Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hindsight is 20/20

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                           My little Valentine’

It is getting real close to Valentine’s Day….a day to let those significant others know how we feel…how much they mean to us…Isn't it sad that we only have that one day out of the year to make those we love the most feel special?

Sometimes in the  day to day stressful part of life and work, we lose sight of what is really important….We worry about the bills, the children, the house, the yard, our clothes, the next door neighbors, the lack of money etc….but we, being only human, tend to take those that we love the most for granted.

I know I did with Danny and yes…he did with me. Oh yeah...sometimes I would sit back and think; ‘ I need to be a little more thoughtful, loving, etc. to him’...but life usually got in the way before I got around to it...and life went on..hindsight is 20/20.

It was only after I had lost Danny and the fact that I would never see him again in this world literally slapped me in the face,  that I looked back and saw the times that I probably hurt his feelings or made him feel neglected and unimportant. Even though I hadn’t meant to at the time, I slighted the one I loved the most.


We all do it. We are human and we make mistakes. Or maybe it is because we are so sure of the love we share with our loved ones that we feel safe enough to let ourselves get lazy….and not take the time to show them our love.

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to show that special person that you love them…Make everyday your Valentine’s day and show them how much they mean to you….Do it today, do it tonightdo it now…because you never know…we are not promised one second on this earth…and take it from me…like I said before…hindsight is 20/20.


You know the one thing in our marriage, that I can look back and feel really good about? I can tell you right quick like that it isn’t the mega-money, the fancy cars, or the nice homes we had…because we were poor as Church mice…lol

No; it was something that we promised each other long before….back when Danny and I were still teenagers… On one of those warm summer nights after we had been to ‘the show’, as we sat talking quietly on my parent’s front porch, we made a promise to one another.

We swore that when we got married, we would tell each other at least once a dayI love you ’ and we would always kiss each other goodbye when we had to go somewhere without the other.


There wasn’t a day in our marriage that we didn’t tell one another that we loved each other…We may have been fussing, and we may have not felt like it..but we told each other ‘ I love you.’….And no matter who may have been looking…no matter where we were; 

Even up to the day he diedwe always kissed each other goodbye.


And that, my friends,  gives me great comfort.





Donna said...

What a wonderful reminder. But you know, Carlene, I think it's because our mate becomes like a part of us that we take them for granted. Just like I take my legs and hands for granted because hey, they're always here. Two becomes one, so we treat our partner just like we treat ourselves.

Lisa said...

Your words hit home with me. With so many obligations and things to handle it is easy to sometimes take for granted Doug will always be here. However, since we've been married not one day has passed when we haven't said I love you and haven't kissed each goodbye and hello. I am happy you can take comfort in the fact that you & Danny shared that as well.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was such a nice Valentine thought and I could tell it came right from your heart. We really do need to treat those we love as they are special every day, not just a few occassions during the year. You should have no regrets, you loved and were loved still are loved and that means so much. Happy Valentines Day!
'On Ya'-ma

Lynne said...

I like something my DD#1 came up with, "Just Because" flowers. She gives and has received them in her young life. She has the right idea. You don't need a special date to make the ones you love feel special. Very lovely post Carlene, and I loved the photo at the end.

Gerry said...

A beautiful thought, Carlene. A love like yours is eternal because it goes on and on and never ends. Even when he is on the other side. Love those Wyatt pics, and that one was sweet of you and Danny.

lisa jo said...

what a wonderful entry...his love is going to live on as long as you are so right....showing love everyday is much better than just once a year.

Paula said...

A beautiful entry. Mel and I always kissed hello and goodbye all the years we were married. He didn't remember holidays too well but always remembered Christmas in a big way. Not neccesarily expensive but lots of little things wrapped in the garage and brought in on Christmas Eve. Oh how did I get to Christmas? it will be here again before we know it. lol

Myra said...

What a beautiful reminder! Wyatt is so cute!!

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))What a beatful entry,very thoughtful.Thanks for sharng ths with me.

Sandra said...

Your words are beautiful Carlene...and you are so right, I know I can be lazy and take my hubby for granted and I know I shouldn`t.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxxx

Indigo said...

Wonderful sentiments dear friend. Wyatt is getting so big.

Paul and I never leave each other unless we say I loves you and give a kiss. There are times we will both make the sign in ASL for love and touch our hands together. Life is way too unpredictable to take a chance. (Hugs)Indigo