Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 … WHAT A DAY


I decided to put Christmas decorations up today. Went to the shed and had to move all of Dan’s yard sale stuff to get to the Christmas stuff. Got several of the boxes out and carried them to the porch.  Got the huge Christmas tree box out of the shed and carried it into the house. I got all the branches out and thought how glad I was that I had put the branches back in the container in the order in which they went on the tree. I put all the branches in their little slots and looked at the results. Seemed like the tree looked shorter this year.

I forgot to put the dang extension rod in the bottom.

So I took stand off and inserted the rod.

Put tree stand back on the tree. Set the tree upright. Tree was wobbly. Took stand off, and duck taped the parts on it that are old and cracking. Put the stand back on and finished putting the tree together.

The tree tilted over.

Now I got two choices…I can either go buy a new tree or try to fix this one…I go get my rod and reel out of the closet and cut enough line off to tie the sucker to the window air-conditioner grill which is directly behind the tree. I go get the lights out of the box and plugged them in to test them. They worked! Put them on the tree….they quit working.

Took all the lights back off.

Took my pj’s off, put my clothes on and run up town. Bought two boxes of lights. Came home and put them on the tree. They worked! Put all the ornaments on the tree.

Tree tilted over.

Go back to my rod and reel and cut some more line off. Tied  that sucker to the other side of the conditioner.

Now, during all of this joyful Christmas decorating…Dan was in a mood. See, he gets depressed during Christmas…always has…and at his age, I reckon he always will…just another something I have learned to try to deal with.

But today, between the tree, the lights, the tilting of the tree, well lets just say, my patience was running on about empty.

I finished putting all the Christmas stuff out and got the flowers and tiny tree I needed to put on Danny’s grave. I go to the graveyard and talk to Danny a little bit (told him all my troubles lol)  Then I go see daddy and put flowers on his grave too…told him all my troubles too! lol  While there I cleaned both of their graves off and put the old floweres and trash in my car trunk.

I come home and while cleaning the trash out of my trunk, I decided my car needs to be washed desperately. The crud that falls from the pecan tree was making it look black instead of white.

So, I wash my car.

Just as I was finishing up, the rag I was using on the windshield caught hold of my wiper blade and ripped it slap off, so now my wiper blade is in three separate pieces.

I talked to Amanda and Kelvin and agree to come down to their house later on and let Kelvin put it back on.


just before I am to leave to go down there, I walk the pups and it is raining/sleeting or what ever out there, sooooo I will need to go tomorrow and get the wiper fixed.

You know, everyone is talking about we won’t ever see this date again…

I thank God that I won’t see another 12-12-12. 

I don’t think I could handle another one.



Donna said...

Some days are like that. We just dust ourselves off and go on.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope today is a better one for you. We used to use fish line on our tree too. Our cats loved to play in it so to make sure it didn't fall over we fish lined it to the window by the tree.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Well dear, you've certainly had one heck of a day getting the tree ready and cleaning your car....some days just go like that, but keep your positive thoughts and a smile on your face and you'll get thru anything. Have a Blessed Christmas your way.

Gerry said...

I hope I wasn't supposed to laugh, but I just could not help myself, but you are a born writer, Carlene, I could just picture the whole thing the way you described it. This is a good tree decorating story if I ever heard one.
Merry Xmas to you and Dan!

JOHN said...

One thing I read in your entry is determination.Good for you.You could of easily given up. Im glad you didnt. My prayers go out to you.Stop by my blog and you will see we all have days like that.
Take Care