Saturday, April 3, 2010




Back when my children were small, I would let them color the eggs for our Easter egg hunt. We had very little money, and back then the Easter egg dye kits were expensive, so I always used food coloring. It went a lot farther and to me, the colors were more vibrant.

I can still see my children…sitting at the tiny kitchen table waiting impatiently for the eggs to cool so they could dip them into the cups of colored water.  We didn’t cut our grass until after Easter, because we always hid a few eggs out in our own back yard on Easter morning for our two children and also for Jady and Charity…my nieces ( *my other children) who lived below us.

I have a pictures of Danny hiding the eggs…when he was in his twenty’s,  and the one below of him helping little Charity find some Easter eggs….Funny how simple things can become the most important things…those pictures mean the world to me now. 


After the small egg hunt in our back yard, we always loaded up in our old car and went to Grandma’s and Granddaddy’s  where they had hugs and kisses and an Easter basket waiting for them. Then on to Nanny’s and Pawpaw’s house right down the street where the whole back yard became a field of hidden eggs. 

Danny, and his brother-in-laws; Jerry and Donnie would be hiding them while we women held the children hostage in the house..which was no small feat…trust me.  There was always a PRIZE egg that was the hardest to find. Back then, it was only a couple of dollars, but you would have thought it was a fortune the way the children hunted for it.

After the kids had found the last of the eggs, everyone gathered under the carport to just relax and talk …Pawpaw ( Danny’s daddy) could be found every year, sitting on the back door steps with the salt and pepper shaker and a couple of eggs he had conned from his grandkids…this image is ingrained in my mind and probably is in all his kid’s and grandkid’s minds too.

You know, it just dawned on me…we always dressed our children up in the cutest little Easter outfits…no matter that we were just going over to Nanny’s and Pawpaw’sor Grandma and Granddaddy's house…All of us had our children in their cute little special outfits…bought with some very hard earned money.

Being a grandmother now ( Sorry Wyatt…I mean a Mawmaw) I know now how very special that had to have been for our parents…to see all their grandchildren arriving in their Easter best…looking so innocently beautiful.

For us, times were so hard back then…

It was a time of layoffs and unemployment checks, gas lines and bald tires….

Most times we didn’t know where our next dime was coming from…

They say hind sight is twenty-twenty…

and I believe this to be true…

Because looking back…

I realize now that those weren’t the hard times we thought they were…


they were truly

the golden years….

for all of us.

If you are lucky enough to be with family this Easter Sunday…treasure the time that you are given.

Thank You God for these precious memories….

And most of all….

Thank You….

For  the very special gift You gave to all humanity so many Easters ago…





Cindi said...

Happy Easter too...thx for the trip down Memory Lane, it was beautiful

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful entry filled with wonderful memories. Truly those were golden years. I've many I'll never forget. And the great thing is there are many wonderful ones ahead for us. Thank the dear Lord for grand children. They are a delight for me too.

Happy Easter !

Sheila said...

Happy Easter Carlene! Have a wonderful day, Sheila