Monday, October 29, 2012


First, and foremost, I thank YOU God for being with my sister/ friend today as she underwent surgery. I thank You LORD, with all my heart, for keeping the cancer cells away from her lymph nodes. It will still be a long hard road to her healing, but it will not be quite as rough as it could have been, if she would have had to have chemo.

I thank you Lord for my two nieces, who showed amazing strength and faith as they waited all day for news of their mama’s condition. As much as I would want to brag that they get this super inner strength from their Aunt’lene, in all truth, they get that from her. Even after coming through today’s painful surgery and feeling the nauseating side effects of the anesthesia, there she lay, never uttering a single moan, whereas I would have been kicking and screaming.

I knew she was sick and hurtingI could see it in her eyes. You see,  I have seen her in severe pain, so I know her reactions to it.

I have been through two births with this lady, seeing both my nieces born. She had NO pain medicine during both labors, but I never heard a scream, nor even a whimper, come from her…Although she did grab hold of and lay both of  the side rails of the hospital bed out flat…during each birth. I use to kid her, telling her that the hospital had to buy new bed rails each time she went in labor!

Cancer, you sick, demented demon, how DARE you touch this good and sweet lady… my friend, my sister, my niece’s mom?

I do have a warning for you though. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you. You don’t know her like I do.

Honestly, you don’t stand a chance.

She has more quiet determination in her little finger, than most folks have experienced in their whole lives. She will beat you and she will do it quietly and with great dignity.

Because that’s how she rolls. 

Oh……and one more thing….

She never ever gives up.

Thank YOU LORD for for the many, many blessings YOU give us…

And also for the angels You bring into our lives.




Helen said...

Prayers that they got all of that cancer.

Donna said...

I hope she heals quickly and puts this all behind her.