Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It all started last week.

All the bad and crazy luck that is….

Because I have spent so much time with Amanda while she was pregnant, Dan was feeling sort of left out, so I spent all day last Wednesday in Athens, just letting him run around stores looking. He doesn’t get to go anywhere unless I take him, so usually at least once a week I am taking him to a Wal-Mart and I hadn’t been able to do that often lately.  I think he just likes getting out and about, because he usually just looks and seldom buys anything, except bottled water or diet sodas. Sometimes, if we are in Athens, we will go to the Academy Sports store, the Dollar Tree store and end up eating lunch at the Chinese Restaurant. Which is what we did last Wednesday.

Then we went to two Goodwill stores and to Walmart.


From 8am until about 8pm.

So, I told him that we wouldn’t be going nowhere the next week ( this week), because I was going to save my gas money and also rest.


Thursday I got up and got ready to go to work and something told me to lift the car hood up and check the water. I am so glad that I listened to that little voice, because there was not one drop of water in the reservoir! Why I don’t know. The heat hand is always zooming up and then zooming down constantly every minute, so I have gotten to where I don’t pay it any attention. So I poured some water in it, said a little prayer and went on to work.

Easter Sunday I dropped my cell phone on  the floor. My cell phone is an ancient flip style phone and the top had gotten loose, so when I dropped it, the top just flipped on off! Needless to say, it died. So I called the phone ins company and they said they would send me one Tuesday if I gave them @ 50.00…which I did. 

You know, it was funny…I didn’t miss my phone as bad as I thought I would, but I missed my camera like crazy!

Monday; Dan told me I needed to call “the TV place” ( aka CHARTER) because his cartoons hadn’t been on in over two days. We have a few cartoon channels, but Dan loves Boomerang. It has the old time cartoons like The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, etc.. The last time I called Charter, the serviceman told me to wait a while after it rained, because sometimes rain would wet the thing in in the wire on the pole making us lose channels. So I had waited a couple of days and Dan could wait no more.

So I called Charter.

The person at Charter told me that they would send someone Tuesday to check it out.

Okay..so now I have two things going on Tuesday…the phone and the TV.

Charter also told me that the service man would be at my house between 10am and noon. They asked that I check the channel to make sure it was still off before he came by.

So I did. I started at a little before 8am.

I checked and sure enough the cartoons were still not showing up. So smart little old me decided to check the rest of the channels and see if they were all showing their programs…so I was scrolling down the channels with the remote and they were all playing properly….

And then I hit channel 951.

I nearly fainted and actually reeled backwards when it finally hit me what the heck I was seeing….I think I was in shock actually…


I quickly flipped the guide on and it showed INNPPV  which means pay per view. I flipped  down to the next channel and it showed where you could pay to see another PORN movie…but no movie was showing, thank goodness.

I checked again at 10am and the porn was still on  and going from movie to movie… The service rep came to my house a little later and I caught him outside (so Dan wouldn’t hear) and told him what I had found on my TV. He said, “well usually someone has to order that”…and I told him that I sure as heck didn’t and Dan doesn’t even know how to work the remote right, much less order a porn movie! Heck, all he was wanting to watch was Tom and Jerrythe cat and the mouse.


The service rep came in the house and tried his best to fix the cartoon channel. He redid the wires, he reset the boxes, he went outside and redid all those wires and still no Boomerang cartoon channel…so he called his manager. Then he called the district manager..still no Boomerang. So,  he said they would call me back tomorrow and let me know something….and then he went into my bedroom (so Dan couldn’t see) and turned the TV to 951…and it was still playing porn movies. He switched the channel to 952 and now it was playing PORN movies too!!

Oh man, I was soooooo embarrassed.

He made a note on my work order about it and told me to call customer service and make sure they knew that I didn’t order them…Gosh, someone would have to be a maniac to order EVERY movie on those channels. The guide showed how much they cost and it is  12.99 and up to see just one!! And they were steadily streaming into my TV…

Movie after movie.

So, I had to call Charter again and explain what was showing on my TV. Luckily I got a lady who sounded to be about my age. She somehow got the movies stopped an then showed me how to put  a block on those channels in case they should start up again, so we wouldn’t have to see them because Lord, I  am sooooo glad little William and Wyatt was here.

So after all that….my phone arrived by UPS…and the whole time Dan is still fussing about not being able to see his cartoons…and I had to call Verizon to program it. After being on the phone with them about an hour or more  trying to get it programed and my contacts to download and the stupid phone telling me to call customer service because my account wasn’t recognized and I was on the phone with customer service at the time

I just told the Verizon lady to never mind;  I would just re-enter my contacts myself and not ever download any dang thing on this stupid phone…Because she was wanting me to send the phone back.

After the day that I had already had???   

I don’t think so.

Please Lord, just give me strength.



Paula said...

I don't know why it is when one thing happens it seems to come in threes. Hope you have got it all straight now and yes it takes patience.

Donna said...

That's just downright weird, how your cable service is so messed up.

Nova said...

i tell ya Im so ready for a slow down it aint funny im helping in so many directions I cant help myself and im not emotionally up to it so im running like a robot. glad you got it all fixed though

Nova said...

I tell ya im so ready for a slow down IM helping in so many directions I cant help mysel.f Im glad you got that all fixed on the porn

Kath said...

Oh Dear Carlene, what a mess you've been in.Sorry to read all this.PORN of all things.That must have been terrible,what a shock to view that disgusting stuff..I don't know how I would have felt at that.I do hope this week proves much better for you.Prayers always and I hope Dan continues to get his programs as usual.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Kandy said...

You know a friend of mine was just saying she had 200dollars worth of adult movies charged to her account with comcast and she didn't order then