Friday, May 8, 2009



This morning, as with every morning, I was lying in bed waiting for the alarm clock to go off.  Don’t ask me why I don’t go ahead and just get up…I could…but I don’t. I lay there thinking about stuff…just waiting for the radio to turn on. This morning they played I OWE YOU, by Jimmy Dean…I had not heard this song in years …This morning I really listened to the lyrics…and I cried like a babybecause it sounded so much like my mama…If you have not heard it…Google the lyrics and read the words.

After I got up, I ‘looked’ some dry great northern beans, and put them on to boil. ( To "’look’ dry beans; you pour them out on the table and look through them for rocks, trash, and /or rotten beans! Then you wash them off. ) I got a big ham bone out of the freezer and thawed it out in the microwave. I left the beans boiling gently on low heat while I showered and got ready for work. After my shower, I poured the beans into my Crockpot and then added the ham bone. I left them on low and went in to work.

When I came home tonight, I had the best supper! I work 11 hours, so by the time I got home, the beans were very tender and the ham meat had fallen completely off the bone…I baked some cornbread in my old iron skillet and fried some salmon patties to add to my meal. Mmm-mmm….a meal fit for a queen!

Here is my Salmon Pattie recipe if anyone wants it…

Salmon Patties

1 tall can pink salmon-drained and deboned

2 eggs- beaten

1 stack saltines ( soda crackers)

1 teaspoon lemon juice

dash of hot sauce

salt and pepper

(Some folks add a little chopped up onion into their Pattie mix, but my kids don’t care for it. Also; some folks don’t pick the bones out…but I do.)

In a medium bowl, crush and crumble saltines up real fine. Stir in two beaten eggs. Open the can of salmon and drain off the juice. Pick the bones out. Put the salmon in the bowl with the crackers and eggs.  Mash the salmon up good with a fork. Add the lemon juice and a dash of hot sauce..such as Texas Pete. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix all together and form into small patties. Pour enough oil to cover bottom of a  skillet. Heat oil on medium heat until hot. Place patties in hot skillet and fry… Fry on each side until golden brown.

An inexpensive and even ‘good for you’ meal!

A meal like my sweet mama use to make….



Debbie said...

Just browsing through blogs and ran across yours... we have a little in common.

I lost my brother in 2006 to heart failure. Then lost my dad in 2007 from complications of brain surgery. But, during the 5 weeks he was dying in the hospital, my grandbaby was conceived. My daughter actually told me she was pregnant the day before the funeral.

I learned a lot that day. When one branch of our family tree dies off, another little branch grows.

I love being a grandma and I'm sure you do too! It's the most amazing gift!

Paula said...

My mama always called that picking the beans. Your word fits better. I love salmon patties but John hates the smell. I like lots of onion in them. I'm gonna catch that man gone one day and cook some. lol

Pat said...

I love white beans cooked with a ham bone. Nothing goes better with them then good old cornbread with lots of butter...Yummy!! I hope you have a good weekend.

Donna said...

My mom called it "looking the beans" too! As far as I'm concerned, you really did cook a meal fit for a queen or king!

madcobug said...

That meal sounded good. The last two times Ken got some salmon that had already been deboned. They were good. I have never heard of lemon juice ot hot sauce in them though. I do use crackers and an egg but we just use a small can of salmon. I remember my grandmother laying out beans on her table looking them. I always just get a handful at a time and look them. It's funny how people do different things. Thanks for your comment on my blog. My daugher has had a pretty rough time since she came home. I am up now on account of her being in pain. Lovya. Helen

Lynne said...

I was never a big bean fan, but after reading your entry I might have to give it a re-try. It sounded so good!

Cindi ;) said...


Cindi ;) said...

didnt mean to stop at just

we havent had that meal in years...might need to make it..I use leftovers for burritos..anything to fill my family of men up!!!

Lisa said...

Girl, you keep writing entries like this and i am going to gain weight JUST love salmon patties more than any other food on earth....and i never make them either....that bean soup sounds divine..and as i have told you before, i just KNOW you are the best cook on earth..i bet your mama was too.

baldy said...


Lisa said...

After working 11 hours you sure deserved a good meal. I would not have known was looking was related to beans so thank you for telling me!

Lisa said...

What a great entry Carlene! Perfect timing for mother's day. You must have your mom on your heart! The meal sounds delicious. Happy Mom's Day! Hugs,
Lisa in Ky