Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ever heard the saying; “ sometimes I wonder, but then again, I know ”?  Well, here lately I been doing a lot of wondering. Such as:

I wonder…

Why we AMERICAN CITIZENS  have to press *1 for English?  Why don’t they just make a recording in Spanish saying, “ GO LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND THEN CALL BACK AMIGO !”

I wonder…

When did our schools become battle grounds and fearful places, instead of safe havens for our children?  Little children, nor their teachers, should have to go to school fearing for their lives.

I wonder …

When did it become okay to drop your pants below your waist and let them sag below you underwear and then go parading all over town, letting folks see what should be private? Why do parents, who are suppose to teach their children how to respect themselves and others,  let them do that?

I wonder…

Why do Atheists think they can demand that we take ‘UNDER GOD’ out of everything we AMERICANS hold dear, when our forefathers created this country on GOD? Why don’t the Atheists  just all go live in a communist nation, since that is what they are trying to turn ours in to?

I wonder…

Why does the food stamp program cater to the young and healthy  instead of the elderly who are unable to work and must live on a small social security check? Moreover, why does the food stamp program allow junk foods and expensive foods such as steak and lobster, ( things that most working people can not afford to buy), but the W.I.C. program only gives a certain amount of vouchers per month for good healthy foods? I know that there are those who truly need help in buying their food, but why can’t the government just expand the W.I. C. program as it is and dissolve the food stamp program altogether ? ( I bet there would be far less tax dollars spent ! )

I wonder…

Why Medicare will pay for penal implants, etc., but not for hearing aids nor dentures, which in my opinion,are far more important to the elderly's well being.?

I wonder…

Why have our prisons become a vacation land, instead of a place for hard work  and punishment for crimes done? Tax payer’s money supplies the criminals free lawyers for their crimes. Then after they are sentenced, we feed, clothe, educate, and even let them have play / exercise times.  It is something wrong with this! Criminals in prisons are given free medical attention and drugs, things that some hard working law abiding citizens can not afford.  Good gosh, no wonder so many are raping, robbing, and murdering…they have nothing at all to fear.

Even as little children, most of us knew that if we did wrong, we were PUNISHED, and not given a play land!

Most of all, here lately;

I wonder….

Will we ever get our country back to the way it was?

I believe that when we started biting our tongues for fear of upsetting certain others with our morals and our values; we made our biggest mistake.

America is one nation under God.

We must not remain silent any longer. 

Not only for us, but for our children, our grandchildren and those who are yet to be, we must all speak up, speak out and speak loud, in order for our country to continue on being the home of the brave, the land of the free, the greatest nation in the world and respected by all.




Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I was just delighted to see you posted Carlene! Of course, I'm pretty much in the amen corner on this post.

Andrea said...

I have many of the same "wonderings" you have too! I have no answers.

Blessings~ Andrea

Kath said...

You speak out Carlene.I do for my country.I write often to my local councilors to speak for me,in our parliment.Grrrr.Nothing gained by staying silent.xx