Thursday, October 22, 2009


Our little Wyatt loves a broom and mop! Dan made him a tiny broom to sweep his granny’s floor with and he loves it. He grabbed my mop last night and “mopped” my whole living room…and I mean the whole living room! lol  There is a space between the coffee table and couch and he came and got me to move a toy of his so he could “mop” there too! lol  He was so cute.


Wyatt loves tractors and since there is an old Alice Chalmers (SP???)  in the next door neighbor’s yard behind my house, he has to go visit it everyday that he comes over here! He goes “vroooomm-vroooomm the whole time he is over there at it!        


   Looking like a little man after getting his hair cut the last time!

Speaking of Wyatt, he has a computerized stuffed dog that I bought at Good Will for 50 cents…This dog will “learn” your commands if you repeat simple commands 3 times…Wyatt will grab this dog out of his toy box and bring it to me and get me to “wake him up” and get him to bark, lay down, or howl etc.


Last night he brought him to me and I was telling the dog to “Bark” …well we went through that a couple of times and the doggy barked! I then told the dog to “lay down” two times and when he still wouldn’t lay down….Well, by gosh, Wyatt decided to show the doggy how…When I said “lay down” again…Wyatt quickly lay down beside his doggy!  At first I thought it was a coincidence…but I tried it twice more and each time Wyatt quickly “lay down” beside his puppy!  I laughed until my sides hurt!  I had trained my grandbaby to lay down!

My mama is doing okay…I go see her weekly…I will go back Sunday to see her this week…She is in a good place  where the nurses and CNA’s really CARE about their patients….so I know she is taken care of and SAFE. She is forgetting more and more…which is expected …Her short term memory is about 1 minute now…so I repeat over and over while I am there…She remembers some things way back….She has yet to forget me, but she can  not remember her grandchildren…except for Dan, but then she thinks of him as still being a little child…When Amanda goes out here with me, Mama thinks she is a friend of hers that rode the school bus with her….She loves Wyatt when she sees him, but has to be told over and over and over again that he is her great-grandchild….and also what his name is. She holds him while we are there and he seems to realize who she is and will lay his little head on her chest and be just as still…She has begun asking why my daddy don’t come to see her while she is in the hospital…and where is Danny. Daddy  has been dead since 1985 ….and Danny since 2006…This part of the visit is especially hard on me…and sometimes when I leave there I have to sit in my car and just bawl my eyes out before going home….

My tax on my home  nearly tripled this year…and it was a shock that came out of nowhere…something about the governor repealing an exemption.  Thank God that the tax on Mama’s house only went up $40.oo .  I am hoping  and praying that God will help me out…He has helped me so many times…I so hate to keep asking Him for help when I know that there are so many others far worse off than me.

Amanda only has a little less than  two more months to go before we get our new little one in the family! YAY!!! I know she will be so happy! We went to her doctor’s visit today…She is doing good and her stomach measured one week ahead of  what she actually is…so we are hoping that this baby will be a little bigger than Wyatt who weighed only 4 lbs and 15 oz. …She is going every two weeks now…The next time we go, she will have another sonogram…We still don’t know for sure what this little boy will be named…she has a couple of names in mind, but that could change any day!

I am not feeling too good here lately…nothing major…just sinus stuff and allergies…My eyes stay red and blood shot … and I feel generally icky…I have to go to the doctor next week, so maybe he can give me something for it.


Well, I think I will say goodnight my friends…



Dawn said...

What a sweet little blessing Wyatt is! And so big now! Time flies... Glad Amanda is well! I am saying prayers for you and for your Mama as always.

be well...

madcobug said...

So cute of Wyatt cleaning house and laying down beside his dog. God Bless your Mama and you also Carlene.
Sending up prayers that Amanda and her Babe will be safe during delivery. Lovya, Helen

Gerry said...

Oh, I got such a kick out of this story about Wyatt and the little dog. That is so funny, and it is amazing how little boys make machinery noises and little girls wouldn't think of such a thing. My son Dan made those machinery, car, whatever he was driving engine noises it seems like from the time he could say a word. Will be thinking of Amanda and her upcoming delivery date. Wonder how little Wyatt is going to take a new little one in the family? That will be so interesting.

Cindi said...

Keep those Wyatt stories coming...too funny about teachin him to laydown!...hope you get to feeling better quickly!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for all the Smiles this morning. Your little grandson is so adorable. I love his hair cut but it does make him look more grown up. They do tend to grown up way too fast it seems. I'll be praying for you as always. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...



barb said...

glad to read your catch up---need to do that myself. just got back from week at mayo clinic that made me weak!! will be having more stuff in next few weeks too. wyatt is a doll---we just got our 1st great grandson--who is cute too--glad your rain issartopping-hope you feel better. barb

Rose said...

SO CUTE! God is good all the time honey and HE will make a way! I thank Him every day for giving me my grandsons they are such a blessing AND a reason to SMILE!

CINDY said...

he is so darn cute. love the tractor and puppy part. so sorry the taxes tripled. i hope things get better and also you feel better soon. god bless your momma, shes such a sweet lady.

Barbara said...

I suppose we all have to take the gloriously happy times and the funny times with the sad times and hard times. May God carry you through all of them!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Wyatt's a cutie! I fell for that "mop toy" trick when I was a little kid and then my father bought me a toy lawnmower.

The next thing I knew, I was cutting the grass every two weeks while Dad observed from the porch drinking a beer.

What's wrong with this picture? (lol)