Monday, February 6, 2012


This is the house that my Granny lived in when I was a  little bitty girl still living on Horseshoe Bend. It is on the  Madison Hwy, State Road 12, across from Mr. Phelps old house. Me and my sister Dorris stopped out there today to get a picture. 

While there, we couldn't help but look inside the window. I saw way past the mounds of  trash, old rags, clothes and an odd assortment of stuff that was strewn all over what is left of the floors. Instead of the old bare wooden walls, my mind's eye saw the walls that Granny always kept papered with clean news paper to help keep the cold wind out.

I notice that there is still no running water in the house to this day...over 50 years later. Granny always made a trip down to the spring that ran close beside the house with her bucket for her and my Uncle Tommy's water. Water that was used for bathing, washing their clothes on the scrub board and also for cooking. Can you imagine?

Her old upright piano sat just to the right of the front door...the piano my mama learned to play by ear on ...just like her mama.

I remember walking in that front door as a little girl, and although sparse, my Granny would have this little house so clean. I  remember the crocheted doily's she use to make that would be on every chair arm. It seems like there was always a coconut cake on her table with a lacy white doily placed neatly under the plate that held it.

I guess this is why I find it so hard to understand how people around my neighborhood can let their homes go. They throw beer cans and trash all in the front and back yards. I realize that they don't own these old mill houses that they live in here...but my Granny didn't own her house either....and you can tell from the photo that it wasn't a grand manor!

To have so little, to be so poor, she still worked very hard to make it into a cozy little home...


She kept her house clean.



Adirondackcountrygal said...

I think because people take so much for granted these days they don't care if their yard is a mess. We try to keep our yard cleaned up but we could try harder. However I can say there are no beer cans!

Anonymous said...

As always a good read.Enjoy sharing your memories. Denise

Nova said...

I need to post pic s of daddys place. it has newspaper on walls nver had water or electric never will. its a shed nearly and up on a hill no way to drive if tried. those are the best palces and memories

Paula said...

Hey Carlene good to see you post and its aways interesting to read about your life growing up. I hear what you are saying as our house didn't have any paint on it and no bathroom and no hot water but it was clean and honesty lived there.

Ally Lifewithally said...

What lovely memories you have shared with us ~ Yhankyou ~ Ally x

Missie said...

We take so much for granted now days. People around here don't take very good care of their property either. Always makes me wonder why.

Kath said...

OH!! how I loved this post Carlene.I couldn't believe your Granny's house is still standing after all that time.What a memory,I often take rides out to see if old places are still standing where my relations used to live.Brings a tear to my eye on many occasion.Some all altered to the modern home and others demolished.This is brilliant your Granny's is still (AS WAS).Loved the story.Take Care God bless Kath xx