Friday, July 3, 2009



I was given the 

The Honest Blogger Award

by my dear friend Lori! 

What I must do is write a list of 10 honest things about myself to share….. and then I am suppose to pass it on to 7 other people….

(only I am just going to pass it on to ALL my friends grab’s yours!)



1.  I can not swim and panic if I am in water above my waist.

2.  I use to be scared of elevators too… until I had to stay at EMORY HOSPITAL IN ATLANTA with Danny for two weeks…nothing conquers your fear of elevators like being hungry for a few days and the cafeteria is on the bottom floor and you are on the top! lol

3.  My great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War and was captured by the ‘Yankees’. ( They let him come home after the war was over….or I wouldn’t be here :-)

4.  I can not stand to see the elderly, little children or the handicapped abused or neglected … and I will let you know in no uncertain terms how mad I am if I see you do it.

5.  Once when I was 4 or 5 years old, my siblings talked me into jumping off the top of the school bus that my daddy use to drive…they told me if I wore the Mighty Mouse tee shirt, then I would be able to fly like him too….they lied.

6.  Danny knocked me out with a home run hit at Elementary school one day. That ball zoomed through the air from the playground to the tennis courts to find my head among all the other children’s ! (He didn’t know me at the time…and was mad as a wet hornet because I got in the way of his ball!!! lol)

7.    My birth sign is ‘LEO’…which is a nice way of saying that I am bossy and opinionated…and can be a *itch if you push me far enough!

8.   I have 4 Chihuahuas…and no;  they are not the teeny-tiny kind….I love them like they were my kids….and they love me like I was their mama…which… come to think of it; I guess I am.

9.   My house is old and ugly and needs  a lot of work done to it … but it is HOME.

10.   I lost  my ‘will to live’ the day that Danny died…but a part of it came back the day little Wyatt was born.

Ok…that was ten.

It was 38 years ago tomorrow, that Danny and I had our very first picnic… we were at the River Park …Just the two of us…girlfriend and boyfriend…I remember it like it was yesterday…It was a beautiful sunny day…I can hear the sound of the river flowing and see the sunlight dancing on the water as it rushed by …We borrowed the metal ice chest from his daddy to put the cold drinks and sandwiches in it ….I can still smell the scent of Danny’s after shave when he hugged me close …

Lord, we were so young…

That’s it my friends….I hope each an every one of you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July tomorrow…

Spend it with those you love.



Paula said...

Nice list and you'll be having a birthday soon too. I am a Leo too.

Lynne said...

Hi Carlene, Great list and congratulations, well deserved!

I always love hearing your comments about your husband. Your relationshp wih him was so precious and I'm glad you were blessed with so many lovely memories. What a blessing your life has been! And now, Wyatt! Another joy for you! God has been good! You are blessed!

madcobug said...

Grea list Carlene. Have a Happy Fourth. Hugs, Helen

Lisa said...

i always love love your memories you share....and as for the kind, understanding words you send me..well, you are MY angel.
38 yrs and it still seems like yesterday. THAT is true love. I loved reading all your top 10. Glad our buddy Lori sent you that award.
i cant swim either.
love you!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Oh what wonderful memories you have of Danny.. I can't swim much beyond doggie paddle, but I can enough to survive if I had too. Have a wonderful holiday and hug little Wyatt for me!

Celeste said...

You have such wonderful memories!

Terri said...

We have alot in common Carlene...I can't swim a lick either...I am okay as long as the water isn't over my head... I am also a leo...and you described us perfectly...hehehe

I love when you write about the memories of you and precious!

#2 cracked me up...I would get over the fear too if I knew I had to ride it in order to eat..haha

Do you think you could possibly take some pics of your furbabies(Chihuahuas) for us? I would love to see them... We have one and we love him dearly...he is our baby!

They are such sweet doggies... Mine is so laid back and friends can't believe it because they have been around other chihuahuas who are rowdy and like to bite and such.. are yours well mannered and laid back as well? I eventually would love to get another one(chocolate colored) if I knew it would be just like Beau and be well mannered and laid back...not sure I could handle one really Just wondering cause I just assumed they were all laid back and quiet..since Beau is...

Hope Amanda is doing okay...thinkin about her...


Lisa said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I am terribly afraid of elevators and will take the stairs as much as I can. That is so funny about being knocked out - I guess not at the time though.

Gerry said...

Haven't been to your blog over the holidays, but I appreciated reading your heart felt thoughts about the 4th of July. And memories that go way back into the past. I always think of past 4th of Julys in my hometown since that was a holiday of intense excitement for us. All day long. We had a full program of activities, one of which was to give a patriotic reading in the program. I remember once we even had a kid dance. We wore our new dresses and patent leather shoes to it and danced for an hour to a real band. Since boys were so shy about asking girls to dance it was considered okay for the more eager to dance girls to dance with each other. Debutantes could not have been more excited! Gerry