Tuesday, January 22, 2013


         mama with wyatt and will b
She use to embarrass me by always begging my friends to eat as soon as they stepped foot in her kitchen. No matter if there weren’t any food already prepared, she would have gladly cooked them something to eat, or at the very least, made them a sandwich. She couldn’t stand the thought of anyone being hungry.

Now days I am no longer embarrassed of my mama…but I am ashamed of my teenaged self.

I remember that when we first moved to town, there were some little children nearby that were sometimes left outside in cold weather with very few clothes on. They were cold. She would get them to come in our house and take her own grandchildren’s clothes and dress those little kids warmer. Then she would sit them down at her table and fill their little bellies up with eggs, warm grits, homemade biscuits, and sweet milk to drink.

Sometimes those same little children would come back, timidly knocking on her back door the next morning. They never even had to ask. Within minutes, they were sat at her table, clothed, fed and  given something to drink. She never talked about it…she just did what she figured needed to be done for those little kids.

I got to thinking about it today. I am about 16 years older now, than my mama was when we moved to town back then…and I thought she was old.

Isn’t it funny how we were so cock sure of ourselves when we are young? When you get older, you tend to get a whole new perspective on the way things actually were.

You even sort of see that things back then, were actually reversed from the way you thought it to be.

It was our parents who were smart…

       We were the dumb ones.



Andrea said...

Amen to that.... amen!! Love this post.


Helen said...

God bless your Mama and God bless you. Your Mama has surely earned her crown for Heaven.

Nova said...

well things do change. Im sorry for how I was at times. but Im also sure I act beeter in my kids.

Kath said...

Even though I say it myself Carlene,I am so like your Mama in that respect.My kids always say Mum we didn't come for something to eat,and the Grandchildren were always saying when they were smaller,why does Grandma always say come on have something to eat Haaaa.So I can fully understand your Mama,it made her happy.I am not happy, unless anyone who calls on me,has had something to eat beforethey leave,even if it only be a cuppa and a snack.Our parents were smart Carlene and they made us what we are today in my mind.God Bless your Mama,you had the best and so did I.Love you mills.Great post.Take Care God Bless Kath XXX