Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sunday, I didn’t go to church…and I hope the good Lord forgives me, because Sunday I had a chance to be with family…and that is something that I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Dan, Amanda, Kelvin,the children and I all went to a family fish fry in Eatonton!

There was some real good food there too! I haven’t had Nanny’s ( Danny’s mama ) hush puppies in ‘coon ages’, so they were a real treat for me! Not to mention Kathy’s delicious Red Velvet Cake, and Connie's FAMOUS pecan pie, the grilled pork chops and fried cat fish by Scott and Doug…just to name a few lip smacking items on the menu!


Danny’s sis; Connie and his mama; Gladys (holding Will !)

All thoughts of food aside, there is nothing quite like being able to sit down with family, friends and loved ones and catch up on all their news and happenings…and just to be able to relax and be yourself.


        Danny’s sis; Kathy and her boyfriend Doug.

Of course, I was also hopping up and checking on Wyatt every once in a while…He had himself a great time with all the other children there…and also with his  great-uncle Nathan…who he took to calling  “Paw-Paw” !!


       Wyatt and his Great-uncle Nathan ( aka Paw-paw! )


                  Wyatt, Jacob, Brianna and Julie playing


                    Wyatt and Brianna in their  “pool” !!!

Will enjoyed all the attention he was getting from Ray’s little girls. I think every time I looked, he was in someone else’s arms…his nanny, his big mama and his Aunt Beth… Which was right up Will’s alley!


                          Danny’s mama and William

Oh, I enjoyed it sooooooo much. One of the things I always loved about Danny’s family was the get –togethers they always had on special occasions or on just any ordinary day….like Sunday’s was. The only one missing was Danny himself, and I think he may have been there too…in spirit…I know he was there in my heart.

I started Tuesday out by cutting my grass and had not pushed the mower but a few feet when it stopped on me….so off to Sisson’s Lawn Mower shop I go with the mower in the trunk of my car. Thank God for Wayne and his brothers and his wife for being there when I need them. Wayne and Bill came out and got the  mower out of the car trunk for me as soon as I got there and had it fixed in no time! You can’t ask for any better service than that.


              Danny’s sis; Connie and husband David

I had to go to the chiropractor today. My back has been hurting for about two weeks now, but I kept putting off going to the Dr. It didn’t feel like my sciatic nerve like it was right after Danny died, so I figured I had bumped up against something or such and it would straighten itself out…This morning, when I got up at 6:30, I knew it couldn’t wait any longer, I could hardly move without screaming out in pain.

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   SCOTT                      JODY                       TROY     

So,  I went and he said it was a pinched nerve…such a little bitty phrasedoesn’t sound like much does it?  But oh the pain it has caused me! I was hollering every time he did something and I got to thinking what the other patients may be thinking…so I said, “ I hoep I don’t run all your other patients away and he told me, “Nah…just walk out the door saying  real loud,“wow! He healed me!!!”

I finally got my bottom teeth fixed where they fit in my mouth too…so that in itself  is a big relief!  I plan on getting them all pulled before long, and also have to make an appointment with my eye doctor for new specs…as soon as my back gets a little better. One thing at a time.

This is Memorial Day weekend and I expect that the BBQ will be very busy. We usually are and have actually sold out of all the BBQ in years past. 

You know, on certain holidays it is so hard for me emotionally. When  me and Danny got married , one of she things I wanted was to make holidays special for our little family…and so we always had a little cook out on Memorial day, Fourth of July  and Labor Day and such…Now that he is gone, most all of the cook outs and family times are too.

I miss that so much.


                 Wyatt found a whole in the fence!

Something that we don’t think about much is that our life can change at any timewhether it is because of death or divorce or our children growing up and moving away from homethings change. The family times that we may have taken for granted or even fussed about, what with all the work involved in getting it all together…can stop at any time and …

Well, one day, you may very well be wishing  for it again.

We live and learn don’t we?

Thank You God for Your many blessings on me and for the chance to have FAMILY TIME once again.



Kath said...

Those times I miss too Carlene,it is very hard at times.They say you shouldn't look back but I cannot help looking back on such wonderful times.Things do change and not always for the better I guess.I am soooo happy you had a great time and it looks like everyone else did too.I love the way you get all your pics in order.try as I may i cannot solve that as yet,thus just a graphic or two beginning and dne when I blog.
I felt I was with you all.God is Good Carlene I am sure he will give you many more times together yet and Danny I am certain is with you all the time.Trapped nerves are terrible I trapped one in my ankle years ago digging had lots of physio and it still bothers me to this day OUCH.I hope you are soon pain free.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Dirk said...

I'm really glad you to go. You really needed this, and looks and sounds like a really sweet time.

You're right about it can stop anytime. What I wouldn't give to have our family reunions in Maryville,TN at my grandmother's house again, playing horseshoes until after dark, eating watermelon iced down in a wash tub, & gorging on a big home cooked meal with family. Nearly all of them are gone now, but fond memories remain. We should take advantage of it while we can. It won't last forever, and family will be passed on before you know it. Life is much shorter than we realize most of the time.

Thanks for sharing this.


Rose said...

so happy you spent time with your family. I believe God sends His love to us through our people!

also happy you are taking care of yourself, you deserve it!!


Suzi Que said...

This is wonderful Carlene! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time! You have earned a respite from both pain and trouble and I think Sunday must have been the reward for your patience. I thought of Job when you were having so many issues all at once.
I loved the pictures and the memories. Those shared with loved ones are the most treasured. Your cup runneth over.

I love you.

Lynne said...

Carlene, I hope you will find peace and joy with your family. God Bless!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your family get together looks like it was wonderful. This weekend I'll be with some of my children and their families but not all of them. I sure do miss the ones that live so far away I only see them every couple of years. Thankfully 4 of them live withing easy traveling distance so thanks to them I'm going to enjoy the holiday. We do just have to be thankful for the moments we get as we never know when things might change. Glad you got the back and the teeth fixed. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Missie said...

I'm sure the good Lord didn't mind you missing Church to spend time with family. I think it was just what you needed! Have a good weekend.

Lisa said...

So glad you had this wonderful time with your family Carlene! I loved the pictures of Wyatt and William and the other children!! What a nice day! Family time is SO important! I too cherish each of these times! So glad you had some help with the lawn mower!!
God is a husband to the widow my dear friend and He will stick closer than a brother! A father to the orphan.
Lisa in Kentucky