Wednesday, June 9, 2010


WHEW! I got through cutting the grass about 3 minutes into the rain storm. The rain actually felt pretty good to my old tired body by then…but the lightning was too close for comfort! Man I am beat.

This is one of the kitties that I feed everyday…She is a loving little cat…and she has been here for years after she just started coming around and adopted me. Her name?…kitty-kitty.


Another one of my adoptees….


Isn’t he pretty? He was born to a neighborhood cat on my street and is called…“kitty-kitty” 2.  He also adopted me. They say it is good luck for a black cat to adopt you. He loves all over my legs, but when I try to pet him, he shies away.

There is one more cat that comes here to eat, and after talking to one of my neighbors, I have found out that he has adopted several of us and has several aliases …I call him, “The Professor” because he looks like one…a very old one! One day, I may get a picture of him, but he is skittish, so it may be awhile. 

Earlier, I took Wyatt to show him the little baby chicks running around outside. As soon as he saw them, he goes running over to the neighbor’s yard chasing one of them… and I go running after him, and what do I do???

That’s right…I nearly break my fool neck.

The neighbor’s spigot is surrounded by a huge broken clay pot  and I never saw it, as I was trying to catch Wyatt before he got hurt on some of the tons of junk they have laying around. The next thing I know, I am flailing, trying to catch my balance…with the thought of… “oh Lord…please don’t let me fall again and break something else” running through my mind.

I went a good 12 feet hopping, wobbling and toppling like a dang nut before I came to a stop…UPRIGHT …THANK YOU GOD….but with  a 2 inch scrape around the entire front of the bottom of my leg. Right where the top of the sock is. A knot the size of a goose egg soon came up on it.

Sheesh, it hurtsbut at least I am still in one piece. While I was flailing around, I also stubbed my dang left middle finger on their junk car door…so it is stiff as a dead door nail, but at least it is still usable

Bless his little heart…seeing me bent over…Wyatt came up to me saying,

“ maw-maw hurt???” 

I love that baby…

We ; Amanda, Dan and I … and the two W’s … went to Madison today. I had to buy a new broom…done wore my other one out finally…and Wyatt also had to have a hair cut. He was beginning to look like a little girl!  He got his hair cut at Wal-Mart this time and while there, he had to have some shorts too.

Just look at what he did with he shorts….


  Our little NUN!!!! lol

He thought he was soooooooo cool!!! He was yelling for his Uncle Dan to look at his HAT!  ( This was before his hair cut! )

Wyatt calls his baby brother “Wee Will”  and is a very good big brother most of the time.


“WEE WILL” beginning to crawl.

The other day, we got the exer-saucer ( a walker type thing that a baby can sit in, with toys all around it ) out of the shed so that we would have something for Will to sit in at my house besides the car seat or the bassinet. 

Would you believe that Wyatt remembered that thing as being his? Yep, and he even had to sit in it again!  We could sure tell just how much he had grown by seeing him in that thing! 

He had to look at and play with all the little toys on it and you could tell that he was so happy seeing it again! It was like he had met up with a long lost buddy of his!  He was laughing and yelling, “ weeeee…weeeeee!”  as he spun himself around and around in the seat! 


Then today, when we put Will in it… well,  at first Wyatt didn’t pay any attention… but then when he didoh my…he started saying…“Nooooooo…noooooooooo…Wee Will”. 

It was when he started trying to pull Will out by his arms, his mama had to step in and give Wyatt a little talk!  Soon, he was okay with it, but I noticed that he would not even look in that direction!

Yep…and it was after that, that I decided to take Wyatt outside to see the baby chicks...

And we all know how that turned out for his “maw-maw” don’t we??!



Missie said...

Wyatt and the baby are getting so gosh big!

Thank goodness you didn't fall and hurt yourself again.

Have a good rest of your week.

Suzi Que said...

Loved it!!! I know how that is when you're trying not to fall! I could see it because I have done it! I hope your leg heals up fast and stops hurting. The babies are just adorable!!!!!

I hope you get a picture of the Professor soon, too... Loved this blog!!!
Love the author more!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness girl..what a day you had..I just love hearing about the boys..the shorts on his head is so cute...

Gerry said...

I am so thankful to hear that with great effort you righted yourself and kept from falling. Wyatt sounds like a character already with a good memory and a sense of what is his, was his. Well, got to make room for Baby Brother. Baby chicks I loved as a kid when Mother Hen decided to bring them out for all to see.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your grandsons are so cute. I'm glad you didn't break anything but ouch it sounds like it did hurt. What we grandma's go through for those little ones. It's worth it though!

Lisa said...

Oh dear Carlene... please don't get hurt anymore my friend!!! I so enjoy reading about Wyatt and Will!! Will is crawling now!! They grow so fast!! Looks like shopping for shorts is fun with Wyatt!! Sending lots of hugs to you!
Lisa in KY