Monday, July 16, 2012

Dead Things


Whew!!! Dan and I just got through cutting the grass and weed-eating. We got a pretty late start, but we got it done!

After we cut and trimmed our yard, we cut the old home place's yard. To do this, we put the lawn mower and weed-eater in the trunk of my car and hauled it up there. The dang mower died on us before we got halfway through, so we had to bring it back home and get the other one.

I did get the flower beds weeded though, thank goodness, before the weed eater died too. It just needs recharging.

The lawn mower, on the other hand is really, seriously…

D-E-A-D .

I noticed that the trees Amanda and Kelvin planted in the front yard are dead as door-nails! They are so dead, that they are dark brown from the bottom of the trunks to the tip top branches and look like trees you would see in horror films.

I had hoped so much that they would live. These two trees, one on each side, had lived longer than any of the others planted there since my daddy’s death.

I had hoped they would break the spell.

Back in the sixties, right after buying that little Mill Town house, my daddy planted two dogwood trees in that front yard. One on each side. They were the straightest dogwood trees you ever saw.  Bless his heart, he was always having to fuss at the grandchildren for trying to climb them or swing on the lower branches!  He watched after those trees like a mother hen watches her little biddies. He looked forward to seeing those trees blooming with their pretty milky white petals in the springtime.

My daddy was around 70 years old when he began his fight with emphysema. It was a fight that would go on for for several years. Early in 1985, he begin slowly losing the battle.

In the spring of that year, those two dogwood trees were so beautiful that every neighbor on the street were talking about them. Although weakened now by that hideous disease, Daddy would sit in his recliner, gazing at their beauty. He was so proud of them.  Everyday when I would go over there, Daddy would say, ‘Have you seen my trees?’

By the time the last few petals had hit the ground, Daddy was already too weak to leave his bed.

A little later on, in July of 1985, my daddy left this world for a far better place.

His beloved dogwood trees?

Well, they died too.

Both of them….

At the same time.

Although there have been other trees planted in that yard since, none have ever lived for very long.

Guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised today when I went up there and saw those two dead too.

Okay, enough of this…I have plenty of other work to do around here and have also got to go to town to do some errands.

I won’t get anything done sitting here reminiscing



Helen said...

Strange about those two dogwood trees and any other ones that are planted. At least he got to see the most pretty year of them. God bless you and your family Carlene.

Kath said...

You will hae to see if any would grow if you shown Wyatt and William how to plant two.Who knows it's worth another try Carlene.Plant one for Granpaw and one for Danny.Maybe your Daddy doesn't like the idea of it being so much more work for Amanda and Kelin going their to tend to them.He might think the boys would see them thrie for many yrs,if you took them along.My sisters plant alsorts at my Daddy's grae but nothing thries.I can plant things and they flourish so good,I always think it's because I gardened with my Daddy all the time.God only knows the answer.One day who knows? Enjoy your Tuesday Carlene.Sorry about the letter after U still hit and missing on my keyboard.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Gerry said...

Mother would send off for the trees she loved and it would be us girls' job to water them. Once when I knew my little sisters had to water the orchid, I put on an old coat and crawled along the trail to startle them. They were so scared of this strange critter they saw crawling along in the gloom they ran screaming. I jumped up and tried to say it was me, but they had gone. They said they thought I was a prehistoric dinosaur of some sort!! Cruel, huh, but your story brought back memories.

Terry said...

Good to read your post. I look forward to hearing from you! God Bless