Sunday, October 18, 2015


You know what I found out this morning? It's not that easy getting down and sitting on the floor when you are a senior citizen and "fluffy" like me!

Let me tell you, it's even harder getting back up!!!

Since we have been having these cold mornings, I decided it was time to blow out the old gas heater that I use to heat my house. After I have carefully taken out all the clay bricks, I must blow all the dust out that has collected in it since it has gone unused. I can do this standing up.

Then I have to light the pilot light.

This is what called for me getting down on the floor in a sitting position this morning, which in itself is no easy task, let me tell you!  I don’t know how many of you have had the joy of lighting an old gas heater’s pilot light, so I will try to explain my experience this morning.

First off, you have to find  the sorry kitchen matches you bought at the ‘everything for a dollar store’. You know the kind…your first, second and third strikes across the side of the box breaks the match in half before it even lights. So, on the next strike, you hold the match a little closer to it’s head and burn your fingers.

Yep, that’s the kind I have and used this morning.

After you finally get the match to light, you hold it in your left hand in the front of the heater while you stretch your right arm all the way around to the backside of the heater. Trust me, just getting myself in this position was no easy matter. 

With your right hand, you try to depress the little red doo-hickey button and HOLD IT DOWN as you take the match in your left hand (that has burned almost half way down to your fingers by now), and stick it to the pilot light in the heater. 

It lights!

You quickly blow the match out that was in your left hand, but you can not immediately let go of the little red doo-hickey button that you are holding down with your right hand. Even though it was hard to push down and even harder to hold down, you have to keep holding that thing down for about 2 minutes and then you let it go back up….slowly.  

Then you watch as the pilot light’s little blue gas flame, like a tiny little blue ghost, seeps back into the hole from which it came.

The pilot light has gone out.

So you do it all over again…
and again…
and again…

until it finally and blessedly lights and stays lit.

Putting the clay bricks back in without breaking them took a long time in itself and then there is the little wire grate thing that snaps onto the front of the heater that you have to get back on. While trying to dust it off with an old rag, a piece of metal the size of a thick needle went through my finger! Hell fire damnation!

Thank God that I had Dan here to help me get myself off that floor this morning or I would probably still be crawling around trying to find something to hold onto!!

But Hallelujah, we now have heat!!!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do know what you mean about being able to get up again. I'm always thankful that there is some piece of furniture close by to hold on to so I can get up again. Thankfully my furnace is automatic and I don't have to light it. Glad you now have heat. It was only 32 degrees here this morning.

Donna said...

Cora is the reason we force ourselves to get down on the floor. Her Little People toys are on the floor, and as soon as she gets here she says, "Ciff, pay? Donna, pay?" Translated, that is "Cliff play? Donna play?"

She wants us on the floor playing with her, and who can refuse? Not us. It's probably good for us, but I sure do feel your pain, because it's really hard to get down, and harder to get back up!

Kath said...

Good grief Carlene.I dread having to get down on the floor.It is a nightmare. I understand every word you have written.At times though,I have to laugh at myself,when I am trying to get back up,without any aid.It would make a great hit on Funny U.Tubes Haaaa.Happy you got your stove working.Take Care God Bless.xx

Ramona Smith said...

I get that matches are tricky to use. I have a lighter for lighting my grill. It sends out a spark and can be used with one hand. It is a handy thing to have for things just like your heater.