Monday, March 25, 2013


My last post got me worrying.

Whoever bought the old Mary Leila Cotton Mill may get the notion to tear down the little old mill house which was mine and Danny’s first home.


So I drove by there and took a picture of it.

It is a little three room shotgun house. Just three little rooms. Lilies use to grow right there to the right of the front steps you see in the picture. I loved those lilies. I thought they were the only thing that added color to the house. Danny hated them and set his Pawpaw's push mower on fire once trying to cut them down.

The first room was the living room. We couldn’t afford a couch, but we did have a little iron twin bed and one chair that we bought. The next room was the bedroom. I can still see our old iron double bed sitting catty cornered with the string that led to the light bulb tied to  the head of it. ( An easy way to find the string if you needed to get up in the dark.)


In the bedroom was our one and only tiny clothes closet right next to the fireplace mantle. All our clothes that had to be hung fit into that closet too. Sort of tells you something doesn’t it??  My mama and daddy let us borrow one of their old ( and I mean OLD) wooden dressers and that was our bedroom suit!

In the last room of our little three room house was the kitchen. When I close my eyes I can still see the second hand stove we bought. I LOVED that stove and would love to have one like it now. It was push button and had two side by side ovens! One small oven just right for corn bread or dressing or such and another one that was big.

On top, it had three electric burners and also a deep-well to cook your beans or such in. We had one of those little refrigerators that had a rounded top with one door. When you opened the door, there was a teeny little ice box at the top inside that would only hold two ice trays! It had to be defrosted by hand regularly….by me. I had the kind of kitchen table that had chrome around the edges and chairs to match. Over in the corner was the wringer washer our Big Mama helped us get. That thing could sure wash clothes good. 

To the left of the kitchen was a door that lead to our bathroom. It only had a toilet and a shower in it, but it worked!

My mama gave me an ironing board and iron when I got married. I loved to iron and would iron EVERYTHING! I would iron our mill cloth sheets that Big Mama made for us and iron our towels, anything…..Danny made me stop ironing his tee shirts and underwear though. When permanent press came out, my ironing pretty much stopped. I have an iron now, but very seldom do I use it anymore.

Every morning, before Danny walked across the street to the Mill to go to work, I would fix his breakfast. We would have bacon (or sausage or fat back) , eggs, grits and toast. Sometimes we would just have oatmeal and biscuit toast. I would always perk us some coffee in the little tin coffee pot mama gave us too. It would be so good. I remember that I used Lousianne coffee. Do people even perk coffee anymore?

We didn’t have a car back in those days. We only had to walk under the underhead pass to town to buy our groceries and having little money for extras, we didn’t have to go anywhere else. Our parents,grandparents, aunts, all our family, lived right around the block if we wanted to go see them, so it all worked out okay.

We had a lot of good times in our first little house. We didn’t have kids yet, so it was just the two of us. We played rummy, or checkers, or just sat on the front porch talking.

It was there that little Dan came to be…I remember waking up like I did every morning before Danny and walking into the kitchen to make breakfast for him. I remember well that I had sausage to fry that morning and as soon as it started frying, I got sick as a dog to my stomach and had to take it off the burner and run to the bathroom.

There were no pregnancy tests back then but Lord, I didn’t need one…I hadn't ever felt that kind of sickness before! I knew I was pregnant! 

You know…there are a lot of things that are worth much more than money could buy.

If someone offered me a billion dollars or the chance to walk back in time into that little Mill House again and find my Danny waiting there for me…

Well, I would take that walk back in time in a heartbeat.



gabby68 said...

I so loved reading this story. I took that walk right beside you and saw that house. Reminds me of the mill houses in union point by the hosiery mill. Hope you save your stories in print besides here for your kids.

Helen said...

Loved reading about your and Danny's earlier life.

Back Porch Writer said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory! I can picture it easily. You write well too! You should write a book! :-) I would buy it. lol Hope you have a great evening. I love your blog look by the way. It's very pretty. Are we ever going to get spring?

Paula said...

Nice memories Carlene. Me and Mel (deceased husband) lived on an ugly place when we first married but I can still see that maroon ugly wallpaper with big white birds on it in the kitchen and me making piecrust. Haven't made my own pie crust in a month of Sundays. Remember that old saying?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Things have changed, but those simple times were the best. Good memories to keep close to your heart.

Andrea said...

Carlene, I loved this story...sad, poignant, yet full of love & young life. It's these kinds of memories that keep us going, when "life" gets to be too much, isn't it.