Sunday, April 25, 2010



                                  Dan and and his grandma

I don’t know what has gotten in to me…...but I am constantly thinking about FOOD!!! Not just any food…but home cooked food.

0416000739                                                   My azalea

Maybe it is the steroid pills the ER doctor put me on, once home from the hospital, or maybe it is the fact that I love to watch the Food Network channel…

Or maybe it is just the inner child in me wanting to go back to simpler times…


                                  Wyatt playing on his PAPA’s boat

Times like when I was a little bitty thing out on Horseshoe Bend sitting at the kitchen table watching while my mama cooked our supper…

And yes, it was SUPPERdinner was the meal we had a noon time.

Oh, to be able to go back to then and know what I know now.


                                  Wyatt on His Papa’s boat

Now, we never had fancy food…never had much meat at all to talk of , except when Daddy killed the hogs in wintertime or on some Sunday mornings when my mama would go out the back door and get a chicken out of the yard to fry for breakfast. 


                                           Wyatt coming down slide

Come to think of it, we did eat doves, squirrels and wild rabbits. My daddy loved to hunt and fish…and since we lived just within a a couple of miles of the Oconee River, yes we did have a lot of fish too. Most times Daddy fished off the bank, but sometimes he would take his old boat. (Daddy, along with his friends, always built the wooden boats he fished out of .)


                                       Our Little Will

If I close my eyes, I can see my mama getting the old oblong wooden biscuit bowl out of the white Hoosier cabinet and place it on the table. She used that bowl so many times  that the bottom was slap worn out of it, so daddy laid  a piece of tin in it. I can see her open the cloth flour bag and carefully ration out cups of the snow white flour into her old metal hand sifter. 


                               Will is trying to crawl !

She didn’t use shortening. She used REX LARD…which came in a big red metal can. Then she would measure out the can milk into a glass of waterwhich by the  way, I have been informed that the correct name for is evaporated milk!  She didn’t use a fork, but put her hands down in the mixture and begin forming the dough.

Let me tell you, my mama could make the best biscuits and white gravy that you ever put in your mouth….

Oh my goodness…that in itself was a meal..and often times it was…for we were poor as church mice.


                              Look at those baby blue eyes!

Yesterday, while at work, for some reason, I got to thinking about green beans and potatoes….cooked slowly with the ham bone that I had in my freezer simmering in them …and then I got to thinking about  squashyellow squash, boiled and then fried down with white onions…with red juicy slices of tomatoes on the side in a little saucer…and then maybe some pork chops…battered and fried real slow, smothered fried …and I would top it off with some ice cold sweet tea….

Sounds real good doesn’t it??? 

Just thinking about it at work made me feel like I was in a wonderful dream….

Well guess what?

This is one dream of mine that is going to come true…..

It won’t be as good as my mama’s food or good as being able to sit at her table, talking to her while she cooks…

But I can promise you this…

It will be good!

Oh, and one more thing…

I went to God’s house this morning!



Donna said...

Hospital? I have missed something here, I didn't know you were in the hospital. Yes, steroids do make you want to eat.

Gerry said...

Yes, this meal sounds luscious, and my mother used to make very good baking powder biscuits, too, and brown gravy with fried venison and mashed potatoes. I bet your meal tasted as good as it sounded. I never make biscuits now, though, so have to rely on McDonald's for them, if I ever get that yearning for biscuits. Glad you are feeling half way back to normal and ready to eat.

Sonya said...

I like me some home cooking is such a wonderful pleasure of life and a connector of memories to people in our past. Mam-ma's biscuits, fudge, and potato cakes! I've been reading Paula Deen's biography. Have you read it? If you like to read, go get it and read it. It's really good. She has some recipes in it too. She had a hard life before she got where she was. Hope you have a good week. Love the pics.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I didn't know you were in the hospital hope all is well. The food sounds wonderful. I am renewed and refreshed for another week.

Paula said...

The precious little grandsons are growing like weeds. I was grown before I knew canned milk was evaporated mik. lol

Sheila said...

I hope you are feeling better. That meal sounds delicious, you are making me hungry...ha. My mom makes the best biscuits too, but she uses mayo and buttermilk. I've tried them but can't make them like her yet. Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

you may have been poor in money but not in love....i envy your home life as a child....i just know you can cook like your mama and i just know she cooked like a dream!! I use lard when i make string beans and potatoes and it is still a poor excuse compared to my grandmas. LOVE the pics of your grand babies. They are both so handsome. XO

madcobug said...

I have missed the hospital part somewhere along the way. Yes steroids do make you eat more. Of course I eat plenty without taking any. To much in fact. The boys are really growing. Wish I could see them. Lovya, Helen

Suzi Que said...

That sho' nuff was some parful good cookin' thar! It actually sounds just like a Sunday afternoon meal we had many times - Occasionally we'd have fried chicken instead and cornbread - but my mama made bisuits every day, regardless of what else was going on. They were soft and tender and tasty- perfect! That is another story to come... Loved this and loved the 'taste' of home cooking... It was definitely there! Love you!

Dirk said...

I didn't grow up with some of the things you speak of, but we didn't have fancy food either. We always ate well though. Fatback, fried potatoes, spinach greens, & cornbread was my favorite meal. Hard to get any decent fatback anymore. Looks like a brick of lard. Those were the days before microwaves, & my mother would get up & cook breakfast 7 days a week & supper too. On Sundays, the big meal of the day was right after church, usually a pot roast.

Wasn't fancy, but it was good!

ADB said...

It sure is the steroids that give you an appetite, Carlene. Hope you are better now.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of turning all of these memories into a book? I love to read about them, they remind me of my grandma and grandpa. Even if it didn't get published it would be a wonderful gift for your grandsons to keep the memories of their family alive.