Friday, March 27, 2009



I have been noticing some of your journals…uh, I mean ‘blogs’ and I am wondering how in the world do yall get those pretty layouts??? I have been wanting to change mine and don’t know how…so I have settled for this one.

I went by and got Dorris and we rode over to see our mama yesterday. She was very excited to see us, as it had been over a week since we were last there. Both Dorris and I had a cold and didn’t want to spread it to mama or her friends.I had called a few days beforehand and made her an appointment to get her hair cut. It looked real nice. She had a pretty pant suit on and was sitting in her chair in her room when we arrived. First thing she said was, “Well, have the dead came to life?” lol lol


                    My mama;83 years old… isn’t she pretty?

She was in pretty good mental shape this trip, even remembering some things she had seemed to have forgotten the last time I was there. She did forget that I now had a grandchild, so I had to help her a bit with that…I seem to have to do that every time that I see her. His picture is on her bulletin board that I put up on her wall ,along with Danny's’, but she forgets to look there I guess…and even if she does, she forgets very fast.

As always, I took her a goody bag with cookies and candy. I also brought her an RC Cola….which she loved! Dorris took her a new magazine to read and some daffodil flowers. I have got to buy her some more shoes. She has to have the kind that adjust, so I get them through a catalog for the elderly and handicapped. Because of varicose ulcers, she has huge elastic bandages on both legs and they go all the way down to her feet…making it impossible to find shoes in a store that fit. Somehow, or the other, she has lost the mates to some of her shoes!

I am so grateful that she is in a home where the nurses and aids all love her and treat her with kindness and love. Some have known her all their lives, and think of her as a grandmother. It eases my mind to know that she is cared for and I no longer have to worry about her taking the correct medicine, getting burned on her stove, setting the house on fire, getting out and getting lost, etc. as when she lived alone. Me and Danny were going up there to her house everyday, (many ,many times a day )to check on her, but I still worried. Unfortunately, I also have to work to make a living and now that Danny is gone…well, her being where she is loved and cared for 24/7 is a blessing.


                            At ‘Aunt’  Charity’s

It started raining last night and rained most of the day today. My arm that was broken and now has a metal brace and screws in it, hurt like the dickens…so I guess it is going to be my new weather barometer! lol I went in to work today with a headache. I had the blasted thing all day long. It has finally eased up, but now my back is hurting! lol Can’t win for losing sometimes! I’m okay, it’s just that I’m getting old. ( I hope I sleep better tonight than I did last night…I woke up at 4:00am after having had a nightmare.) ok…I’m through whining now!


Wyatt is getting to be so energized! Since he has started crawling (and standing while holding on to things), he doesn’t think his little butt is made for sitting anymore! REALLY! I try to hold him in my lap like I use to and he is like a little wiggle worm in hot ashes trying to squirm his way down to the floor! He is not satisfied until he gets down!

He has also began to turn around and stand up when you put him in his high chair! You can not turn your back on him or the next time you look, he is up and standing looking over the back of it!


That is unless he falls asleep like he did here, after getting his tummy full! God Bless his wittle bitty heart…Grandma loves that baby sooooooooooo much!

Thank YOU Heavenly Father for all my many blessings.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love how they just fall asleep all of sudden like that. They are happy and content and just need a little sleep--so they do. You are very fortunate to know your Mother is in good hands and still have her with you. Hope some sunshine comes your way soon and gets rid of those aches and pains. 'On Ya'-ma

Lynne said...

Awww Carlene, I hope you feel better now. I always say my nose is my human barometer. If we have a storm system come in, I get the most fierce headaches at times right down to my

Glad you had an enjoyable visit with your mom. I am not computer savvy and would love to dress up my blog too. People have tried to help me, but I just cant get it figured out. Good luck with that one.

Donna said...

It sounds like Wyatt is all boy! Don't turn your back on him, or he'll be into something he shouldn't be!

madcobug said...

Glad that your Mama was more at herself yesterday. That is a good feeling to know she is well looked after. Wyatt is sure getting strong. I see he is keeping his grandma on her toes. Lovya, Helen

Myra said...

Your mama looks great! Forgetfulness is just something that happens...just love 'em and keep on reminding her! Wyatt is such a cutie...wait til he starts walking, then running!! Love the new layout!

Paula said...

Yes your mama does look so pretty but she always does. I feel like I know her from reading your blog so long. I'm so glad you have a nice place with nice people for her to live. She deserves it so much.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Your Mama does so so pretty ~ I am glad she is somewhere they care for and love her ~ lovely pictures of Wyatt ~ Ally x

Rose said...

YOur momma is so lovely and so blessed! And so are you honey! xoxo

Sonya said...

Hey to get the blog's easy...go to my journal at my southern home and click on the upper left hand corner of my blog where it says "cutest blog on the block" and find the one you want and it will give you instructions on how to add it in blogger. Let me know if you have issues and I will be glad to help. Have a nice evening.

Melissa said...

Carleen, I think your blog is very cute!

And I loooove when you write about Wyatt, he's growing so fast and is so darn cute. Not hard to see how you love him.

I'm so happy that you were able to find such a warm and loving place for your Mom. I know that must give you such piece of mind.

Lisa said...

Oh I just thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures of Wyatt... he is so sweet and wonderful. Babies come right from heaven and I think they have the light of God all over them when they arrive in our world.

Celeste said...

Like the new layout. Wyatt is precious! Glad your mama is well taken care of. Take care of that arm amnd yep it will hurt always in the cold and samp

Gerry said...

Oh, he looks so cute. These photos are precious of him. The other day my niece was talking to her six year old grandchild and she said, "What did you say?" And he said, "Oh, I am just whining."
I was thinking the other day I like to come to your blog to read you reactions to the news, or to anything really, because it is so heartfelt. I am sorry you are going to have a reminder of your injury in your arm everytime it rains. But I am so glad you recovered enough to work. Now that was something to be thankful for, I know you were, but so was I! I felt the same way about my Mom being cared for by some nice Mormon women in the care center. They were so patient with her. There didn't seem to be a mean nurse in the place. I do think some caregivers in care centers are the best in the world. Other places had trouble with my mother, but they were able to defuse her tantrums. Course she was older and more decrepit. I was just talking to my daughter who is still doing her nurses training with some mighty sick people. She says it is a strain! Now she has decided hospital nursing is not for her, as she has too much anxiety. I think that's probably right, so she will be shopping around I am sure before she finds the perfect job for her.