Thursday, August 1, 2013

School Days

You know; I thought I'd never have grandchildren. Danny went to his grave thinking we would never have grandchildren.
But GOD knows more than any doctors a or specialists…
Almost two years after he passed away in 2006, Amanda and Charity showed me a prescription that had; "Amanda is pregnant" written on it.
I was in such deep shock, that although I saw the words, they didn't make a bit of sense to me.
Me, who reads anything and everything. Me who once read the encyclopedia from A-Z, couldn't read those three simple words! It may have well been written in Chinese.
This is no lie. I had to get Charity to read it to me...twice.  And when those words finally sank into my brain, I started sobbing and trust me, those were happy tears!
Wyatt Kelvin Daniel Kitchens was born on June 18, 2008.
God indeed had blessed us.
Later on, HE blessed us twice more…with little William and Kenzie!!
Tomorrow, our first little blessing from God will begin his first day in school.
I know William will surely miss Wyatt being home with him. Wyatt's the big brother whom Will imitates and parrots his every word.
I remember my babies first day at school. I remember how small they still looked as they went into the building, and how it felt to leave them there without me. I  know Amanda’s and Kelvin’s heart will walk right through that school door with him tomorrow.
These five years since Wyatt was born have flown by, as I knew they would. Once you become Mawmaw, you should have already learned how very fast the years go and how quiet a home is without your little ones running around. You know, that is probably why we grandparents tend to spoil and hold them close.

Although I pray everyday for all three of my grandchildren, tonight I have a special prayer that the Good Lord will watch over Wyatt and that all his school days will be happy ones.


Paige Arwood-Hubbard said...

This is so touching. It took me back to Justin's first day of pre k. Brian and I was walking on each side of him, then he takes both his ands and pulls me to the wall. I tought oh God he is going to cry for me and how was I going to leave my baby. Oh no. He told me now mama don't get in my room and start crying and embarrassing me in front of my friends. It took all I could do to hold them back, but when we left the waterworks was on. Phillip was different he had always been home with me and the doctors thought he was going to have learning disabilities, Downs, and so many birth defects I cannot remember them all. I really didn't want him out of my sight, but he ad Justin's preK teacher and she was wonderful and knew he was going to be in good hands. Well he gabbed me by the legs and cried ans cried. I cried and his teacher told me he was going to be ok. She even called me everyday to tell me he was fine. You cannot find many teachers like that anymore. Now Justin is a Sophmore/Junior at UGA living out his dream and Phillip is a Junior in high school, preaching and singing and living his dream. I stop at ties and wonder where did the time go. It seems like they still should be babies. I guess that is why my mama lets them do whatever they want and gives them what they want. She tells me want until you have grand babies. I told here one thing at the time. Justin's college graduation, career, meet the right one that God has for him and not to rush. Phillips high school gradation, then college graduation, career, meet the right one that God has for him and not to rush. I want them to do and accomplish what they want before they have kids. I cannot wait to have a grandchild but when they are ready. Thank you for sharing this with us. :) <3 love ya.

Paige Arwood-Hubbard said...

So very true they grow up entirely to fast.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is hard to believe that your grandson is starting school. I remember when he was born. You all start earlier than we do. School starts the end of August here.