Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This has not been a good week…

Come to think of it, last week wasn’t so hot either….

See, it all started last week when my teeth quit fitting correctly in my mouth…no, not my real teeth…my bottom bridge. I knew that once you start getting old..things start shifting around, but I never knew your teeth would.

So, after being in denture pain hell for a week….Last Monday, I get up the nerve and the money and I take myself to Affordable Dentures in Covington.  Drove my old car there…My thought was, ‘I will just get a new bridge because the other one is so old.’


        Our Little Will 

Well, as my luck would have it…After the whole head x-ray,  the dentist there said that I need my teeth cleaned first for a ‘proper fit’ .  Then he explained that they do not clean teeth…I would have to go to yet another dentist, get another x-ray and get my teeth cleaned…which would cost about $200.00 !  Then I would come back…and oh yes…one of the real teeth needs pulling, so there will have to be another tooth added to the bridge. Then I was sent home….in pain which had to have come from hell…and my bridge sitting cock-sided in my mouth. Once I got home, I slung the dang things into the denture cup.

Wyatt and somebody’s dog

Unfortunately, I am poor…always have been…so that’s no big deal to me…so I had to work …with my cock-sided teeth in my mouth…and pain that ; on a scale from 1-10, was an 18…I worked three days like that…three 10 and 11 hour daysthe whole time trying to come up with a way in my mind to get my teeth fixed. I finally decided that the cheapest route would be to pull the few teeth left on bottom, and then just get a whole new bottom plate.


     Caught sitting on Maw-maw’s table

During the days that I worked, it was all I could do to keep from crying …or vomiting…the pain was that bad. Every night I came home and took a finger nail file to my bottom bridge..I figured since it will have to be re-placed there is no harm done either way. I filed them Thursday night and then Friday night I filed them some more…and before I went to bed that night , I took the de-boning shears that I have and I cut the dad blasted end slap off of them…and then filed some moreSaturday when I went into work, the pain, although still there,…well, let’s just say it was a lot less of it.

All I could think about Sunday, was how Monday morning I was calling that Affordable Dentures and make sure they could pull all the bottom teeth and make me a plate that day! lol


More than one way to ride the girl next door’s scooter!

Monday morning, I got up bright and early and noticed a  little half grown solid white chicken on my old wood shed’s steps….It was so pretty……Then as I waited for the Affordable Denture place to open, I started a load of clothes in the washer….

And when the washer got to the very last spin cycle…it died.  Just then Dan starts screaming for me to come outside….The dang cat had gotten that little chicken and before I could get to him…he killed it.


Our little Will…with his “cow”.

 I go back inside, and as I am wringing out a big load of clothes, my mind is whirling…and the thought that finally became clear was …

‘Well hellthere goes my teeth.

So…what was suppose to be my new set of choppers,  is now sitting in my hall…. washing clothes.

Then today, while sitting making out some of the bills that didn’t come in Monday… I laid my glasses on my desk ,because I got a headache…and then Amanda came up…and since I am blind without my glasses, I couldn’t find them…so I got out of the desk chair and stepped back and heard…c r u n c h….yep…it was my glasses… under my foot.

Amanda was able to put the lens back into the little rim and straighten them up somewhat….


I am still in some pain…

I now have crooked teeth…..


crooked glasses….

But my clothes are clean.



Missie said...

I would just take the rest of the week off from life. Stay in bed. It's only Tuesday and you've had enough bad luck for a year! LOL

Suzi Que said...

I'm thinking that with that kind of fortitude and that attitude, you would be able to gum bricks into clay dust from whence they came!
I absolutely empathize with you, Carlene. But you know what? I do believe that where there is a will, (and you have a lot of willpower to struggle through the pain like you did) there is a way, and sometimes when you least expect it, everything that you need seems to fall into your lap. Keep your hands and heart and mind open. So many read this, and so many love you without having ever met you...There are so many good thoughts coming your way, a few of them are bound to land! :-)
I love you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my you poor sweet thing. When it rains it does poor doesn't it. In the midst of it all you put those darling pictures of your little grandson there for us to see. How can anything be so bad when you've a sight like that to see. I have a partial so I do know what that is like if it's not right. I worked with my dentist and paid payments till I got it paid off. Hopefully they can do something like that for you too. I can only say hang in there. I know it seems sometimes things couldn't get worse but eventually it all will work out. I am thankful you have that little bundle of sunshine in your life so you can still have reason to SMILE.

Gerry said...

Oh my word, Carlene, in spite of all these disasters, you were still able to write this up so well I could not believe it! You are a great writer even though you are in one hell of a fix. I laughed as I almost cried. I just hope things will eventually work out!!!

ADB said...

It is not a laughing matter when everything breaks on you, but I could not help smiling as I read your account of woe. Your teeth are now washing clothes, that's a novel one for me.

madcobug said...

I am so sorry Carlene. Seems like when it rains it pours. Cute pictures of the children which you are blessed to have. Hugs, Helen

Shininggoober said...

Carlene have you tried denture adhesives? Fixodent is best, I think. Not the powder! Good luck with all the crookedness...the kids are so cute and growing so fast!

Lisa said...

I truly am so sorry for all of this. When you get to a point where you have no idea how to find the money to fix these major life issues, i know how depressing and maddening it can be. I hope you can get your glasses fixed and am glad that you are in some what less pain....that dentist should have given you a pain med.....Much love,lisa

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Wow, your luck sounds like mine lately!