Monday, February 22, 2010


A day like today makes me long for Spring…We had a beautiful day … bright sunshine, blue skies and  temperatures in the high sixties…Mother Nature did her best to give us a glimpse of what is to come before very much longer.


Wyatt and his daddy…Wyatt loves tractors!

I did not have a good week, to say the least, so today was like a breath of fresh air…

Even if I didn’t leave the house.

It seemed like a storm cloud brewed right over my home, beginning on Tuesday and on into Wednesdayand Thursdayand Friday.


Will….2 month sold and he laughs and coos already!

Tuesday was just small stuff really…but , well let’s just say…words said in anger can hurt deeply …and we will leave it at that.

Then Wednesday night, when I reached up to get the Pam off the shelf over the stove, I dropped itand it fellbehind the stove and lodged in between the hot water heater copper tubing. I would have to let the stove cool down to be able to get to it.


Will….our little “Rooster” again!

I had boiled some chicken and made some stock to freeze. I love homemade chicken stock and use it instead of the canned stuff. I ended up with two bowls of the stuff…bowls that held one and a half quarts each.


Caught trying to get out the front door at his house!

Going to “Maw-Maw’s”…

As soon as they cooled down, I put the first one into the freezer section of my side-by-side refrigerator…then as I went to put the second one in…

I dropped it! 

Oh dear Lord….

Well, of course the top flew off and of course all of the cool greasy liquid quickly ran under the refrigerator. I tried to keep my cool as I pulled the refrigerator out from the wall…wiggling it this way and that, until it was out far enough. At the same time I was desperately trying to keep from sliding up in the greasy mess and breaking an arm…or worse.

0217001521a 0217001520a

Wyatt finds out ice cream is gooood!

Well…thank God I didn’t fall, but I didn’t keep my cool either…

It didn’t help matters that my back has been killing me all week for some reason. I had bent down and had began sopping the mess up with towels (that I had just gotten washed and dried) and I began thinking that I still had to pull the stove out after I was through with all this….

And that is when I lost it.

I began crying and sobbing like I had just found out that there was no tomorrow. Every hurt that I have suffered since birth was running through my heart and and wringing it out, just like I was having to wring out the dang towels.

That was Wednesday



I came home from working 10 hours, got the mail off the chest by the front door and found in it a letter from a company wanting aprox. $14,000.00…which I will have to sort out.


I got a letter wanting $2,500.00 which I had been looking to get, but of all days to get it.

Help me Jesus.

I did not get out of my pj’s all day today…

Do you ever feel like just giving up?



madcobug said...

God bless you and keep you Carlene. I pray that back doesn't start giving you a lot of problems. Lovya, Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think we all have those days, but not always so many in a row. Thankfully we do get those good days that make it all worth while again. Hang in there, this too shall pass. I'll be praying that this week is a much better one for you and that you are feeling better too.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Dear Carlene I hope this week will be a better one for you ~ Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ~ Loved the pictures ~ Ally x

Donna said...

I'm so sorry you've had such a bad several days. Just spilling that good chicken broth would have been enough to start me crying!

Gerry said...

No wonder you felt you had had a bad day! Goodness gracious. Well, the worst was those letters. I just hope you can get that sorted out, and I am so looking forward to more photos of the new grandchild along with the first one. That will be fun. Remember, if you don't have it they can't get it. If that is any comfort.

Kath said...

Poor Carlene,I have had many days like this and they realy do get you down Carlene.I loved the pictures of the little ones,I had to laugh at Wyatt trying to leave for Maw Maws he-he.Know you are in my prayers regarding the letters.What a worry for you theres nothing worse,but I am sure things will work out.I hope your Mama is well and look after yourself.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sayit-baldys said...


Missie said...

You have had a bad couple of days. Tomorrow will be better. I promise!

barb said...

i would agree, you had a bad week!!! hope the next one is much better.that grease on the kitchen floor would be awful---i would slide in it for sure--glad you didn't. kids pics are precious! barb

睡衣 said...


Claudia's thoughts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. That is a sad story about your ancestors. I can not imagine what would have happened to make someone forsake their family even in their death....

I hope you can sort it out and find them.

ADB said...

Hello Carlene,
I'm sorry to hear of the adversity that is plagueing you at the moment. There is no shame in showing emotion at times like that.

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