Wednesday, March 4, 2009



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The sun is out today and according to my computer, it is 54 degrees here at 2:00pm…Blue skies and white clouds…a beautiful day.

I have not did much of anything so far today. I have cleaned the house, ate something and walked the pups, but nothing else. I still have my PJ’s on, as a matter of fact..yes I walked the pups in my PJ’s…( my PJ’s are a t-shirt and sweat pants!)

             - pictures from my camera 134

               Wyatt & Hallie (my Chihuahua)

                Both standing at my coffee table

Soon I will have to get up from here and go pay my water/gas/sewage bill at City Hall, then go to the post office to mail more bills and finally; on the grocery store! I am putting it off…as you can see; and that was one of my ‘New Year Hopefuls’ ( I try not to call them resolutions, ‘cause then I always fail to keep them)

I told myself this year that I would try to keep things organized and try not to procrastinate so muchWell now, we see how that is going don’t we? lol

          - pictures from my camera 051

        Danny’s mama and Wyatt- 3 days old

I love finding new recipes…I will read a cookbook like a new best selling novel! I have a bookshelf full of just cookbooks. One of the things I love best about having my computer and access to the internet is being able to go from place to place searching for recipes.

Sometimes I luck up and find them via your blogs…Like yesterday, when  I found the one below by first reading Mosie’s blog and following her link to Hillbilly Housewife… which led me to Pioneer Woman…where I found the recipe.

Since it is on a public blog, I hope she doesn’t mind me using it here.


club crackers

thin sliced bacon-cut each piece in half

grated parmesan cheese

Lay crackers face up on cookie sheet. Scoop 1 tsp. of parmesan cheese onto each cracker. Completely wrap and cover the whole cracker with a bacon piece as tightly as possible without losing any of the cheese.

Next place the bacon wrapped crackers on a baking sheet that has a rack on it.

Place in 250* oven for about 2 hours.

I fully intend on trying it for my next get together…It only has 3 ingredients and anything wrapped in bacon is usually a hit in my book! (I love baked bacon wrapped mushrooms too….ummm)

                  - pictures from my camera 058

Wyatt ( 5 days old) with a gift from a very special friend.

As I was reading the comments I received on my last entry, I was very surprised and highly honored to find out that I had received the Inspiration Award from Lynne!

It could not have came at a better time…You made my day Lynne and raised my broken spirit back up. God bless you my friend.


Now who do I nominate for this award???

Without hesitation, I nominate all the wonderful friends and family who follow my blog and all the friends of whose blogs I follow…

So to all to gather here ;

Feel free to take this award and post it on your blog.

For without you… my friends and my family, I would not and could not have gone on.



madcobug said...

I bet Wyatt loves all your pups. Cute pictures. That bacon thingy sounds good. Have a nice afternoon. Lovya, Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are an inspiration and I love how you say hopefuls instead of resolutions. I have many of those too.

FrankandMary said...

I can handle hopefuls rather than some other word, just a bit better. The pictures of Wyatt are precious. You call cleaning the house & walking the pups not much? When I clean the house well, I feel like I have done a lot actually. It reached 50+ here today also, with lovely sun shining. ~Mary

Lynne said...

Loved the photos! You are very welcome! Very deserved.

Kath said...

Carlene once again the pictures are delightful.Awwwwww thankyou so much for the award.YOU yourself DO so deserve this one soooo much.I love to comehere and read your inspirational words.Here is a link to another blog which I think you would love.Freind MARIE from Oak Cottage.I don't know how to do links in blogger so I hope this works for you in my comment.She write wonderful words and wonderful recipies every day.She is a chef.Thankyou once again for the award Bless You.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx Marie's Link Below:-

Kath said...
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Kath said...

Here is the link Carlene sorry about that.

Jeannette said...

That is a very pretty award but I feel I cannot snag it because I have not been given it. You deserve it my friend. Bills, bills, how we hate them.

Ally Lifewithally said...

You well deserve that award Carlene ~ Loved your pictures ~ Ally x

Myra said...

You sound like you did a full days' work...keepone one's home is WORK! Doesn't it feel great to just relax when you're done, and your house is clean, laundry is done, dinner is cooking or at least planned!! Love it...I still have a load in the dryer since Sunday...oy vey! Wyat is too cute!!

Joyce said...

Enjoyed the photos of Wyatt, he is adorable. Bet he loves those pups...
Thanks for the recipe...may just try it soon...hugs and love,

lisa jo said...

i really think if the weather gets better we will all feel seeing all the pics of Wyatt....the one with him and the dog is so cute!! I hate paying bills too....can you pay any of yours online? XO

Celeste said...

Hopefuls is good. Wyatt is cute. The pups are lucky. The recipe sounds good. The weather sounds great!

Goober said...

Carlene, have you ever been to ? I've been using that site for years. It's great. Hope you enjoy it. I read the pioneer woman's blog too. Did you know she's writing a cookbook? Take care... Donna

Lisa said...

What a wonderful recipe... thanks for sharing! My family loves things wrapped in bacon! I like walking the dogs in jammies too...

Indigo said...

Congratulations on your award dear friend. Loved seeing the picture of Danny's mama with Wyatt. He's growing like a weed, already standing and almost holding himself up. What a handsome little guy. (Hugs)Indigo