still playing with that calendar, when all of a sudden, he got real still and quietly turned around and looked me square in the face and said… “I love you Maw Maw”,  just as serious as he could be. He had never before said those words even around me , much less to me.  My jaw dropped open and with a lump about the size of Texas in my throat , I managed to get out;  “I love you too Wyatt”.

I was so stunned that I then turned and asked Dan, “Did you hear him?”  trying to make sure I wasn’t imagining it..and Dan said;  “yes Mama, he said I love you Maw Maw” and hearing his Uncle Dan,  Wyatt grinned like a little monkey and grabbed me around my neck and said it twice again!

“I love you Maw Maw…I love you!!!”    Wyatt at Myrtle


Now this may seem like such a trivial thing to some.

But let me tell you this…

I wouldn’t take a million dollars for those …

Three little words.



Adirondackcountrygal said...

Those little boys are such a blessing!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nothing can be so precious as those 3 words for sure. I think that he has probably heard those words often himself too.


I understand completely. My grandson and granddaughter just flip a switch in me, with their bright eyes and cheerful smiles. But when they say, "I love you"... I melt. Life doesn't get any better than this. ENJOY yours, they grow up so fast.

Lisa said...

Ohhh Carlene, I loved reading this entry!!! The love from a child is always pure and true and genuine. what a wonderful blessing your darling grandsons are! loved all those pictures too. Looks like a nice time at the beach.
Lisa in Kentucky

Arlene (AJ) said...

Just reading your words touched my heart....his words to you were precious for you to hold in your heart always....he's indeed in love with his Maw Maw...but, then why shouldn't he be, he knows and feels love when he's with his Maw Maw. Your two grandsons are adorable.

Gerry said...

What an endearing story. I am sure little Wyatt is responding to your unusual capacity to give and receive love with such intensity and joy. I love how these little ones remember what they do with Grandma and have to go through the rituals each time they come. I felt so fortunate to be able to see and play and enjoy some of my grandkids after a big disappointment with the first two whose mom kept them away. That was a shock, to have your first daughter-in-law not want you to have anything to do with her children. My son and she had trouble, so this was a form of punishment. She eventually moved them away from the other grandma, too as well as my son, and to this day I have no exchange with them, but I still send them birthday and Christmas greetings with money, so they will know I still love them!

madcobug said...

Great entry Carlene. Bless those grandkids hearts for bring you so much love. Helen

Donna said...

I know exactly how you felt when that little boy said "I love you". Been there, done that. It will melt the heart of a grandma.

Missie said...

Reading your entries about the little ones makes me want to be a grandmom too. I have some years to go yet but I can't wait. Have a good rest of your week.