Friday, October 3, 2008

My friends have come to visit!!! YAY!

Oh......I am so happy that y'all have 'followed' me over to here!!! I don't feel so alone anymore...Guess I am like a little kid going to school on the first day...scared to walk through that door that leads into the unknown.....unless my friends are there to hold my hand! lol

Thank y'all so much for keeping me in line and helping me out. You know I have been on the sick list so it will take me a while to get all this crammed into my dysfunctional brain! lol

Right now I am trying to figure out how to get every body's URLs so I can put you on my follow list'???? Is that the right way to say it? Please if you can; leave me a comment with it in there....k? I keep trying to put Lori's URL in it and it ain't working right...truth be's probably me not working right....duh...

So as you see I need all the help I can get...and if any of y'all read SAM SAYS over at AOL........can you please help him find his new blogger blog's URL ???? It's name is SAY-IT....and I can not even get to it...because he doesn't know how to post it. And Lord knows I can't please help me and Sam on this...

I will be so glad when this gets to be old hat to us...



Sugar said...

of course we came to visit! you didn't we'd let you have all this fun by yourself, did ya? lol
click on our pic in the followers tag & it'll bring up our profiles, then scroll down to where it says our blog & click on'll take you to our blogs & at the top will be our urls. :)
come see me if you haven't already & be in my followers list too.

ELLIE said...

I am here - of course I will visit!
Here is my url -

please make sure you stop by and click on follow me - so I can keep track of everyone!
Promise you that blogger will become easier and easier.

Solitary Dancer said...

You're doing fine. As time goes on you'll make this blog as comfy and homey as you AOL Journal.

Just glad you took the leap


Kathy said...

Here's my link Carlene, but you can just click on the icon of a follower, it takes you to their profile which has their blog(s) listed. Try it!

lisa jo said...

i have spent entirely too much time this week on all of this...crazy isn't it?! We need an alert system. I love you and am so glad you are here!

Sheila (jarico63) said...

You can't get rid of us that easy. I hope you are feeling better. Such a cute picture of Wyatt.
Take care.

Lisa said...

I found you and then lost you but found you again!!!

Emmi said...

Did you really think your friends would leave you alone? =D

bookncoffee said...

Hi....Following ya! Trying to find all my pals. I'm looking to see who all everyone is following so I can find everyone's blogs. Doesn't take too long as much as we all connect one way or another.

Arlene (AJ) said...

You've become part of our "Sisterhood" dear, we'll follow and keep track of you
Whereever you are. We care.Take care. Arlene (AJ)

Janis said...

I think pretty much most of us are here. yeah! :)

One way to find people is to click on the links of your followers...that should take you to the list of their blogs so you can click on there!

Good luck!


Chris said...

I'm just so happy that it seems like everyday more and more JLanders are showing up. We will make this home again. If you want someone's link, you can go into your follower's and click on the picture. It will bring up a page with their journal link. Then you just go and visit and add yourself as a follower so they can click back to you. Love ya!!

Missie said...

If you just click on my picture on your followers, it will bring you to my profile which has my blog link it.

sam (baldy) said...

Hi Carlene, I still have not learned how to get my URL up there in the left corner of the post page.
I have created an URL to use for the purpose which is :

Maybe someone in 'the know' can help.
I can read my own posts though have no indication that others.have a way of even knowing that I have entered a post.
Please try and see if you can send me a postblog to SAYIT
How did you get yours to going ?

Lisa said...

Yay!! I found you!!! And here's my link because I can't remember if we found each other yet or not LOL... I am private but added you and sent you an invite... if it does not work let me know and I will send invite again so you can get in my journal. AND isn't Wyatt just precious?!!


Rjet33 said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! He is adorable!~