Sunday, October 17, 2010



Wyatt loves the horsey his ‘Aunt Jady got him.

I didn’t go to church this morning. When I walked the pups before 7 am, it was cold as the dickens! I haven’t turned my old space heater on yet, so the house was chilly inside too…so I crawled back in bed under my covers!  Sure did feel good too and before I knew it, I was out like a light and the next thing I knew, it was nearly11:00! 


Wee Will…He is the embodiment of love!

Kelly came by today to see Dan. They had a good time talking out on the front porch and when they came in I had some lunch on the table…lunch being sausage, eggs, grits and biscuits…yeahbreakfast! It was pretty good and I finally convinced Kelly to eat with us! Kelly is one of the kids that came into our lives via our children….He is a good kid…yeah I know he is grown now, with children of his own,  but to me they are always our kids, no matter how old they get!


I cooked pinto beans, potato salad,hamburger helper and homemade biscuits for supper. (AND SWEET TEA) I made the cheesy enchilada hamburger helper for the first time and it was good…but I think I like the stroganoff the best . I don’t cook hamburger helper much, I usually cook regular meat dishes, but I had bought some boxes of it while it was on sale. I also had coupons for it, so I was able to save a lot…and  trust me, every bit helps.

Fall Wreath

So, I am sitting here watching SISTER WIVES. The TV just happened to be on TLC and this new show comes on. I don’t know about anyone else, but this kind of family life seems sort of crazy to me…To each his own..but when I see shows like this, I always wonder why there are no brother husbands? I mean…why is it that it is always the man that has extra wives and not the other way around?


     One morning earlier this month…

Not saying that I would agree with that lifestyle either, but it sounds to me like the men sort of get to have their cake and eat it too and the women don’t…they just have to sit around and watch their husband go out and “court” another woman and then bring her into the family. This just doesn’t seem right to me…in more ways than one. If these women want sisters…someone to share their lives and their children with…why not have a family sort of like the  TV sitcom GOLDEN GIRLS portrayed and kick the husband to the side?  Hey, since they have umpteen kids all combined, they could all pool their child support and live pretty good!!!


Seriously, I am so glad that Autumn has finally got here, me and hot weather do not get along. The leaves are falling, falling,falling and the mornings are very chilly. Every now and then, I hear the pecans from the old pecan tree out back hitting my tin roof and it ‘s a nice sound. I love the Fall… love it about as much as I love the Spring of the year.



Donna said...

I'm enjoying autumn too; it's been so pretty here this year.
I must thank you for your input on my TP questions. You were absolutely right, and we're using your brand now.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Carlene, I wouldn't want multiple husbands, can't keep up with the one I have now.. LOL! The boys are so adorable! Getting so big too. What kind of TP do you use that Donna was mentioning? Linda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your breakfast and dinner both sound so good. Sunday's are great for relaxing and visiting too with family and friends. As always the pictures of your grandchildren are delightful. They are a continual supply of JOY for sure. I never saw the movie you were talking about but I know I'd never share a husband like that. Well we both had good ones that would be hard to replace so thankfully we were never put in a situation like that one. I hope your Monday is a great one!

Barbara said...

Carlene, women are too smart to think having multiple husbands is a good idea. That's why there are no brother husbands.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Oh Carlene I just could not or would not want multiple Husbands there is not one man out there that could match my beloved husband as I know you feel about you hubby ~ Ally x