Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Made It


Well, I made it through Saturday…thanks be to God. It was hard, but I did it…and if I sound proud of myself…I admit that I am….Before, when Danny was living, I would never have even tried to make it to work….but now….

Well… now times have changed and I have to put my big girl panties on….not to say I was ever a wuss… :-) It’s just this pain has had me down on my knees, literally… but as long as it will hold off, I believe I can make it.

So what did I do with my two day paycheck??? lol…I went and got groceries…yippee!!! I am clipping grocery coupons now and actually saved over $6.00 by taking the time to use them….I think I may even have enough left to get a little gas for the car too…which is nearly on empty.

My phone bill is due next week, so I pray that the good Lord will let me work again nest week, so I can pay it. My car insurance is due next month, but I will worry about that one later…

This morning, I went and got my sister Dorris and we went to church . The choir sang a song that I liked for me…and the preacher had put me on the prayer list…This truly is my church family, so I am glad that I can go to my church now . You see, after Danny died, I could not sit through a service without crying. It took me over two years, but I am finally able to.

Afterwards we went to see my mama out at the nursing home. She has Alzheimer's, so it is rough sometimes on your spirit to see and hear your mama like that…but today was a good one for her. It seemed like her memory was not quite as bad as usual.

While there I gave her a manicure…and pampered her a little. We took her some cookies and candy and she really loved that! lol (Fortunately she can eat anything she wants.) I found out she loves cow tails…no not real ones! There is a caramel candy named Cow Tails that I took to her today…and she loved them! Yes…I will be taking them again. :-)

You know…I have found time and time again, that if we can just stop and be still…then we can hear God when HE tries to talk to us…and HE will find a way for usin HIS own time.



Anonymous said...

Carlene, I am glad to be able to access your entries.
Am disappointed that when trying to bring up Helen's entries, my own (sayit) appears.
Hopefully things will clear up.
Perhaps I just have messed it up myself by punching too many buttons. sam

Anonymous said...

Carlene, another complaint, I clickedthe (NAME/URL) and my comment shows(ANONYMOUS SAID),so it must not be all my fault.
This time I will punch ANONYMOUS and see what comes up.

Donna said...

Oh Carlene. You have come so far and grown so much.

What wisdom there is in your words.

baldy said...

Carlene, ANOTHER TRY NOW, will punch ( OPEN ID ).
I probably should have my head examined for spending more time on this. sam

lisa jo said...

my mom sends me coupons from AZ and i throw 95% of them away..from now on, i am mailing them to you. So glad you got to see mama and go to church. i hope you are feeling better and you continue too. LOVE YOU.

Solitary Dancer said...

So good to see you over here and wearing big girl panties. :-) You are doing well and somehow we'll all make it.


LYN said...

I am so sorry you have been so should not have to suffer like that!!
i actually saved $7 in coupons last week at the base..and they were all ones that they had on the aisles..none I had cut out..not bad huh?
have a better week!

Myra said...

We do what we have to do. I do hope you feel better. Work is work and when you have to somehow make it, you do. Take care...

Rose said...

one day at a time God provides for us. He is amazing and his timing is perfect! You are so brave my friend. I work for a 95 year old lady named Mrs H she feel and is now in the nursing home recovering. It's so hard to see so many people who don't know who their families are. love rose

Emmi said...

I use coupons like their going out of style. I know the cashier hates to see me coming. Saturday I saved over $20 in coupons. =D

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Yes ma'am....God does take care of us that is for sure. He always remembers just what we need right on time.

blessings to you.

Lisa said...

Bless your heart, I can't imagine the pain you are having. Damn the hospital for such treatment - you weren't asking for a handout, you were asking for a blood boils over that.

Do take care, I'll be Praying for you.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I'm glad you got yourself to church and had a good time with your mama. I've been clipping coupons again. Carlene, how is your kidney stones and infection? Is that any better? Have you been able to get it treated? I worry about that....Love ya!

Lynne said...

Carlene, I'm glad you made it. I am new to your journal and hope you don't mind me visiting. God Bless you!

Terri said...

I'm glad you are feeling better somewhat...and was able to make it to church..

I love hearing about your visits with your mama...memories to cherish for sure...she seems so sweet! Just like you =)

Have a good week Carlene


Kath said...

Oh I am so happy you sound much better Carlene.Sorry for the late comment aol kicked me offline Friday and I only got reconnected yesterday pm.Grr so frustrating.I pray the pain subsides and dissapears for you completely.Good to know Mama is well and enjoyed her sweeties lol!!Prayers for you all always.Take Care God Bless Huggies to Wyatt bless him.Kath xx

Gerry said...

Just stopped to see how you are doing, Carlene. Seems like the workers go back to work even when they are not yet better. But can't afford to take more time off. I am hoping you will gradually improve and get back to norm. Gerry

gulfcoastdee said...

I love you, girl.
You are such a good family person I can only aspire to be more like you.
With all that you've been through with Danny, you came out much stronger and wiser.