Sunday, October 19, 2008



Well, I made it through another work week….and only had a minimal amount of pain. It is still there, but I can deal with it as it is now…It is nothing like it was...and for that I am grateful Lord. Thank all of you for your prayers and concern too.

I was so happy to turn the news on and find out that they found the little six year old boy that had been kidnapped from his home in Nevada…and he was alive! Thank You Jesus. Apparently men dressed as cops knocked on the door of his home and his mother opened it. The men burst in and then bound and gagged his parents and kidnapped him at gunpoint. It is a miracle he is still living…He was found walking alone…. in front of a Church.

Now, only if there could be a miracle for little Caylee Anthony ; the little three year old girl missing from Orlando…..God bless her little innocent heart. I keep praying that they are wrong; but the woman who is suppose to be her mother has been charged with murder; (though they have yet to find the baby’s body)

I say suppose to be, because I am not willing to call a person who kills their own baby the sacred name of Mother.

True Mothers LOVE their children in unconditional terms, no matter what. They will PROTECT their children from any and all harm and will FEED their child before feeding themselves. They make sure their babies are SAFE…

And most importantly…

A  MOTHER  will fight off hell and all it’s demons for their child.

Mothers  however, do not ever kill their children for their own personal gain….That is not a Mother…That my friends is a monster.

I went to see my mama today, God bless her. (I took my sis with me.) She is more and more into her own world…but you know what? She tells  me every time I see her that she loves me….and never fails to give me a big kiss. She may forget a lot of things, but she has not forgotten that she loves us.

And when the time comes that she does, it won’t be because of her own selfish motivation, it will be because of a disease that has taken away her mind. She gave up so much for her six children…so very much…and had a life filled with pain and dirt poor poverty.

Oh, she whooped  us…( seems not hard enough for some of us) and yes,  she even yelled at us…and ‘tortured’ us with her sermons on why we should behave and act better…

But she never once stopped loving us…She never stopped protecting us…She never ate before  we did….and She dang sure never ever put her own self before us.

That my friends…




Donna said...

Carlene, I love your writing. I had somehow failed to get alerts over on AOL, but now I know every time you do a new post.

You have a hard row to hoe, lady. But you do it with style.

Paula said...

So glad you're feeling better. Your mama was a good mama and the way she raised you made you a good daughter now that she needs you.

Stuart said...

Thank you for this post which I am reading on a wet windy and horrid Monday morning.

lisa jo said...

you have such a good mom and i am so glad she is still here for you to see, hug and be with! You are a wonderful mom too! XO

fenella said...

So glad you are feeling better hope you continue to gain strengh, I love reading your blog,you are a very inspiring lady xx fenella

Lisa said...

I was happy to see that child returned to his family as well, shame on his grandfather...if that is the true story. I don't think Caylees "mother" is fit to be called a human being, she is a cold, calculating little witch. I hope she rots in prison for what she's done.

Sorry your mom is retreating to her own world more & more, shows you just how powerful her love for you is.

Glad you are feeling better too.

Emmi said...

Great entry!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Carlene you were indeed blessed with a wonderful Mother and even now with alzheimer, she shows her love for you. Caylee Anthony....oh why wasnt she blessed with a loving Mom, so sad hearing they haven't found child deserves this. Was so glad to hear the little boy in Vegas was found safe. Glad you are feeling better.

Dawn said...

I love your posts about your mom... glad she is doing good.

be well...

baldy said...

Another wonderful entry. Most of us have fond memories of Mother. Grandmothers too.
Yes, children came first. Mother had hard choices to make, especially during the Great Depression.
A bigger problem than food was clothing. No 'Goodwill Stores'.
In the Fall, back to School Time was worrisome for Mother and Dad also, especially for my three Sisters going with worn shoes (though fresh polished), and hand me down dresses for the younger girls perhaps changed somewhat with use of the old treddle 'Machine' which was used often. We boys, two of us, wore everday 'Overhalls' and Hobnail Shoes which had been worked on by ourselves using the 'Shoe Last'. We were adept at nailing on 'new shoesoles' which we had cut from the sidewalls of old worn out tires.
Many young folk now may have never seen a Shoe Last.
My first day as a Freshman in High School went Barefoot, agreed on ahead of time by several of we boys. The weather was warm and most of we country boys had been going barefoot all Summer.
That first day as a freshman the Professor called an assembly of all Twelve Grades and introduced himself, and said, this will be a short speech. I have only one Rule and it is: DO RIGHT.
He was a Navy Veteran of World War 1.
Prof' said, When you boys begin coming to School wearing those Hobnail Shoes, do not worry about scuffing up these floors. I have already discussed it with the School Board Members.
Prof' spent many noon hours playing Ball with us. Small School and those Four Years have some of the best memories of my Lifetime.
My Senior year was the last year of that School having Outside Toilets.
The last two years the School Buses were Running, the first two years a few of the students rode horses. There was a nearby Livery Stable we could leave our horses in if weather was bad, no charge.
Are people happier now than we were then ? sam

Judy said...


Lisa said...

So glad they found that precious little boy. What an answer to pray and found by a church! Let's us know God was behind his being found! I wish my son could understand the love of a mother in a custody case such as ours.

Jen said...

I finally found your blog! Take it from someone that lives in the Orlando area & has heard 90348903943 news reports on Caylee Anthony......we will probably never know the truth. I don't understand how her parents stand behind her the way they do after she has told so many straight-faced lies.

Anyways....time for me to catch up on the rest of your posts!