Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Wyatt is two years old now! Though I have lived nearly 57 years on this earth and should know by now, it continues to amaze me how fast time flies.

Having a two year old grandson and having him live close to me is a blessing indeed. I am getting to see him develop into a little boy right before my very eyes. I love watching his personality take shape! This child never ceases to surprise me with his wisdom, his energy, and his love. 

He is so funny…He can be quietly playing with his toys, when all of a sudden, it is like a spark of super charged electricity runs through that child, and he will take off….going around and around, then streaking through the house with his little arms lifted up into the air like a Georgia tornado, squealing with pure delight and then end up landing right in front of me giggling his little head off!


This is “The Professor”… the neighborhood cat!

I went over to his house the other night to have a little cake and ice cream for his birthday. Now, his mommy and daddy has satellite  TV and a DVR …which creates a problem… When he is at his maw-maw’s house, he can’t understand why maw-maw can’t rewind Wonder Pets, or  any of the other little learning shows he loves to watch! 


Little Will peek-a-booing over the bassinet!

Anyway, while I was over there at his house, his mommy put the CARS cartoon on that she had recorded for him on the DVR and let me tell you what…I would have given about anything to have been able to record his reaction to that cartoon!  That is the most animated I have ever seen that child! He is just now learning words and how to string them together into short sentences, but he was so excited watching the cars and trucks racing around, that words were literally spilling out of his little mouth and becoming sentences on their own! 

He loves “Mater”, the old rusty truck on the movie, so that is what his mommy and daddy got him for his birthday. They couldn’t have picked a better present if they had tried! He loved it!0618002159

Sunday, Wyatt’s Aunt Sue and Uncle David were kind enough to host another birthday party for him at their house in the country. This time he got to play with all his little cousins and friends. Let me tell you…that child's energy was running at extreme mega watts the whole day!

Amanda had his birthday cake made with “Mater” on it , and Wyatt had a fit over it!


After he blew out the candle, he immediately took “Mater” and began running him over the cake, going.”vroom, vroom”!


We ended up giving him his own plate before the entire cake was destroyed!


As always, there are going to be folks who crash the party…

Hey…they did it at the White House  didn’t they???   :-)

When asked who they were, we got the old  standby excuse…

“See No Evil…Speak No Evil…and Hear No evil” !


It took Little Will to straighten that crew of hooligans out….


And just think…

I get to watch him turn the big ONE in December!

Life is good and so is GOD.

Thank YOU Lord for your many blessings on me…



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Little boys do love their trucks for sure. What a cutie he is and a delight for sure. Birthdays are truly a reason to celebrate. Life is good.

Donna said...

Kids sure do brighten up our lives, don't they?

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to Wyatt. Both of your grandsons are little cuties. Have a nice week, Sheila

Gerry said...

Oh, how delightful to hear about a wild little boy again full of energy. Sounds like my Dan who made motor noises almost from the time he could talk. I love to read your excitement in appreciating this little boy. I know your joy will come to mean a lot to him and will keep his own enthusiasm for life running on high.

Kath said...

Awwww Bless Wyatt Carlene."Happy Belated Birthday" Wyatt.He is shooting up quickly and his little brother too LOL.They are so cute at these ages.Just love Wyatts cake it's a beauty.My eldest boy always loved the TONKA trucks he-he.I think he still has his Tonka digger and he is 42yrs old come November LOL!!I hope you are well and Mama too.Have a great day,thankyou for the pictures they are wonderful.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Missie said...

WOW! I can't believe Wyatt is 2 years old already. They grow up so fast.

Have a good week.