Thursday, February 5, 2009


Each year I use an accordion style cardboard file box to keep my receipts and papers in…and then sometime during the first couple of months of the next year, I go through those and shred what I don’t need anymore. I finally got a cross cut shredder a couple of years ago and I may need another one after all that I shredded the other night. lol

I did two years worth and let me tell you…no wonder we are losing so many trees…sheesh…The file box is bulging open by year’s end, so I shred what I no longer need to make room. I wish I could just keep each file box, but I have no where to put it!

In this little bitty house that I live in, there is no room for anything! When I got through looking through the endless mound of papers and then shredding everything, I had two years worth of papers all in one file box, with room to spare.  It took me several hours.(Can you tell that I am proud of myself! lol lol)

What do yall do with your receipts and stuff ? How long should you keep stuff such as this anyway? I had a bad experience in my first few years of married life… Because I was trusting (and dumb) and didn’t get paid receipts, I ended up paying certain people twice and even three times …Needless to say, I finally wised up and now hate to throw any receipt away. lol

Now you know that I have got to show you our little Wyatt’s latest pictures …

He is growing so fast that I can almost see him growing! lol



             Wyatt on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!


            Wyatt and his daddy with identical

                    GA BULLDOGS hats! 02/01/09


               mmm-mmmA buttered roll ! ’

                   ‘ Thanks Grandma!!! ’  02/03/09


              Grandma…this stuff is gooood !!!


                   Wyatt has started crawling everywhere!


                ‘ Just chillin’ out Grandma! ’

Now can’t you just see this child growing?!! 

You know, I named my daughter Amanda after a country song…Because in that song it says…“Amanda, light of my life”  ….

See, the doctors had told me… after losing two babies to miscarriages and a whole slew of medical problems, that I did not have much chance of ever having anymore children…They basically told me to be satisfied with the one child I did have. Don’t get me wrong…I loved my son…and nearly died having him…but I wanted more children…at least one more.

Well, after ten long years… ten dark years…. during which me (and my sister Dorris)  were praying and praying, not giving up; but getting others to pray also…

Our God proved those doctors wrong…and my baby girl was born…alive and healthy…8lbs. and 4 oz. of a miracle…born on my mama’s birthday….and my life was no longer dark.

God gave me the ‘ light of my life’ and now he has made it even brighter….

               By adding little Wyatt.


                           GOD IS GOOD. 

I Thank you Heavenly Father for all my many blessings .



madcobug said...

I have been doing a little shredding myself and have tons to go. I have a bunch from several years back LOL. Yes I can almost see Wyatt growing. I remember the song with that Amanda verse. God is good! Hugs, Helen

Kath said...

My shredder is never still Carlene I am suprized it has any bottom left in it LOL!!I keep mine dated back to the last two yrs now thats all.I did once have a discrepancy withthe service people when I once moved home .This keeping of bills etc proved fruitful at that time.As for places to keep them.I file mine in those see through sleeves,in file boxes.This way I can see what I want straight away without having to go through them all.Last time i did plenty shredding I filled my wheely bin LOL!!On to Wyatt now He is growing so quickly.He's a little bobby dazzler as we say in England LOL!!Bless him in his hat He-He.God is good.I keep saying to you.He sent you the best he had,which he knew you so desrved all of you.Hope Mama is well.In my prayers always.Take Care God Bless Kath

Donna said...

I probably don't keep enough stuff!

God is good indeed. I love your little Wyatt.

Gerry said...

Wyatt has been such a joy to you that it proves once again the power of a baby in the family to bring back the joy in living. I certainly understand your great need to have children. I did not feel my life was complete until I had my 4. I knew that I would have 3 sons and one daughter, but after my daughter was born following 2 sons I thought I might have been wrong, but then Dan, who was not planned, surprised me. I enjoy reading about your love for this grandchild unfolding. One of the most real things we elders can experience in our lives just a little bit removed from being ours by being our kids kids!

lisa jo said...

i use all my shredded paperwork in packages when i send presents and such to save $....will you do that? Somewhere online you can find out how long to save things for may want to try googling that. I have a 5 drawer filing cabinet and it still has stuff from 1988 in it. Cough cough.
Amanda is such a good mamma, like you....and Wyatt is such a dollbaby! XO

Myra said...

Technology has changed so very much these days that if you need a receipt from a vendor, you can get it online! Just think, have you EVER gone back to refer to any one of those receipts you just shredded?? I know I haven't ever gone back because I needed anything. On our e-mails at work, we have a blurb at the end, "think twice before printing this e-mail". Sometimes we're so old school that we have to have it in b&w when there's no need. Wyatt is so big! What a cutie!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I save it all and haven't thrown any thing out since I got married in 1965. I have boxes dated and stored and I have bags waiting to be boxed and I really need to start shreading. I cannot believe how much needs to go. the pictures of Wyatt are adorable and I can see how much he's grown. Our children are our blessings for sure.
'On Ya'-ma

ggal2933 said...

I'm not sure how long to keep receipts. I do know I have a lot of shredding to do also!

Wyatt is beautiful!


Janis said...

Love seeing pics of Wyatt...can't believe how big he is getting.

I never know what to keep. We have so much paper in our house it's just sad! I think they recommend 7 years but for sure 3 if they are tax related receipts. Who has that kind of room?

God Bless

Ally Lifewithally said...

Loved the pictures of Wyatt ~ he certainly is growing up and such a lovely little boy ~
I think you have to keep some receipts for 7 years ~ but not sure which ones ~ Ally x

Lisa said...

I can see Wyatt changing with each picture - he is still cute as ever!! I can see how he has stolen your heart.

Well done on the shredding - I have to get on my annual shredding detail. We keep our business records for 7 years. I shred all of my utility bills annually and all credit card statement & miscellaneous bills annually too.

Lynne said...

Carlene, I would google "How long should I keep receipts" and there are some good websites that will give you good information. Look for They provide a nice chart for you to follow with useful information. Best wishes!

Sandra said...

Oh yes, I can see Wyatt growing. I feel a real affinity with other Grandmothers and their beloved little ones. My second grandchild is due on April 7th and I can`t wait to hold that precious bundle. I use one of those files too and all the waste paper then gets shredded. I put mush of the shredded paper in the compositor where it eventually gets dug into my garden. At least I feel I`m putting something back that way. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Missie said...

Shredding papers makes you feel better when you mad too! LOL

Have a good night.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Wyatt is such a little dolly! Linda

Celeste said...

I ttry to get rid of the papers. Wyatt is so cute. Ypu are so blessed

Paula said...

When I moved down here I still had Mel's income tax from before we were married. I have lightened up a little but my shredder is sooo slow. It did come in handy one time being able to prove we had house insurance with a cetain company. Yes I can see Wyatt growing. The cute little thing.

Rose said...

mine are coming over tomorrow! True love!

Lisa said...

We just acquired a shredder this year and we will probably use it more as we get used to having one. Look how big Wyatt is getting! I'm so glad you hung on for your miracle daughter! Now you have Wyatt too! Faith sure does grow into things we don't expect sometimes with wonderful surprises.

baldy said...

wyatt is a great baby.