Tuesday, February 21, 2012




We begin our lives by learning….

Why, our very first breath is our first learning adventure, though I believe that we are fortunate not to be able to remember that one.


If you stop and think about it, things were pretty comfy for us while still in our mother’s womb. Yep, we are snug as a bug in our own warm, quiet and dimly lit little world. Then all of a sudden we are literally forced out into a place where there is a lot of bright light, a lot of loud noise, and Lord help us, Mom is not our oxygen machine any longer! For the very first time in our existence, we have to breathe on our own in order to live! Now, I tell you what; that first breath had to have been a very traumatic experience! God bless our little hearts, no wonder we usually cry when we are first born.


Fortunately, within a very short span, if all goes well, we are able to learn to eat, sit, stand and walk. Yep, we usually get the basics out of the way fast and with no problems.

It is the lessons we learn later on in life that are usually the hard ones, the ones that seem to take us such a long time to get though our heads.

Lesson # 1. Parents were people before they ever were parents and they are smarter than we ever thought.

Lesson # 2.  Parents grow old and pass away. Sometimes we can lose them before they die, so we need to love, respect, and honor them before that happens.

Lesson # 3.  Children are a blessing and they grow up way too fast.

Lesson # 4.  All the important things, like love, respect, honesty, common decency, and being a law abiding citizen, we need to teach our children before they grow up. The ten commandments are a good start. 

Lesson # 5. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find that special someone…someone that our very soul knows is the right one to spend the rest of our life with…to grow old with.

Lesson # 6.  Sometimes God has other plans. So we need to remember to tell our loved one everyday how much they mean to us…not just on holidays.

Lesson # 7. Sometimes GOD does things or turns our lives in directions that we can not understand with our mortal minds.

Lesson # 8  FAITH IN GOD will bring us through all these rough spots…It may be a long journey. It may seem to be all up hill. It may HURT us more than anything has ever hurt us before, but it is then that we need to hold tightly to our FAITH, and we will eventually make it through.

Lesson # 9  GOD IS GOOD.

Lesson # 10  GOD IS GOOD.

Yes I know….

Lesson 9 and 10 are exactly alike.

You see, I  learned these two lessons as a child,

and it keeps coming back to me….

 over and over again.




Paula said...

Nice entry Carlene and yes God is good. Bless you too, Paula

Nova said...

good entry and things to be remembered but not always easy to do. shoudl just read this every day

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, God is always good. An important thing to have learned for sure.

Gerry said...

Enjoyed your latest entry as usual. Gerry

Helen said...

Yes, God is good. Good entry. You have a nice day.

Marlene said...

Hey Carlene...You are too much! How Lucky you were in the right place at the right time. I see where you are coming from...I could never have children..wanted them badly....I see women so carelessly leave their kids in buggys and walk away...in this time...that is the unspeakable. Evil People are praying mothers will make it easy for them to take there children.....hold your children close like the hen & her babies....Times are not safe like they use to be.....