Wednesday, August 7, 2013


              GOD BLESS MY FRIENDS2
It scared me so bad when I got knocked down by the dog yesterday. Funny thing was, I was more afraid for my little dogs safety than I were for me. After it was all over with and the police had left, I got to thinking back on how it happened.

First I thanked God for keeping my fur babies safe. ( and me  and Dan too for that matter.) I only came out of it with an aching back, a scraped and swollen knee and elbow. It could have been so much worsefor me and my fur babies and Dan too. When Dan finally heard me screaming yesterday, he ran and fought the dog off with a broom handle. It is a miracle in itself that he even heard me, because he was in the house and I was halfway up the street. It is hard to hear anything going on outside when you are in the house with the air conditioners going.

You know, it occurred to me that during the whole time of the attack , ( after that dog had yanked my little dogs out of their collars and leashes), my little dogs could have easily ran off to the safety of our home and left me lying there. But they didn’t. They stood there with me, even as the bigger dog was throwing them around like rag dolls. I managed to get up on all fours and I was kicking and hitting for all I was worth trying to get her off them. No sooner did I get her off one, then she would go for the other one….yet they all stayed.

That my friends,  is what is called loyalty….and LOVE.

On another note; when I posted what happened on Facebook, I mentioned that it was a Pit dog. I did not mention the name of it out of any kind of hate for the breed. Let me say now that I only did this in order to describe the difference in size and strength of the dog that attacked me and my little dogs.

Let me tell you, my little dogs can be as mean and protective of me as any big dog..they just didn't realize yesterday that they are LITTLE and can not win a war with a BIG dog!

I do however believe that people who live in town should abide by THE LAW of this town and keep their dogs fenced in, on a walk around and/or on a leash…Which is also just common sense. That is why mine are ALWAYS on their leashes when outside. Even when on a leash on them I will still caution people NOT to try to pet them, because I don't want anyone bit. You never know with ANY dog.

We have little children who play and walk these streets. They sometimes walk their little weenie dog. Had it been them with their pup instead of me yesterday, things could have turned deadly if they had tried to save it from the big dog.

With all that being said, let me say this…I always try to find the light side of any situation and if yesterday even has a light side, this has to be it…

First let me say that Coco is the only dog in the bunch who is a chocolate brown. The rest are golden. He is also the only one in the bunch who is terrified of thunderstorms, loud noises, big trucks, lawn mowers…you name it. He will run up under Dan’s bed like a striped ape if he hears or sees anything that scares him. If he is outside and hears or sees something that scares him, he will literally choke himself on his leash and collar trying to pull me back toward the house, so I have to stop walking them in order to take him straight in. I have always said that he could hear it thunder in Atlanta, over 70 miles to the west of us! lol

Well, anyway, right before Dan got to where I and the dogs were yesterday, the dog had Coco on the ground . I kicked her off Coco and she went after Fellow, yanking him out of his collar and leash.  After Dan beat the dog off of Fellow, and the dog had run away, I looked around trying to see all my little dogs. I found Coco still lying on the ground and he wasn't moving at all, just lying there with his eyes shut. For a moment I thought he was dead. I picked him up and walked home with him lying in my arms, and me crying. When I got to the house and went in, still crying because I just knew he was dead or dying, I laid him down on the floor.

He promptly gets up and runs up under my bed!

Where he stays for the next few minutes until Amanda and Kelvin can get here. They were able to coax him out from under the bed and except for shaking like a leaf, he was okay!

I truly believe that little Coco had either played dead or he FAINTED. God bless his little heart! lol



Helen said...

They were brave little things staying with you instead of running back home.

Kandy said...

Carlene, I am so happy that you are ok and all the dogs are ok. Did the dog hurt any of them? What did the police say? I'm glad the dogs stayed with you. How many dogs do you have now?


Lynne Islynne said...

Carlene, so glad your lil fur babies and yourself were not hurt worse. I hope the police will find the owners of this dog and fine them appropriately. I totally agree about leash and restraint laws, but you have lazy owners that won't take the time to walk their dogs properly or purchase fencing to properly protect others as well as their own dogs. Shame on the owner!