Monday, April 5, 2010


Wyatt and Will were dressed so sweet Easter. They were in matching outfits! They brought them by the house before they went to Washington, so they could get their  Easter baskets I had  fixed for them and I could get a few quick pictures. I even got to throw out a dozen boiled eggs and a few candy ones in my front yard before they had to leave. Wyatt looked so funny when he saw the colored eggs in the yard! lol  He didn’t quite get the idea of placing them in his basket either….He would pick one up and yell;  “MEATBALL” and throw it as hard as he could!  (All balls are meatballs to Wyatt!)





After Amanda and Kelvin left for Washington, Dan and I went out to Sue and David’s in the country.  I love going out there. It is one of the very few places that I can feel at peace with myself.  Around 5:30 or so, Amanda and Kelvin came back  with the children and Wyatt got to hunt Easter eggs again...thanks to his Aunt Sue and Uncle David!  Jady’s children were there and after watching them for a little while, Wyatt finally stopped “throwing meatballs” and started “finding the eggs” and putting them into his basket! 


I can climb up Aunt Sue’s steps!


Here’s an egg!


          A FAMILY

He also loved playing on the trampoline! I put him on it and he kept saying , “BOUNCE MAWMAW!!” and “ AROUND, AROUND, AROUND!!!” as he ran ninety miles n hour around the mat! Jady’s twins were up there with him and sat very still letting him play! The only problem was, he didn’t want to come off! lol

There was so much good home cooked food there! I had taken homemade macaroni and cheese casserole, spiral cut ham, baked beans and chocolate ├ęclair cake. Sue and my nieces had potato salad, strawberry pies, monkey bread,a fruit tray with vanilla yogurt...not to mention the hot dogs, pork chops and hamburgers that Chris cooked on the grill outside! Plenty to eat, plenty of Pepsi’s, Mt. Dews and sweet tea to drink…and familywhat else could you want?

I got up this morning and after taking the pups for their morning walk, I brought them back and gave them all a  bath. They are so funny... so like little children when they first find out they have to have one, but afterwards, they are so happy and  run around playing doggie tag ! lol

After the baths, I decided to cut my grass. Living where I do, I have to hide my dang lawn mower spark plug in my house. I keep it with the socket wrench that I use to take it out…only this morning it wasn’t in it. So, while I was up town getting gas for the mower, I went by and bought a new plug. I got a call from Dan while I was at the bank depositing my check, telling me that he found the plug…bless his heart…but it was too late. Oh, well…got a spare now.

I have a riding mower, but after paying over 200.00 getting it worked on a couple of years ago…it accidently fell off the truck when me and Jody brought it home…After turning it back upright, I was able to ride it to the shed and park it, but when I tried to back it out of the shed later, it wouldn’t budge. Someone said the brake may be stuck…well, I don’t know beans about mowers and I have no way to get it back to the shop…so long story short…I have to push cut my grass….and let me tell you it was hot as Hades this morning…but I got it done.

Coming back around the house, I saw my car out in the street where I had parked it in order to cut the front lawn without throwing gravel on it….and I decided that after having waited all winter, it was time to wash my filthy piece of car….so I did…and it looks so much better and I swear I heard it sighing a big sigh of relief afterwards! 

When I went to get in the car to move it back to the driveway, I couldn’t get the driver’s side door open! See, a couple of months ago…Kelvin had the interior door panel pulled out when he was spraying W-D 40 in it so the “door ajar” light would go out…and I guess it messed up the ‘clips’ that hold the panel on…and when I asked him again if he could please fix them back last week, he said,“ take it to the dealer” …so I called the Ford dealer…who kindly told me it would be better to call the collision center…. which saved me a lot of money..They fixed the door within a couple of minutes! GOD Bless all of you at the collision center…there are some awfully sweet people in our town.

The collision center is right next to the car wash, so while I was out that way, I went  there and vacuumed my car out, so the only thing I need to do now is clean the windows on the inside. Speaking of the windows…the other day I tried to wash my windshield using my windshield washer and though I tried and tried , no fluid would shoot out…so I thought it was empty. I went by the dollar store and bought a new gallon of the stuff today and started to pour some in the thing….It was full! So now what’s wrong? sigh….Oh yeah…I had  to use a tree limb to hold the dang hood up cause the hydraulic things no longer work! See what I mean? It is only a piece of car… but it is all I have and I am grateful…because a piece of car is better than no car at all!



Sonya said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Food sounded delicious. I'm sorry about the lawn mower. I know that must be a chore. Hope you have a good week ahead.

Gerry said...

I couldn't help but laugh at your trials with your piece of a car. Seems like stuff like that has happened to me keeping an old car running. I was finally relieved when I gave up cars and started taking the bus!
Stories about kids and Easter I enjoy. Your grand kids are so little but that Wyatt got the idea! Before the day was over. That was a precious family photo. It's wonderful how two can become four and all the ways of enjoyment change. And that meal made my mouth water. Well, I can't eat like that now, I have to ration myself. You run it off.

Missie said...

I love when kids are still young enough that you can dress them alike. I used to do it all the time with Nicci and Brandon. It wouldn't work anymore at 17 and 20! LOL

Melissa said...

Wow! I knew I'd been away for a while, but I had no idea that I'd been away long enough to miss the birth of your second grandchild!!! Congratulations! 2 little boys, HOW PERFECT!! Wyatt has grown up so much, they are adorable!

madcobug said...

The children looks so cute, You had plenty of good food there. You also had a time with that car and mower.Have a good day today. Hugs, Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like a wonderful Easter. Being together with family is what holidays are all about for sure. Cars are so expensive to keep going but what would we do without them? Glad yours is still going anyway. Now that I'm retiring, I told my DD that if mine quits running I'd plan on her taking me where I need to go. We've not had to mow the grass yet here.

Paula said...

so glad Carlene had her sweet tea for Easter. I remember that lawn mowing when Mel first died. At one time I was mowing on three wheels. lol